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River Bay Outfitters

August 13, 2018:
Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin reported most anglers are spending their time indoors and staying out of the rain. Those that have been making it out experienced mixed results. Pet Shop Charlie took a trip for bottom fishing on a local reef and his group limited out on sea bass, porgies and summer flatties in a very short time. Charlie's biggest observation was of the lack of bluefish. It has been like this for the last three years. Also, where are all the stripers that should be here considering the past good year classes? However, there is some good news coming from Montauk. Capt. Timothy O'Rourke called to let Paul know that there are a lot of small blues on the Point and if you can get your fly past them there is a good chance of hooking a schoolie bass. The bunker schools are starting to show up and the bigger blues are on them. The prediction is the albies will be starting to show in two to three weeks and the overall fishing season should only get better from now on.

Previous Reports

  • August 6, 2018 Open or Close

    Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin reported the wild weather, or should he say the fake weather reports and threat, have been keeping most anglers in their home ports. However, there were a few brave souls that did make it out. Kenny the Hat went to Jones Beach with his new two-handed rod and reported seeing fluke, rays, sea robins and small blues being landed. He didn't have any luck but as he said, "My casting is getting pretty good." Photo Taso reported he was fishing the same area with his new fly line and catching some nice size sea robins. Paul heard of some small fluke being taken on the flats in the 3-ft. ranges and the snappers are getting bigger to the point where you can start to target them. Much larger flatties are on the outside, but they are too deep to target with a fly rod. In a few weeks we will start hearing of albies and the fun will begin.

  • July 30, 2018 Open or Close

    Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin reported the summer heat and rain is now here so now is the time to be heading out on the night shift. Bass are staying in the deeper and cooler waters to way after the sun has set. The reports he has been hearing from the day crew is of plenty of sea robins, short fluke and some cow nose rays taking the fly. Capt Vinny Catalano reported, "It's been a great week with lots of bass on the surface and mongo bluefish in the mix leading up to the full moon. Hordes of bait around caused some good midday blitzes." Captain Timothy O'Rourke from Montauk also reports that if you find the bait you find the fish. Also, thank goodness for the big yellow eyed devils. LIRR Tom, when he isn't working or the wind isn't blowing, has been fishing deep into the night working the dock lights. Most saltwater anglers are taking a break and waiting for the fall run or switching to the fantastic smallmouth action that is close to us. River Bay Outfitters is having a smallmouth trip on Saturday August 4th. If you would like to join them, please contact the shop.

  • July 23, 2018 Open or Close

    Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin reported the hot weather has been keeping most of the anglers off the water but the reports that he has been receiving indicate there are some fish being caught. Reports came in of bay blues and fluke being taken. On the western North Shore the word has been of schoolies and small cocktail blues in the early morning at first light and similar reports came in from the North Fork. Captain Vinny Catalano is reporting on sight fishing on the flats of the North Shore before the rain and wind. Out at Montauk, Capt. Timothy O'Rourke had some anglers out for those big bass that are in the Rips. None were caught on the fly so they went to live bait and landed four up to 40-pounds. They finished up the day using the fly rod for some big choppers. Captain John McMurray from "One More Cast Charters" has been heading offshore for some tuna and the catch has included mahi-mahi on the lobster buoys. Paul got out in his boat for a few hours but a family emergency made him come in early. On the ride in he noticed a few schools of bay blues in the Jones Inlet area, but he didn't have time to cast a line. Next week if the salt is slow there is always the sweetwater areas. On August 4th River Bay Outfitters will be having its Annual White Fly trip to the Housatonic River. This is a major hatchery with big white mayflies that will bring up some very large fish. If you would like to join them please contact the shop.

  • July 16, 2018 Open or Close

    Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin reported the summer doldrums are starting to settle in but there is still fish to be had for those in the know. Consider switching over to fish the night shift plus watch the bait. Snappers are filling the back bays and are being chomped on by all of the other predators. Your flies should imitate the wide, thin profile of these little blues. It is funny that in a few weeks they will be larger and become our target species. They can be a lot of fun on a 6wt fly rod. LIRR Tom is back from Montana and fishing the dock lights. Fluking is good on the flats, but only if you are more interested in action and not bringing home dinner. Sea robins are also available to bend the long rod. By changing up your tactics and target species you will also be successful. You can also change over to the freshwater until the fall run. River Bay Outfitters is having their annual smallmouth bass trip on Monday, July 23rd. The cost is $30 and that includes coffee and bagels at the meeting spot and a BBQ lunch. For more information contact the shop.

River Bay Outfitters

River Bay Outfitters
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