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November 13, 2017:
At River Bay Outfitters in Oceanside, Paul said with the arrival of winter for a few days, the mood and efforts of his customers has been switching over to fly tying or saltwater fishing. Those that did brave the cold, found willing trout in most of the open streams. Project Healing Waters had two outings this past week. On Monday, with the help of the Long Island Flyrodders, twelve veterans had a slow pick of the many trout that are in the stream. I feel it was the sudden change in the temperature that gave the fish lock jaw. On Friday the West Point Cadets join the group and after the cold front passed the trout were in the mood to eat. Most of the trout were rainbows and some were very impressive. Joe B from Belmont Lake is reporting the lake now has a good population of trout since they stocked in the past few weeks. The Carlls River also was stocked and if everyone doesn't kill their limit, it should be a good option all winter. The northern stream's water levels have been dropping and have been fishing well. On the freestone streams think nymphs or streamers. The tailwaters still have BWO coming off on cloudy days and during the slow periods, Paul swings streamers. TU Pete and his crew went to the western streams on Lake Erie. 4 inches of rain on the first day really made for unfishable conditions. It took three days for the streams to clear but on the last day, many Steelhead where brought to the net, making it all worthwhile. The Salmon River is back to fishable water levels and the real sharpies are into the large steelhead and browns. If you really want to fish, you can all year or you stop in the shop, have a coffee and tie flies.

Previous Reports

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Oceanside, Paul said high wind and rainy weather slowed the fishing effort. Paul did hear of trout fishing in the streams and ponds that have been newly stocked and fishing well. The South Pond in Hempstead Lake Park got a good shot of trout and with the bass, bluegills and pickerel, you should have a good day. Paul suggests you use a large flashy streamer. Superintended Joe B., out in Belmont State Lake Park reported a fresh stocking of trout, so come out, enjoy the park and maybe go home with dinner. All of the upstate and Connecticut Rivers were too high after last week's rain but are dropping nicely and should be fishing well this week. The Salmon River is also running high but that is helping bring in the steelhead. With high water it is best to take a guide and float the river. The Conny is, as always, is fishing well and being a spring creek it should be a good option on all but the coldest days.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Oceanside, Paul said fishing on the Long Island is some of the best he has seen in the last few years. All of the stocking has been done and the reports have been terrific. Kenny the Hat has been grabbing a few trips to the Massapequa Preserve. He did report catching plenty of panfish. He did see trout but bluegills beat them to the fly. The Fall Festival at Hempstead State Lake was a huge success. Photo Tony was there and under his guidance, his grandson landed a very nice brook trout. TU Pete and Joe hit both the Croton and the Conny. Both spots were very productive. The moisture early in the week was just enough to give the northern rivers the shot of rain they needed. The biggest problem has been the leaves that keep fouling my fly but with the high winds over the weekend they should be gone. Up until Sunday the Salmon River has been fishing well with salmon and steelheads. The water release on Sunday and Monday has made the fishing impossible but with the high water more steelhead will be coming in. It has been a very good salmon season and the steelhead are starting to show signs also of being the best in years.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Oceanside, Paul said beautiful weather was here all last week and with the state stocking our local streams and ponds, the fishing has been just short of fantastic. The long Island Flyrodders fished at the Conny this past Monday and everyone reported a banner day. Both the Carmans (inside Southaven Park only) and Caleb Smith are closed but most others are open all year. The local ponds are also stocked and again the reports for trout have been very good. The bonus has been, with the warmer weather, the bass and panfish is still on. Thanks to the DEC the Fall Festival at Hempstead Park on Saturday was well attended and everyone went home happy. The park is now open to everyone and if the greedy fishermen don't keep over their limit, there will be good fishing all winter. Photo Taso spent Saturday on the Housatonic with many fish rising. He didn't catch any trout but he had nonstop action with silver trout (AKA Chubs). Any tight lines are a good thing. The Salmon River is having the best run in years with anglers limiting out in hours. The steelhead are starting to move in with a few Atlantic salmon. The predictions for this steelhead season has been for a very good year. With carefully planning, you can be fish all year. Beats staying indoors

  • October 16, 2017 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Oceanside, Paul said this fall is really been a bonus with this clear and warm weather. Even with the low water most of the streams and rivers are fishing well. Paul's RVC friends have been going up to the Housatonic River and have been landing large fall browns on streamers, size 12 Isonychia and size 24 Blue Wing Olives. The Farmington is also reporting the fall fishing is in full swing. The low water is making both rivers a little challenging, but it is a beautiful time of year to be on the water. The local ponds and streams should be stocked this coming week. The Fall Fishing Festival is being held at MacDonald's Pond in Hempstead State Lake Park. It is a good time to introduce young anglers to the sport. Joe has been fishing the Carlls River and reports there are some very impressive hold-over trout. They aren't easy, that is why they made it. The Caleb Smith Park is closed for fishing but you can fish the tidal portion just down stream. The East Branch of the Croton is the only river in the water shed that is open year round. The Salmon River is reporting this is the best run of salmon in 4 years with most anglers limiting out. "I know I will be swing flies a few more times before the snow falls," said Paul.

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