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  • March 12, 2018 Open or Close

    Bob Matthews at the Fisherman's Den didn't have much to report around the Shark River area, telling us on Sunday that the cold water has put the fish into lockjaw. There were some folks out and about on Sunday, but Bob hadn't gotten a first-hand report back. "Flounder fishing has been dead with all the cold snow and winds keeping anglers at home," he said, while adding "I have had a few reports of bass in spots other then the power plant, three anglers in today were going north to fish, they said they had a 19-pound bass on a chunk this week." Bob had a few reports of small fish in the Shark River inlet and back bay waters, but that's about it from shore. "I will tell you what I know, the Ocean Explorer had five keeper cod yesterday along with several blackfish they had to release, they also had several ocean perch," Bob reported on Sunday. "

  • March 5, 2018 Open or Close

    Bob Matthews at the Fisherman's Den reported that on opening day a good amount of folks fishing. Bloods sold out. "The guys that were down there that I talked to, didn't see anything caught," Bob said, adding "I haven't personally talked to that caught any flounder." Regrettably, there was no way to fish in the days after opening day and just need a few days of sunny weather to get those fish biting. "You gotta get the sun to get those flounder active," he said. A few short stripers in the river up in Keyport and out along the front beaches of Belmar, but the only place where there are a lot of fish being caught is the power plant.

  • February 26, 2018 Open or Close

    Bob Matthews at the Fisherman's Den said one of the party boats got out on Sunday, but not many folks showed to fish on Monday, so he thinks it might be a bit slow still on the inshore grounds. As for the winter flounder and striped bass kickoff in the river, he's optimistic and will have baits in place by Tuesday or Wednesday. "I think the winter flounder will be good, even if it doesn't get started right away," Bob said, adding "we know they're in here." Reason for that is one customer saw a seal on the river chomping one down recently. A caster reported a couple of micro stripers in the inlet, and Bob said any warm, sunny day will be worth a shot at this point. "I think in a couple of weeks we'll see a positive change," Bob said, again reminding folks that's gearing up with baits for the March 1 kickoff.

  • February 5, 2018 Open or Close

    Bob Matthews at the Fisherman's Den said not much is going on. The Ocean Explorer is going out when people are there to sail, and Bob is hoping to get a good report to pass along for the weekend ahead (check this Thursday's video forecast for details). "We'll see if Bobby gets out," he said.

Fisherman's Den

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