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October 15, 2018:
At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said rain has shut own all of the rivers to the north and some rivers here on Long Island are closed for the season. Up until Caleb Smith Park closed it was fishing very well and it always amazes that it doesn't get the pressure or respect of the south shore parks. The fish are not as big and you really need to have a little more skill with the fly rod. Keep that park in mind for next year. The Conny is open all year and winter is Paul's favorite time to be there. The crowds are down and the fish are willing. Plus the size are some of the largest trout you will ever see. The fall stocking should have happened by this Wednesday. On Saturday October 20th the DEC is having a Fall Fishing Festival at McDonald's Pond. VA Fred is hitting all the local ponds and using his bread fly he has been landing bass, bluegills and carp. Paul is also hearing of nice fishing on our local ponds because the weeds are starting to die down, just fish the edges. A big streamer that has a white wing, like a Zonker, you will have a chance for the fish of your life. Another option is to take the ride to the Salmon River. They are reporting a banner year for salmon with the start of a good steelhead season. If you really want to fish freshwater, Long Island is the place to be.  

Previous Reports

  • October 8, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said rain, rain and more rain keeps falling on the rivers to the north making most unfishable for most fly rodders. But there is always a way to wet a line. Paul said, "When I find high water, there are three choices that I can make. First thing I do is to head up river to the headwaters. There I will find lower and clearer water. Usually the trout will be small and they might even be native brook trout. This is the time to break out those smaller rods. The second choice is look for the widest pools were the water slows down. Don't go too deep as the fish will be hugging the edges. Break out those streamers and fish them slow. For your third choice, if money isn't an issue, take a guide. He will know where to fish and give you best chance to land your lunker." Long Island Trout Unlimited had their fall outing and they found high water everywhere. Some went up river, some fished the bigger pools and others had guides. Most found fish. Here at home Queens Jim has been having a lot of action over at MacDonald's pond with the bluegills but most would fit on a cracker. Jerry R. took a newbie out to Caleb Smith and they were lucky to be there the week that they stocked. They caught tons and Jerry had to remind his friend, it wasn't always that easy. Smoking Bill was also there on Thursday and reported that he didn't even fish the whole beat because there was so many fish. The fall stocking should be around the 18th just in time for the Fall Fishing Festival at MacDonald's pond on the 20th. With all the trout the DEC put in and since our ponds and most streams are open to fishing all winter, there isn't any reason to suffer indoors.

  • October 1, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said the non-stopping rain this past midweek really put the upstate trout fishing on hold. Even the tailwaters like the Delaware's, Croton watershed and the Farmington were unfishable. The water was pouring over the top of the dam and making it unsafe to wade. With a lot of rivers closing for the season, it is time to start exploring other opportunities to wet a line. The Carmans River is closed for the season inside Southaven Park (the tidal section is open for fishing) and the Caleb Smith section of the Nissequogue will be closing on October 15th. The silver lining is that the Connetquot should be open year round. TU Pete, Photo Taso Tommy C. and big Anthony took advantage of the nice weather to give the Conny a shot. Paul took a group up to the Farmington this past Monday before all of the rain made it totally unfishable. Fishing was a little slow but most did find some trout. Court Recorder Jim was very happy after landing his first Farmington trout. On Long Island we are blessed with many small streams that also hold trout, plus with the fall stocking of most of the ponds, the opportunities to feed your fishing habit are endless. A good book to have so the fly fishing never stops here on Long Island, is "Long Island Spring Creeks" published by the Long Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited. You can get a copy at the shop. All you need is a little information and the desire to explore to keep the rod bent twelve months a year.

  • September 24, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said the start of fall is going just like the rest of the year, late. The spring was late, we had a late heat wave and September was one of the hottest on record. The only good thing is the August rain kept the rivers filled and protected the trout from the heat. All of the NYC reservoirs are filled and overflowing and the connecting rivers are filled to their banks, making it easier for the large brown trout to get to their spawning beds. Check the state regulation as some of the upstate streams will be closing on September 31st or Oct 15th and others will stay open all year. You don't want to get a ticket for fishing out of season. TU members, Pete, John and Stu went to the East Branch of the Croton this past week and there they found the water high plus warm from the water coming off the top reservoir. But the fishing was the best in weeks with many trout being landed including Stu's lunker brown top the tape at 19 plus inches. Closer to home , the Long Island Flyrodders had their club day on Monday, at the Conny, and they reported one of the best days this year with fish rising all day. The ponds are really coming to life with fish starting to come out of their summer doldrums. Also the weeds are starting to die down making it easier to target the fish. With all of the water that is in the ponds plus the ground water keeping the streams filled, we could have good fishing right into the winter. Since most of our ponds and streams stay open all year, Long Island is the place to be.

  • September 17, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said the cooler weather and recent rains are helping get our streams ready for the fall season. The state will be stock the streams and ponds in the next few weeks and with the high ground water, there should be plenty of water to keep the fishing good for the rest of the year. The reports coming from the Conny and Caleb are of plenty of trout, some very large, being brought to the net. Queens Jim was fish his favorite beat on the Conny last week with about ten fish, most pushing the twenty inch range. He also went to MacDonald's pond for some bluegill action. He also reported that they seem to be getting larger. Photo Taso and TU Tom took a trip up to the Farmington this past Saturday and reported that the fishing was a little slow with only four trout each Tom did land a rare large tiger trout. The Casting for Recovery had their retreat this past weekend at the Conny. Thanks to the Long Island Flyrodders and the local Trout Unlimited Chapters, trout were caught and smiles were everywhere. If the weather holds we should have a good fishing late in to the fall. Please say a little prayer for all of our friends in the Carolina area.

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