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November 13, 2017:
Twitch at Maco's Bait and Tackle told of some very good tautog fishing that is moving into deeper water as some colder weather finally arrives. There were plenty of reports of small fish in the ditch all week long with a lot of action around the Scusset Pier which gave up a few small keepers on white Tsunami shads.

Previous Reports

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Twitch at Maco's Bait and Tackle told of some very good tautog fishing this weekend with a husky 11-pound, 7-ounce white chinner taken in the west end. The Canal continues to produce action although in a limited fashion when compared to the previous three months, but there was word of a 42-pounder taken on Tuesday in the east end. Onset Bay is loaded with schoolies of all sizes with 24 inches the predominant size, but a few in the 29- to 32-inch class have been reported. The 2-ounce Kastmaster has been deadly on those fish.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    Larry at Maco's Bait and Tackle said there were a few guys taking keeper bass around the west end with the shops live eels. The fish are in the low to mid 30-inch class, but no one was complaining about the action. A few guys reported some good fishing for albies in the east end around the Scusset Pier. The majority of the albies have moved up to the west to the Marion area where reports had them breaking along the shoreline. Tautog fishing on the west end rockpiles has been good with a few 7- and 8-pound white chinners brought into their scales on Saturday.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    There is a growing interest in the tautog fishing at Maco's Bait and Tackle according to Larry who said green crabs were the hot bait for the bucktooth denizens of the rockpiles. Shop owner, Jeff made a trip and took a husky 8-pounder from one of the rockpiles the Commodore showed him when he was a boy. Larry also told of some very good school bass fishing in the west end and up along the Falmouth shoreline with bass from schoolies to small keepers taking topwater lures. They have plenty of eels, crabs and worms.

  • October 16, 2017 Open or Close

    Larry at Maco's Bait and Tackle told of a marked halt in the crazy fishing the Canal has experienced for most of the summer along with some very good tautog fishing very close to the shop near the Maritime ship and even in the old Hog Island channel where an 8-pound-plus white chinner came from this week. They have plenty of green crabs and nice-sized bass eels. The eels are being scooped up by the sharpies taking keeper bass from the Canal at night and not saying much about exactly where and when.

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