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July 16, 2018:
Over at Rivers End word is that, "This week the best bass news was coming from Montauk and Block Island. The biggest fish seemed to come from Block, whereas the most seemed to come from Montauk. Locally, there were a few fish caught along the shoreline, some fish caught at Southwest Reef, and early in the week, we heard that there were still a pile of school bass in the Sluiceway. The Race still has some mid-sized fish. Very few bluefish have been reported. Flukers reported some good catches at Black Point, one crew we spoke with all had limits there, up to 6 pounds or so. Try deep if you go there. Isabella had mixed reports, but shorts seemed to dominate the catch. There are some fish in the CT River and on Long Sand Shoal. Porgy catches have been good at Bartletts, Black Point, Hatchetts and Hens & Chickens reefs. Sea bass results are still very good; they're starting to filter into the eastern Sound now. Blue crabs are not great yet, but they're catching. This week I spoke to a guy who netted some from pilings at his marina in the CT River, and another who had some crabs in traps in the Oyster River."

Previous Reports

  • July 9, 2018 Open or Close

    Over at Rivers End, "Striper fishing improved this week. The fishing in the CT River improved as the fish have started to drop out of the River and hit our immediately-adjacent reefs. There were some fish caught along the local shoreline, at Long Sand Shoal, and Southwest Reef. There were also some school bass in the Race, Gull Island, and the Sluiceway on small bait. Millstone has had a pile of blues in the outflow, and we've heard that the Race has a slug now, too. There were some fluke in the river this week, and though shorts and sea robins dominated the catch, we heard of fish as large as 6 pounds caught there. Six Mile Reef had a couple of good catches this week. Sea bass is still very good. They're starting to filter into the Eastern Sound now. Porgies have been mixed with the sea bass, and now they seem to have filtered into many of their regular summer haunts as well. Try Hens & Chickens, Hatchets or Bartletts. Blue crabs are just getting started. We spoke to a few crabbers who had some keepers both scooping and with traps."

  • July 2, 2018 Open or Close

    Over at Rivers End, "Bass fishing in the CT River saw a small improvement this week, with schoolie bass for lure casters and some bigger fish for guys fishing with live bait. There were reports of school bass along the Rhode Island beaches crashing loads of sand eels too. That same pile of bass seems to go from Wicopesset Passage to the Race. Blues are mixed with the school bass along the RI beaches. Isabella had a good week for fluke. We didn't hear much from Block or Montauk, but Rhode Island has had the bait this week, and the fish seem to be following. Reports from there indicate that large schools of sand eels and plenty of squid have the fluke biting. Porgies are mixing with the sea bass, and now they seem to have filtered into many of their regular summer haunts as well. Sea bassing is still very good, with limits common, mostly in the mid-western end of the sound. They're starting to filter into the rest of the sound now."

  • June 25, 2018 Open or Close

    Over at Rivers End, "It sounds like finding live baits has gotten a little easier in the river over the last week, and there have even been a few bass in the CT River willing to eat them. The Race continues to have some mid-sized fish on the night bite where eels are scoring best, and surf fishermen claim that there has been an uptick in action with small to mid-sized bass along the RI beaches due to an influx of sand eels. The Millstone outflow still has some small bluefish, and they've been spotty along the Westbrook beaches too. We weighed a fluke that almost tipped the scale to 10 pounds from Block Island, and the guy even managed a limit, but the word over there right now is dogfish, and lots of 'em. The Ruins had a couple of limits of flats this week, and there have been a few fluke caught in the river now too, but it sounds like most of them up until now have been shy of legal length. We also just heard a good report on the south side of Fishers with a nice 6.7-pounder in the mix. Porgies have been mixed with the sea bass, and now they seem to have filtered into many of their regular summer haunts as well. Shore guys report good catches with one customer catching a nice batch of 10- to 12-inch porgies this week. Sea-bassing is still solid, with many limits, but we've heard from several guys now that they're starting to thin out with fewer fish and more shorts. We'd expect the fishing in the eastern half of the Sound will start to improve over the next couple of weeks. New York waters are now open as well. The bag limit in NY is 3 fish per angler, and it will increase to 7 fish per angler after September 1st."

  • June 18, 2018 Open or Close

    Over at Rivers End "The bass fishing was tough this week. The CT River still has plenty of fish, but it's a common story to hear that they have lockjaw. Even for live bait fishermen, there were a lot of stories about fish that would follow but not eat. The Race has been a better bet with guys catching on drifted eels or bucktails. The only news on blues has been that they are thick at Millstone. Fluke action has been best in the deeper waters off of Black Point, Two Tree and over at Isabella. If you want to hunt a big one, Montauk is your best bet. Sea bass action has been red hot, the best fishing is in the Western Sound—out in the middle, but don't cross into NY. Porgies are mixing-in with the sea bass too. The fishing is slowly getting better and better."

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