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July 16, 2018:
At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said, "I'm back from Montana and ready to hit my favorite northeast areas." One of Paul's favorites is the Housatonic. The hot weather and low water is making for some incredible smallmouth bass action. The local ponds are getting very weedy so it is best to use weedless topwater flies. Also plan your fishing trips for early or late in the day. The carp fishing is also good, after the spawn, in all of local ponds. The Peconic River is fishing well, but it is still best to do the morning shift. The Catskill freestone rivers are done until the spring but if you want trout then think of the tailwaters up in Westchester, West Branch of the Delaware or the Farmington. The spring creeks on the island are also fishing well with the Conny in the evening session Paul's preferred choice. River Bay Outfitters is having their annual smallmouth bass trip on Monday July 23th. The cost is $30 and that includes coffee, bagels at the meeting spot and a BBQ lunch. For more information contact the shop.

Previous Reports

  • July 9, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said the holiday and the hot weather has kept most anglers home this past week but the anglers that did make it out reported some success . Art flick TU Tony report that he has been finding fish in the early morning in the Carmans River. Most have been on dries as the river is getting weedy. Queens Jim has been finding the panfish have been cooperative in the South Pond over at Hempstead Lake. The Conny is fishing well with Paul's choice being the evening session. TU Pete and Tom when up to the Farmington and they reported the fishing was off with only 10 trout landed, as ten is slow, lol. The reports from the Housatonic are all about smallmouth. River Bay Outfitters is closed until Saturday the 14th for their annual Montana trip. If you want to join them on any other trips, go the web site and sign up for the newsletter.

  • July 2, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said the heat is here and the freshwater fishing efforts are down. That is a shame as there is still plenty of fishing to be had. Fish have to eat and the anglers that know are still catching. If it is largemouths that you are after, it is best to fish the very early or late shift. Better yet, late at night when the water is cooling down. The big boys will be searching for their daily meal. Carp master Fred isn't a night fisherman, so he has been targeting the golden bones in all of the local ponds. Carp don't seem to be bothered by the sun or heat, but they are still a little skittish, so stealth is required. Buffalo Matt is also finding success in his secret ponds (there are no secret ponds). If it is trout that you seek, forget about the Freestone Rivers of the Catskills as they are too low and warm. Any trout caught in those conditions will never survive. It is best to fish the spring creeks that we have on Long Island or go to the tailwaters within a few hours away. Paul spent two days on the Farmington River this past week and had his personal best with over ten trout with one 19 and one over 20 inches.  For more fun, try fishing for smallmouth in both the Delaware and the Housatonic. Smallmouth really love the warm water and 50 fish days are always a possibility. The shop will be running two trips for the Housatonic smallmouth this summer, so if you want to join in the fun sign up for the shop's newsletter on the web

  • June 25, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said both the Catskills and the Connecticut rivers have been very good with massive hatches. River Bay Outfitters had a trip to the Farmington River this past Monday and with all of the bugs on the river the fishing wasn't easy. Nine anglers landed about 20 trout. Captain Jeff Becker met the group for lunch with tales of two browns at about 20 inches. If he isn't on the salt, you will find him fishing lower TMA. He really knows that river. "Photo" Taso was the high hook with a total of nine trout, all on dries. Most of Paul's action came from nymphs. TU Pete and Joe spent the day closer to home on the East Branch of Croton with a mix bag of trout and sunnies. Buffalo Matt has been sharpening his saltwater skill by fishing for the Golden Bonefish (AKA Carp), at our local ponds. Using Fred's Bread Fly, he has been pulling fish where you wouldn't think to fish. Photos of some very impressive fish is a testament of Matt becoming a skilled angler. River Bay Outfitters is hosting many trips throughout the season, so sign up to our newsletter so you will know about the next one. The signup form is on our website, 

  • June 18, 2018 Open or Close

    At River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin, Paul said it has been bug soup on all of the rivers, both here on the island and up state. It is amazing to see but it can be tough to fish as your fly is among millions. But just being there is an amazing site. The Long Island TU had their annual Beaverkill Trip this past weekend and this has been one of the best with excellent weather and eager fish. Kenny the Hat and Roy P ran a trip to the Delaware for the Long Island Flyrodders. The anglers that took a guide had success with those difficult wild trout. Those that stayed out till dark on both trips were treated to a good Coffin Fly fishing. The Coffin Fly is the spinner stage of the Green Drake and anyone that has witnessed this hatch knows how epic the fishing could be.  TU Pete and Tom went to the Farmington River and hitting the evening hatch of Sulphurs, over fifteen trout brought to the net. Here on Long Island, Guide Tony called to tell me the Carmen's River is still fishing well for the caddis and Sulphurs. He did report a small hatch of large Golden Stones, something he hasn't seen before. The ponds are starting to weed up, so break out your weedless flies. Nothing like an old largemouth hitting one of your frog patterns. Paul's advice is to eat an early meal at 3:00 and fish to dark. Most anglers are eating when they should be fishing.

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