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  • December 25, 2017 Open or Close

    Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters has been making plans to add a new boat to what was once a small fleet during the fall of 2017. He had a good tautog fishing season, but the local fluke fishing left much to be desired for everyone in our area. He is taking reservations for winter flounder in Quincy so give him a call and get on board to jump start your 2018 fishing season. We have a lot of friends on both branches of the Westport River, and many of them reported a very good fall. Max and Ben Parylak said the scallop season was one of the best ever in recent memory, and they shucked enough scallops to earn themselves a new pair of Grundens.

  • December 18, 2017 Open or Close

    Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters sent in his 2017 season recap for your reading pleasure this week. "They say 'all good things must come to an end', and in a way, that is both how I feel about the end of 2017 and the end of my beautiful 26-footer. Ron Powers and I had a bit of a boating accident on September 27, and we are lucky to be alive. Lesson learned: when offshore hurricane (Maria) is causing 12- to 18-foot swells that can turn into 25-foot breaking waves, do not go out!

    I was forced to finish the season off with the new boat that I had already decided to sell and replace. That is my project for the winter, but let's start on a positive note with the spring and Quincy flounder. Little Sister launched around 10am on Thursday, April 27, and the weather was quite nice. The water was very cold and I was kind of happy with the seven flounder we got in a few hours' time. The next day was rainy and bleak, and we got only three fish. From there the fishing got better and better with every trip, and within a week it was pretty much limits all the time. There were some bad days, and some short lulls as the flounder fishing was definitely off from 2016, but then '16 was the best in 40 years,

    With the arrival of May, the fishing got even better! I also started to find flounder on some ocean spots that were amazingly free of the dreaded dogfish. On the 3rd Saturday of May we (Team Little Sister) participated in The Santini Zobo Flounder Contest and we came away with prizes for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Not bad!

    The flounder fishing lasted right to the end of July, and in June we started getting bass casting at night with live eels. That night fishing was better than it had been in the past 5 years so I'm actually looking forward to see what transpires for 2018 in the striper department. In June and July, we did get quite a few keeper bass, but only fish to the high 20-pound mark with no monsters. After the July 20 morning trip, I pulled Little Sister from Boston Harbor to get some "R + R" with the family. The plan was to launch the new boat for trips starting on August 1 in Westport, but the Suzuki Dealer was not ready and I had to re-launch the 26-footer. Little did I know that it was a sign of things to come. In Westport, the sea bass fishing was pretty outstanding most of the time, and when we went to Noman's Island it was lights-out! I'm afraid I can't say much good about the fluke fishing in 2017, though, as Westport and Sakonnet were dead as well as Vineyard Sound. It seems there was a very nice body of fluke inshore while I was in Boston Harbor, but a small fleet of draggers made short work of them, leaving nothing behind. We did find a very workable patch of nice fluke in one of my Noman's Island spots, and we did well for a couple of weeks, then like magic one day they were gone! I'm pretty sure a dragger worked them over and destroyed all that was there in two quick tows. Before there was all kinds of life—smooth sand sharks, sea bass, scup, crabs, sea robins and fluke of all sizes—and then in one day, NOTHING!

    At the end of August the sea bass season closed and the fluke were pretty much nonexistent, so I turned early to tautog and, very fortunately, we got on them right away! I dare say that September was actually better than October as we has a series of offshore storms that really shut things down off of Westport for a while. Then in November, the tog fishing perked right up again with wild fishing right to the last trip on Friday, 1124. That day we left them biting. The day before, Thanksgiving, has been great the past few years, but the water was all churned up from a blow earlier in the week so we did very poorly. All said, the tog fishing was good with more excellent days than poor ones, and again, no monsters but we did have the state derby winner (if you are keeping count, that's three on Little Sister for 2017!)

    All said and done, another season is in the books and I am already looking forward to next year. We never know what the future holds and we should treasure our time on the water. The resource is not limited, and the draggers need to slow down what they are doing if we are to have a viable future. The fishing I've seen in my lifetime has fallen to a tiny fraction of what it was when I was a kid. The fishermen that were 60 when I was 10 told me the same thing. How many more steps down can we take?

    For 2018 I am again holding prices where they were for the past 6 years. A 5-hour trip is $450 for up to 4 persons and extra persons are $100 each.

    Night bass fishing with eels is still $100person for a 3-hour trip. Offshore trips to Noman's Island, Coxes Ledge, The Claw and beyond are $100hour with a 7-hour minimum. All bait and tackle are included on all trips. See you in 2018!"

  • December 11, 2017 Open or Close

    Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters is done fishing for the season and in the process of writing his year-end wrap-up. Until then, if you want to get in on the awesome Quincy spring flounder fishing, then I recommend you call him ASAP to reserve your trip as a lot of the prime dates have already been booked.

  • December 4, 2017 Open or Close

    Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters said that his boat is out of the water for the year and he is now concentrating on preparing for the kick-off of spring flounder up in Quincy in April. He already has a lot of prime dates filled so call him ASAP to reserve your trip.

Little Sister Charters - Westport

Little Sister Charters - Westport
F L Tripps Marina
10 Cherry and Webb Lane
Westport, MA 2169
phone: 617-755-3740

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