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April 23, 2018:
Some good catches of stripers came over the rails of the Sea Hunter. Capt. Rob Semkewyc said his Wednesday trip made one drop and found a steady bite of 10 to 1 shorts and keepers. Saturday was super with plenty of fish coming over the rails. Sunday saw heavy boat traffic and spooked fish; however anglers hit a pick of shorts and a few keepers topped by a 29-pound pool fish by Andy Sokol from Manalapan.

Previous Reports

  • April 16, 2018 Open or Close

    The Sea Hunter got in her first striper of the spring. Capt. Rob Semkewyc said he found a mix of shorts and keepers along the lower side of the bay around the flats. The boat will be fishing daily, except for this coming Friday. Hopefully the rains won't set the fishing back, he said.

  • December 25, 2017 Open or Close

    Capt. Rob Semkewyc of the Sea Hunter told me he has been pleasantly surprised at the excellent striped bass fishing he found in December. Just when it looked like we were going to shut the boat down early the fishing broke open and was good right into the holidays. "But alas we will be shutting the boat down for the season after the holidays and heading south for the winter," Rob said.

  • December 18, 2017 Open or Close

    For boats running out of the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor it was the 70' Sea Hunter where Capt. Rob reported that his sources said that on Friday, there was a good Striper bite at Debs Inlet with keepers and shorts. Unfortunately it was the last day to fish for stripers in that area as its NY waters. Capt. Rob said the good news is that bird life was spotted offshore of the Highlands Bridge and the Shrewsbury Rocks in NJ waters. With that being said, added Capt. Rob, he will head out on Sunday and if he does well, he will fish Monday and maybe Tuesday, adding that as of now those two days sound good weather wise but he anticipates lots of wind for Wednesday and Thursday. Capt. Rob headed out on Sunday without knowing what to expect, especially after his last trip was a total bust, but armed with good intel. Capt. Rob and all on board were pleasantly surprised when they not only found stripers, they had their boat limit of keepers and slots. Hopefully, said Capt. Rob, they can find the fish again, as they plan to head out while the weather is looking favorable for the next couple of days this week. Capt. Rob said the fish were feeding on herring and bunker so the shads worked best for them, adding, "If everything works out he will get a few more trips in before the New Year, adding, time is running out get them while they are here."

  • December 4, 2017 Open or Close

    For boats running out of the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor it was Capt. Rob Semkewyc of the 70' Sea Hunter who gave the most detailed report this week starting off with Wednesday, November 29, stating it was like the past couple days, many areas of eating fish but they didn't stay hungry for long. Capt. Rob added that they had one good shot at them getting a keeper, a couple bonus fish, some shorts and big blues. He said he found another area with bunker and big fish splashing on top but only managed one keeper. Next they headed down the beach and caught some big blues and one striper. The one striper they did catch there had five others follow it up to the boat. They played with the blues for a little while then went searching for some more stripers. And finding them, but they were all shorts. All in all, they were into fish all day, but the keeper-to-short ratio was not in their favor. There is plenty of bait around like bunker and herring. On Thursday, Nov. 30, the fishing stayed about the same. Many areas of stripers with lots of shorts, big blues and an occasional keeper and slot fish mixed-in. On Friday Capt. Rob said he was surprised with the very light turnout of anglers, and on what turned out to be the best day of fishing this week – and he was the only striper boat to leave Atlantic Highlands! They had good action with the shorts, a few keepers plus some bonus fish and only a few blues mixed-in. Saturday was a beautiful day to be out fishing. There was hardly any wind or waves. The only downfall was it's a weekend and the local boat traffic was much to contend with. They made a couple stops locally, but it was a nightmare between guys trolling in all different directions and boats racing into the birds. Capt. Rob decided to get out of there and take a little ride – and it paid off beautifully. It was without question the best day of action that they had all year. The boat easily caught over 600 stripers. He knew this because a couple of guys kept count and each angler averaged about 30 while some guys caught over 50. There were not many keepers but the rods were bent all day. It was easy fishing. If you wanted to bring your son or daughter and introduce them to fishing this would have been the day. Sunday started like yesterday with plenty of birds up close to home, but the boat traffic killed it. They headed to where they were the day before. When they first got there it looked good, but the bite didn't last. They kept heading east to different areas of fish and continued to catch some, but could not get a keeper. If they were fishing New Jersey waters, they would have had some bonus fish (stripers between 24 and 28 inches) but in NY you must throw them back. It was a 27-inch fish that was the closest they came. Capt. Rob headed back close to home for the change of tide and as hoped, there was a couple of areas of fish in Jersey waters to be had. They made three stops on them but couldn't manage one 24 inches or bigger, a couple 23-inchers, but nothing more could be done to get a keeper. To make a long story short the fishing was not near as good as the day before. High hook was probably 25 to 30 inches and that was the average catch per man. It sounds like some bigger fish are moving our way but they are not close enough just yet. The boat will be fishing Monday, but it looks like Tuesday and Wednesday they will be staying home and then be back at it on Thursday.

Sea Hunter

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