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September 9, 2019:
Just when the Canal has been declared dead, a pod of bait and a school of fish move in after them. With the exception of a few schoolies at first and last light the bite in the ditch slowed considerably. We spoke with AJ from Red Top Sporting Goods who said the Canal was very slow, but he sees conditions building to what could be epic fishing on the moon. With the sea bass season closing on Sept 8th, the tog will become more cooperative and the bones and albies are in residence all over the Cape, particularly in western Buzzards Bay and up around Mishaum Point to the tip of West Island in Fairhaven. A few guys are still at it tossing eels off the Elizabeths from the lighthouse at Tarpaulin Cove to the west corner of Naushon. AJ just received some new stock and he can show you the lures to have on board when you run into albies that are feeding on very fine baits.

Previous Reports

  • September 2, 2019 Open or Close

    To make up for less than great fishing in the Canal the bonito and albies have descended on the west end of the Canal and into most of Buzzards Bay. Hayden from Red Top Sporting Goods said there are big pods of bonito and albies all over the north shore of the Elizabeths and all around the Vineyard and many of those smaller bones have either moved on or grown into 4- and 5-pounders. Most of the albies are in the 7-pound class with photos of larger albies making the rounds on social media pages. Boston has some great-sized stripers and great fishing now and those fish will begin moving down to the east end of the Canal as the north and east winds push the bait down closer to the Canal. Onset entrance and the inner bay has been producing good numbers of bones and a few quality fluke as well.

  • August 26, 2019 Open or Close

    The Canal was off this week, but John from Red Top Sporting Goods said that bonito and albie fever have taken over. There was a very good bite of bones and a few albies mixed in the west end where epoxy jigs and JoeBaggs lures were the hot numbers. Big bass moved out ahead of the front but will be back next week on better tides. The bottom fishing in Buzzards improved for boats that moved off the entrance and headed west to much deeper water where the black sea bass are holding.

  • August 19, 2019 Open or Close

    The action in the Canal came to a head on a wild and wooly Wednesday when the bite, both surface and bottom continued from sunrise to sunset. There were lots of school-sized fish but enough in the 40-inch class to provide the expectation of a trophy on any cast. We spoke with Owen from Red Top Sporting Goods who said they fished on Saturday morning and found fish in the 25-inch class on top then on Savage lures which he was stocking as we spoke. There are blues in the 5-pound class in the west end as well as the east side and up into Cape Cod Bay to Barnstable and Scorton Ledge. That ledge has been producing legal bass on eels, mackerel and the tube and worm.

  • August 12, 2019 Open or Close

    The canal was going great guns until Tuesday when the bite fell off from what had been another spectacular period of action. Owen from Red Top Sporting Goods said one day AJ decided to hit the ditch rather than fish out of their boat the action slowed but a few guys fishing jigs deep managed to scratch up a few keepers. Some people blamed the front that pushed through for moving the bait out, but the tuna pushed some of that bait right back into the east end causing quite a sight. There have been some blues working the west end and a few more legal fluke have been reported from Onset out to the far edges of the Mashnee Flats. The black sea bass bite has moved out to much deeper water although there are loads of short fish from 10 to 12 inches on the same bottom with the big scup which are still holding on west end haunts.

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