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October 15, 2018:
Aboard the Viking Fleet, Capt. Dave reports the Block Island jumbo scup and sea bass trip on Thursday was phenomenal aboard the Viking Starship. There was a light crowd on board and Capt. Dave tried out some new spots and found big sea bass and plenty of porgies to go around. Fares also had some cod and bluefish. Friday's trip was canceled due to remnants of Tropical Storm Michael. Saturday saw an excellent porgy bite with everyone having their share of porgies, but after the blow the sea bass were off the bite. Everyone however managed a couple of quality sea bass. Sunday was another day of good porgy fishing with the sea bass showing signs of rebounding after Tropical Storm Michael. Tuesday's tuna trip with Capt. Jerry was a successful one, with the night bite being the best of all the tuna trips so far this season. The day bite trolled up a bunch of nice Mahi, while the nighttime saw a lot of bites, landing a bunch of albacore, while dropping just as many. There were more Mahi landed after dark and two nice swordfish were released, while a giant swordfish after a 2 hour battle won its freedom back. The offshore fishing looks very promising, and there is some openings available for the last trip of the year, which is a 4 day full moon Big Eye and Swordfish Special departing on Monday Oct 22. Jump on for your last shot offshore. Capt. Steven Jr and Steven Sr. went out on the Viking Fivestar for a commercial trip and caught a bunch of big eye tuna this week.

Previous Reports

  • October 8, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Viking Fleet, Capt. Dave reports good fishing aboard the Viking Starship on most days south of Block Island with scup, sea bass and some cod. Limits of scup and sea bass are the norm when conditions prevail. Most of the keeper black sea bass range from large to jumbos, while porgies range from medium to jumbos. A few cod and pollock are in the mix. Aboard the half day Viking Star, Capt. Dave G reports a good afternoon of fishing on Friday in breezy conditions with a small crowd putting plenty of porgies and bluefish in their coolers. They also had a couple of fluke which were released unharmed. Saturday enjoyed a very good morning of fishing as the bite was on from the beginning of the trip until the end with a mix of porgies, sea bass and a couple bluefish. The Block Island cod and sea bass trips which started on Wednesday aboard the Viking Fivestar with Capt. Steven Jr at the wheel reports that on the first trip to Block Island, they had a limit of big black sea bass, loads of jumbo scup, and a nice shot of quality cod. Thursday, Capt. Steve put the whole boat on limits of sea bass and porgies. Cod, flounder, fluke and large sea perch. Block Island bottom fishing is alive and well, therefore there will be plenty of trips coming up for the fall on both the Viking Fivestar and the Viking Star. The night bass trips on the weekend aboard the Viking Starship was pretty good.

  • October 1, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Viking Fleet, Captain Dave reports excellent fishing by Block Island aboard the Viking Starship this week, even as the nautical conditions set in. Porgies are of mixed sizes with plenty of jumbos mixing in. Sea bass fishing is also very good although you have to work a bit harder for them. Nevertheless, fares are limiting out with fish to 5 pounds. Friday and the weekend enjoyed great fishing as porgy and sea bass fishing was excellent close to Block Island with some cod mixed in. The half day trips aboard the Viking Stariper or Viking Star with Capt. Derrick and Capt. Joey reports the scup and black sea bass fishing was excellent on the weekend with plenty of action on a mixed variety of species. The full moon bass trips with Capt. Carl reports sporadic fishing with a few striper being taken on each drift, All in all fares landed a decent amount of bass on each trip to 25 pounds. The two day tuna trip with Capt. Jerry reports okay fishing on the Viking Star. There was a lot of action on day one with trolling. Over 70 mahi, yellowfin, wahoo and a mako shark made up the trip.

  • September 24, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Viking Fleet, Capt. Dave reports the Block Island jumbo porgies and sea bass fishing aboard the Viking Starship continues to be very good day on the Viking Starship with a nice mix of big porgies, sea bass and some keeper cod. Saturday was a decent day despite tough conditions with a lot of mixed size porgies on the first drop and in the deeper water. The sea bass fishing was tough, but everyone managed a couple. Aboard the half day Viking Star and Viking Stariper, fishing has been a bit sporadic with a mix of fluke, porgies, sea bass and bluefish. On Saturday, Capt. Derrick reported windy and tough conditions with wind against tide. They fished around the point out of the wind and only managed a few sea bass, a couple porgies and some short fluke. They also snagged a small thresher shark which was safely released. Sunday saw improved fishing although conditions were still very tough with an east wind. Fares managed a bunch of mixed size porgies, sea bass and some short fluke. Saturday evening's striped bass trip with Capt. Carl reporting a slow night. There was some action in the beginning of the trip with a couple of bass being landed, but as the tide eased off against the north wind, the bite was over for the remainder of the trip. William Bailey of Montauk drilled out a 22-pounder, while Billy Stanzione from Bohemia took second with a 15 pound striped bass.

  • September 17, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Viking Fleet, Capt. Dave reports the Viking Starship is now sailing to Block Island for jumbo porgies and jumbo sea bass. The boat sailed during the week and found an impressive amount of quality sea bass and quality porgies. Friday was a tough day with a big ground swell by the lighthouse, which caused fishing to be slower than it has been. A steam east of the point saw better luck with sea bass and scup. The debut of Block Island jumbo porgies and jumbo sea bass on Saturday was great with a good mix of porgies, sea bass and a couple of bluefish. A move further to the south went very well with plenty of big porgies and jumbo sea bass in the deeper water. There were also about a dozen cod that made it over the rails on the day. The half day Viking Stariper with Capt. Dave G reports slow fishing on Thursday morning in breezy conditions. The bite was off due to the recent weather. Fares ended up catching nice keeper fluke, sea bass, porgies, and even a bluefish. The weekend saw the fishing improve considerably aboard both the Viking Stariper with plenty of big sea bass, porgies and some fluke. The 3 Day TNT-LTD trip aboard the Viking Star with Capt. Jerry at the helm saw good fishing on the first offshore trip for the Viking Star. Day one saw tilefish, pollock, hake, mahi, a couple of cod, and one monkfish, while the first night, saw some nice yellowfin albacore and 2 swordfish with four break offs. Day two saw a better bite with tilefish, however the night bite was slow due to the wind and rain.

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