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September 9, 2019:
Capt. TJ on Rock and Roll Charters said the bluefish bite remains, like, beyond as good as it gets. Sure, they could all be giants, but other than that the rods are always bent and the drag is always ripping. Most of the fish are in the 3- to 6-pound class but a few up to 10 are mixing-in and they seem to be getting a little bigger all the time. Striped bass catches have been little slower again this week, partly due to the fact that the blues are so thick and voracious but also due to the fact that the bass seem to be relating directly to bunker. Any time they find bunker, they are finding bass—of all sizes—from little doinkers to 20 pounds. Porgy action is ridiculously good and always makes for a good way to top off the coolers before heading for the dock. Sea-bassing has been good; they're having to move around a bit to find the bigger fish, but it's good. They're also seeing a lot more juvenile sea bass since the moon. Overall, the fishing has been great, with multiple species landed every trip and tons of fun had by all. TJ and crew will be fishing through November this year so book your fall trips now. The Rock and Roll is known to be a stable and very clean boat with a captain and crew that love what they do... it even has a heated cabin for those chilly days on the Sound. Call now before the calendar fills up!

Previous Reports

  • September 2, 2019 Open or Close

    Capt. TJ on Rock and Roll Charters said the bass bite cooled off a bit this week but that might be due to the fact that the blues are so thick and so aggressive that nothing else has a chance to catch up to a lure! The bluefish action is as good as it gets with rapid-fire bites and epic blitzes. Porgies are also lock and load with limits easy to catch and lots of big ones. Sea-bassing is a little slower than it was, but they are around and when you dial in on a hotspot, the bite can be red hot. The Fall Run is upon us and it seems like it's going to be a good one, don't let it pass you by because you procrastinated. Take charge, call TJ and book a trip; you deserve it.

  • August 26, 2019 Open or Close

    Capt. TJ on Rock and Roll Charters told me he continues to find himself amazed by the amount of life in local waters. It's been pretty close to a solid month now of nearly National Geographic levels of life with all kind of smaller baitfish like rainbait, squid and silversides and then mind-boggling numbers of small bass and blues gorging on them. There are still keeper bass in the mix and the blues range in size from frying-pan-sized harbor blues to legit gators. Big bunker are scarce right now and that is probably contributing to the lack of truly large stripers this month. But, as the water temps drop (they dipped below 70 for the first time this summer on Sunday morning), the bass will get bigger and bigger. Bottom fishing has been off the chain—the only way to describe the porgy fishing is to call it insane. One day this week they put 30 large porgies on the boat in—wait for it—SIX MINUTES. Yes, six, y'know, like the number 6—six minutes, 360 seconds... that's nuts! If you want to fill the freezer with porgies, call now. Summer is pretty much done now, but that means we're jumping into the fall run with both feet—buckle up and call TJ, early indications foretell an old school fall run, you don't want to miss that.

  • August 19, 2019 Open or Close

    Capt. TJ on Rock and Roll Charters told me the striped bass have been hard to 'get to' because of the bazillions of small bluefish that are getting to the baits and lures first! There are some legit gators in the mix as well; the last couple weeks have brought some of the best bluefishing in years! And there's no shortage of bait either. TJ says it's the most he's seen in a long time as well; anything from squid, butterfish, silversides... you name it, it's out there right now. The porgy bite just keeps getting better, sea bass action is back on the rise and now even some big fluke are joining the party. Fall is going to be epic! So don't miss out!

  • August 12, 2019 Open or Close

    Capt. TJ on Rock and Roll Charters told me that the amount of life in his local waters rivals that of any season he has fished! Every reef has bass and bluefish and the fish are where they're supposed to be, almost without fail. The blues are ranging from 2 pounds to nearly 20 pounds, but the giants are a rarity; the average fish are in the 5- to 10-pound class. The striper story is very similar, there are acres of school bass around right now with solid numbers of keepers and if you work a bit you can get a really nice one too. The only species that has been rare lately is sea bass. Over the past few years, you couldn't drop a baited hook without catching a tiny sea bass, now they're gone - maybe all these bass and blues ate them? But when you drop a baited hook now, you're catching mostly keeper (and some jumbo) porgies - we'll take that! Seeing all this life and lots of young bass and blues is a great thing! TJ still has openings before summer closes out and more for the fall run, grab the kids, grab your dad, grab your wife, maybe the neighbor and have a great trip on the water with TJ and crew, you won't regret it.

Rock & Roll Charters

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