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November 13, 2017:
As saltwater fishing winds down, Andrew at Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown is hearing more from freshwater anglers. Among those who stopped in last week were numerous carp fishermen preparing for that big Carp Care tournament held November 11 at Harbor Park in Middletown. One of those fellows said he'd been practice fishing in the Haddam area for nearly a week and doing very well with carp despite adverse river conditions including stained and debris-filled water. Andy also heard from a couple of his friends who've been catching lots of trout at Day Pond and Chatfield Hollow Trout Park. He hadn't heard anything from pike fishermen, however, but felt that last week's cold snap would trigger pike activity in the Connecticut River and coves. He also expected to hear good news any time now from smallmouth bass anglers at Candlewood Lake. Some of them have been buying Keitechs and heading there for the annual late-autumn bronzie bite.

Previous Reports

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Andrew from Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown told us that a carp-fishing tournament will be held November 11 at Harbor Park in Middletown. The event is sponsored by Carp Care, but Andy wasn't sure how to sign up to participate. We checked online to see if Carp Care maintained a website, but we weren't able to locate one. Andrew also let everyone know that crappie fishing with small jigs and minnows was quite good at Bashan Lake and Messerschmidt Pond, the latter a 72.96-acre site in Westbrook and Deep River. Also some of his friends did well with trout at the Salmon River TMA. Water level was very high, but they were able to contact stockies in slower, deeper pools.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    Word from Andrew at Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown is that trout fishing has been good for trouters offering mealworms, Power Eggs, and small Husky Jerks at the Salmon River TMA. The Farmington River is also kicking out lots of trout, and one fellow reported catching nice browns from shore at Black Pond in Meriden. Andrew hadn't heard much from pike fishermen except for one customer who caught a few on spinnerbaits at the discharge channel of the old power plant in Haddam. Regarding the discharge channel, Andy called the spot a "cool place to fish" because of the variety of species available there. Carp fishing in the Connecticut River continued unabated. Warmer than usual water has extended the season, and carp catchers are hoping November will be the hot month for giant buglemouths.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    Chris from Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown told us that Connecticut River fishermen are contacting big schools of "micro" stripers in the 12-inch range in Essex, hickory shad in Hamburg Cove, and carp in Middletown. He also mentioned selling lots of large shiners to anglers targeting pike in four different places along the river: (a) the Haddam Meadows section, (b) the mouth of the Mattabesset River, (c) in coves and marinas, and (d) at the discharge channel of the old power plant at Haddam. After he let us know what's going on, Chris talked about what should or could be happening along the Conn. Anglers should be catching crappies in Wethersfield Cove, Keeney Cove, White Oaks Cove and the Haddam power plant discharge channel. They could also be bagging some big pickerel in the 3- and 4-pound classes at Hamburg Cove and Chapman Pond. Presently the Connecticut River is still rather warm, about 63 degrees, for the time of year; but as water temperature drops in November, the crappie, pike, and pickerel fishing mentioned above will improve markedly.

  • October 16, 2017 Open or Close

    Word from Andrew at Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown is that the Connecticut River is full of hickory shad. Wethersfield Cove is one of the more popular spots for hickories, but one of Andy's buddies said he's seeing the fish all over the river. Crappie fishing in coves and marinas along the river is just getting going, warmer than usual temperatures the reason for this year's delay. More guys are now coming into the store to buy small shiners for the calicoes, an indication that action is finally improving. Colder weather should also prompt northern pike in the river to begin feeding heavily. So far, the autumn pike bite has been slow mainly because of unseasonably warm weather. Trout fanciers report very good fishing at the Salmon River TMA and Farmington River TMA, both of which were stocked recently.

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