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September 24, 2018:
Jason at Fishermen's Supply said with fluke season closed some anglers are switching over to porgies, and the area off the Red Church in 35 to 40 feet over sticky bottom is holding plenty of them. You can pick up your one blackfish as well; folks playing catch and release with the tog say there are good numbers of them, which bodes well for when the bag limit increases. In the same area, anglers are finding 3- to 8-pound blues and some Spanish mackerel. Jason said there were some albacore in and out of the Manasquan Inlet. He was fishing the river on Wednesday and some had pushed in to the train bridge. He also heard of people catching them up at Sandy Hook. "Hopefully that will get more consistent," he said. The bass fishing in the Manasquan River remains something that folks can count on. Bass are being caught at the train bridge, the 35 bridge and in the canal, with fish in the 14- to 16-pound range and some 8- to 12-pound blues as well. They are jigging fish at night in the canal and also picking up blackfish and triggerfish. The store is stocking live eels now for those looking to get in on the night bass bite.

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  • September 17, 2018 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the weather kept people the majority of the week but he spoke to a few who snuck out late in the weeks and they told him they found fluke in areas about 8 to 14 miles offshore, where the water was 85 to 100 feet deep, on scattered wrecks or higher bottom. Dropping the lightest jig or a traditional high-low fluke rig tipped with pink shine Gulp grubs was catching fish up to 8 pounds. People were still fluke fishing in the river but the vast majority of catch has been small fish. A few big fluke have been caught at night around the bridges, and they have been a bit of a surprise bycatch for the folks fishing for striped bass in the river, he said. There has been an excellent eel bite for striped bass, and Jason said the northeast storm pushed in bigger fish up to 16 pounds, along with 6- to 8-pound bluefish. He said the bass bite was not tide-dependent. "As long as there was moving water, the fish chewed," he said. Some folks are catching blackfish and triggerfish on the rocks at the inlet.

  • September 10, 2018 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the fishing was good before the storms moved in. The fluke fishing had really taken off, but it's hard to know what that will look like after the bad weather clears out. He said he expects a lot of folks will stay in the Manasquan River fishing for striped bass, because that fishery has been consistently good. "We also see them push into the river during these northeast blows," Jason said, and added he thinks that will likely be the case now. He figures he will hear about bass in the teens being caught in the Point Pleasant Canal this week. "The fishery back here is incredible," he said, with both bass and 2- to 4-pound blues in the mix. One customer told him he fished at the dog beach and caught a small bass but the small blues were harassing him the whole time. Before the storms, "There were a lot of happy anglers walking into the shop," Jason said, with lots of them reporting limit catches by 9:30 a.m., with lots of action and sizeable keepers of 7 to 8 pounds. The northeast corner of the Axel Carlson had been very productive, and anglers were finding good fish on almost any snag from the Axel north to Long Branch. Pink shine Gulp continues to be the favored bait. Fluke weren't the only game; good numbers of albacore showed up outside Shark River Inlet and some even pushed into the inlet, he said. At the Manasquan Inlet, a bunch of smaller 2- to 5-pound bluefish have been chewing right outside the inlet, and there are some blackfish to 19 inches and triggerfish being caught at the tip of the inlet as well, he said. In the Manasquan River, the fluke fishing has slowed considerably but there have been a few quality fish. One customer stopped in and told Jason he caught a 7-pounder on a live snapper in the river right behind the shop. A few boats went out to the Klondike just before the blow and were picking up bonito and chicken mahi while trolling Clark spoons and feathers. Chicken mahi and bonito are also all over from the Axel Carlson and the Sea Girt reefs out to the Mud Hole. Folks pothopping at the Mud Hole are putting together nice catches of 15 to 30 chicken mahi, he said.

  • September 3, 2018 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the fluke fishing was excellent through the week, with good number of 4- to 6-pound fish and a number of limits. "There were a lot of happy anglers when it came to the fluke fishing," he said. Gulp grubs in "pretty much any color" on a light, 1- to 2-ounce jighead worked well for the folks fishing in 45 feet of water. Mahi were still in the area, and they were hitting on small plastics or bucktails. Bonito and Spanish mackerel were still biting in good numbers. The Manasquan Ridge was a good place to find them, Jason said, but even folks fishing for fluke were finding them following the fluke baits up to the surface and could catch them by throwing a bait their way. The night bass bite in the Manasquan River is still phenomenal, Jason said, with. Soft plastics on a 34- to 1-ounce jighead are getting fish from 18 to 24 inches, with a few keepers in the mix. "It's very consistent," Jason said.

  • August 27, 2018 Open or Close

    Kenny at Fishermen's Supply said fluke fishing has been inconsistent as it has much of the summer. The reefs are hit and miss. The better action is in the river but keepers are outnumbered by short. Spanish mackerel and bonito are still inshore and giving a lot of fun on light tackle. There are stripers in the inlet and in the river they are biting at night as they have been all summer. Cocktail blues are adding to the action in the river, he said.

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