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November 20, 2017:
Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the striped bass fishing broke wide open. There were fish from Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park and from the beach out to the 3-mile limit. Snag-and-drop fishing was the best but those fishing artificials including pencil poppers, metal-lip swimmers and soft shads were catching bass to 45 pounds. Bluefish moved in as well and guys were having to fight through the blues to get to the stripers. Togging got off to a tougher start than most expected, he said. The guys who were blackfishing had to bounce from piece to piece. A couple of his friends dropped GoPro cameras down and said the fish were there, but just weren't chewing for whatever reason. Sea bassers are going to the 20- to 30-mile wrecks and picking up big ones, along with porgies and big bluefish. Jason said in the Manasquan River and the Point Pleasant Canal they're still catching striped bass on eels from the canal to the train bridge. Fish live eels at night or toss soft plastics in the light line. Togging in the canal is slowing down.

Previous Reports

  • November 13, 2017 Open or Close

    Brian at Fishermen's Supply said "Fishing season's finally back on." Striped bass are getting the majority of the attention and he said soft baits, mojos, bunker spoons and pretty much anything of the usual lures are working. Sea bassing has been good on the offshore spots. Break out the little diamond jigs and have a blast. Blackfishing is good and as of Thursday you can keep six fish. Go get 'em.

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the sea bass fishing was a little on the slow side for those fishing inshore wrecks and reefs, but those who went farther, to the 20- to 25-mile spots, found they were littered with nicer sea bass to 4 pounds plus dinner plate-sized porgies. Blackfish, which remain a one-fish bag through November 15, are plentiful and anglers are pulling fish to 11 pounds from some of the rocky areas in 35 to 45 feet of water, with 1- to 1-12-ounce jigs tipped with green crab working well. The striped bass bite finally lit up in Raritan Bay, Jason said, with anglers catching as many as 30 fish (and releasing most of them). The fish were anywhere from 10 pounds to 35 pounds. Artificials are working well; he heard good things about the response to Tsunami talking poppers and Tsunami extra heavy shads. There was still plenty of snappers, peanut bunker and other bait in Raritan Bay, from what he heard. Some anglers are catching striped bass trolling bunker spoons near the 3-mile line, with Tony Maja No. 4 spoons picking up fish. They should work their way down closer to this area in the coming days. The fishing inside the Manasquan Inlet, in the river and in the Point Pleasant Canal, has been producing stripers to 24 pounds and Jason said the action has been phenomenal. Many of the bass were being caught on 7-inch Zoom super flukes fished on a 34-ounce jig head, and there were fish from the jacks at the inlet all the way back to the Route 70 bridge and in the canal as well. Blackfishing in the canal is drop-and-reel action.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said sea bass fishing has been picking up. The lack of clams has hampered the fishing, and he said anglers who switched over to jigging did better. The bigger fish have been farther off; a couple of guys went about 16 to 18 miles out and found sea bass to 3-12 to 4 pounds. "There's lots of them inshore; they're just smaller and keepers are more difficult to come by," he said. The good news is the sea bass spots also are thick with porgies, so there's been solid opportunities to double up. Blackfishing has been good though anglers are starting to count the days until they can keep more than one tog per trip. Striped bass fishing was decent for those trolling No. 4 Tony Maja bunker spoons or mojo rigs. Most of the guys who caught fish are fishing near the 3-mile limit, Jason said. A few fish were caught snagging and dropping, but that bite is best at first or last light. False albacore have continued to hang around. There were a bunch up by Sandy Hook, but Jason said they've had scattered reports all the way to Island Beach State Park. They seem to be a little skittish, he said. Anglers fishing in the Manasquan River are still enjoying phenomenal action on small stripers, especially around the bridges. Stick with soft plastics for the best bites. Drifting eels in the Point Pleasant Canal at night is producing bigger stripers.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said they've started to catch some striped bass on the troll from the Point Pleasant area on north to Long Branch. Mojos and bunker spoons trolled in 55 feet of water are producing some nice fish. "Blackfishing has been phenomenal," he said, with 1-12-ounce jigs tipped with half a green crab doing the job. One of the guys who works at the shop had blackfish to 11 pounds, "so there's definitely some solid fish around," Jason said. False albacore have been right outside the inlet and have been caught at first light and last light on Hogy Epoxy jigs and plain diamond jigs. He said there have been some reports of drop-and-reel fishing for spike weakfish about a 1-12 to 2 miles out, but all throwbacks because they are small. The shop was hopping from open to close on Saturday with folks gearing up for Sunday's sea bass opening but he hadn't heard much about how the fishing went. He said the fish had been seen in 65 feet of water in the days leading up to the opening. Ava 17s and clams fished over sticky bottom likely will produce results. Schoolie bass and bluefish are still hitting in the Manasquan River around the bridges, with live eels and soft shad bodies doing well especially at night. The blues are in the 3- to 6-pound range, he said. For those willing to run a little farther, makos in the 80- to 110-pound range have been active on the east side of the Mud Hole.

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