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September 16, 2019:
The weather was not friendly as we approached the weekend. With the MA sea bass season closed much of the effort has been transferred to tautog so Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters has found some good fishing on a few of his favorite tog spots. He will now be featuring tautog trips with jumbo scup as well as cod trips when the weather permits. Give him a call for details.

Previous Reports

  • September 9, 2019 Open or Close

    The patrons of Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters sent the black sea bass season packing with a limit catch of jumbo sea bass and a very good mix of big tautog on the same bottom, Jason has numerous locations that provide excellent tautog action along with jumbo scup. He also offers trips for cod and fluke. Give him a call to make a reservation or obtain details of his charters or open boat slots.

  • September 2, 2019 Open or Close

    The bigger boat has opened up new areas for patrons of Captain Jason Colby who have been riding the big Contender to Nomans and beyond. Little Sister Charters has had some very interesting mixed-bags which included black sea bass, great numbers of jumbo tautog, steaker cod, jumbo scup and keeper stripers. If you are lucky you can e-mail the skipper and find that he might be able to fit you into one of his open boat trips or a charter as he fishes the productive waters outside and south of Westport Harbor.

  • August 26, 2019 Open or Close

    If you viewed photos from Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters you might think you missed the fall run and were into winter fishing mode. The skipper's last few Nomans trips resulted in quick limits of black sea bass, a few tog and some great white belly cod up to a few that reminded me of late fall fishing when you could actually target a cod in Mass Bay. If you are looking for this type of multi species action give the skipper a call to reserve a date.

  • August 19, 2019 Open or Close

    With limits of black sea bass within an hour and a half or so the patrons of Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters have been working on tautog, jumbo scup and some quality fluke in the 19- to 20-inch class. With his bigger, faster boat it's a short trip and well worth the effort. One of the knuckle heads he sent a photo of was a legitimate 5-pounder all day long. He has quite a few openings on his open boat schedule. For details and to book a trip give him a call.

Little Sister Charters - Westport

Little Sister Charters - Westport
F L Tripps Marina
10 Cherry and Webb Lane
Westport, MA 2169
phone: 617-755-3740

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