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February 19, 2018:
Captain Frank of the Frances Fleet reported that, "It was another slow week on the cod grounds. Mother Nature's yet again reared her ugly side and kept us tied to the dock more then we sailed. The days were able to go out we did see lots of signs of improvement with more and more bait showing up on the grounds. When we would anchor up on a nice pile of fish they just would not bite. It did not matter if it was a fresh clam or the iron clam, 5 minutes later the pile would be gone. You would move the boat, find them again and then they would be gone like a flash. There are definitely plenty of fish still on the grounds and it could be any day now for them to turn back on. The end of the week did have the best signs but the fish is still way off from normal. We will continue to try and sail daily at 5am weather permitting. Like we said it could be any day they turn back on and we do not miss it. We hope to see you at the rail soon."

Previous Reports

  • February 12, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Frank Blount, owner of the Frances Fleet passed along the following report this week: "It was another tough week on the cod grounds. Bad weather has been the theme for this whole winter. We are cancelling more days than we are sailing. This makes it hard for us to dial-in on the fish. When we do make it out we are marking lots of life. It just seems that with the cold water temperatures, the fish have lock jaw. This is very frustrating seeing fish and not being able to get them to bite. We are hopeful that with the warmer temperatures this week things it will warm up just enough to snap the fish back into feeding. Only time will tell.

    On another note, Big Fish Nick Blount did it again. Nick needed a break from the cold winter weather and headed to Florida with some friends. Fishing was on the slower side so they sent a rod down deep. It wasn't long before they got a small bite. They group did not think much of it and started reeling up and the fight was on. After an hour, the fish was still not in sight so Nick hopped on the rod and put the screws to the fish. 15 minutes later the handle broke off the reel, but the fish was still on. Another hour passes and they get the first sight of a good-sized sword. With only one small gaff, no tail rope and no harpoon, the group somehow managed to get the fish in to the boat. The sword taped out at 91 inches curved and 137 inches overall. This was a massive fish for the tackle it was caught on: 50-pound Power Pro main line with a 30 size Accurate boss reel. The fish was caught on the boat "Off the Chain" with Captain Scott Fawcett. Yet another fish of a life time. We are hoping that we will have similar luck this fall with our tuna trips. Dates are starting to fill up quick so always call the office to see what is left. We hope to see you at the rail soon."

  • February 5, 2018 Open or Close

    Captain Frank Blount owner of the Frances Fleet reports that, "It was yet another stretch of wild, windy, winter weather this week. We were eager to get back to the cod grounds because we knew they would be waiting. When we got out they were there and they were hungry. The fish started coming over the rail a few fish at a time. After a few drifts, we got more dialed-in and fish started coming over faster and faster. High hooks left with just shy of a limit. The weather has been a true killer this winter, but we are trying to sail every day at 5am. Always call the day before to double check the weather and make a reservation. We have been getting a lot of calls regarding 2018 fishing regulations. We will keep people informed as soon as the fishing regulations are set. Always be on the lookout for special trips that we maybe adding for the 2018 season. We hope to see you at the rail soon!"

  • January 29, 2018 Open or Close

    Captain Frank Blount, owner of the Frances Fleet, reports that, "Fishing was as good as it gets and as bad as it gets this past week for winter cod. The fishing last Sunday broke wide open. The morning started off very slow, but then Captain Mike put the boat on the mother load. Double-headers were common and the quality was outstanding. Most fish were over the 10-pound mark with many over 20 pounds. We got back out on Monday and saw the same action. Everyone went home with limit catches. Jigs or bait it really did not matter as the fish were hungry. We did lose a few days mid-week with the wind, but we were dying to get back out. When we were able to get back out it was a much different story. We found the same pile but the fish had lock jaw. It makes for a very long day when you are marking stacks of fish that won't bite. That why it's called fishing and not catching. We are hoping the fish get hungry again. We are still trying to sail daily weather permitting at 5am. Always call the office the day before to double check the weather and make a reservation. We hope to see you at the rail soon!"

  • January 22, 2018 Open or Close

    Captain Frank Blount, owner of the Frances Fleet, passed along the following report. "It was yet another wild weather week. It seems like we cannot catch a break with the weather this winter with some combination of bitter cold, snow, and howling winds keeping us tied to the dock. We are ready and eager to sail on any day that Mother Nature allows us to get away from the dock. There have been reports from some of the commercial boats marking quite a bit of bait on the grounds. After finally getting a break in the cold last week, the bait should be stacked up with hungry cod underneath. We will have full details on the bite as soon as we can get a few days in a row to really dial things in.

    We are working on our 2018 schedule and some special trip so always keep an eye out. We are also starting to take private charter and dates are filling up quick. We can accommodate groups from 1-130. Call the office and we can give you dates and prices on all upcoming trips and charters. We hope to see you at the rail soon. The fishing reports section of the website is regularly updated with recent reports and notice of upcoming trips."

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