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February 19, 2018:
Jason at Fishermen's Supply said they have been going full speed ahead because of show season. He hadn't heard much on actual fishing but what he has heard and seen is people getting hyped up to start fishing again. They have been getting lots of new products and between set-up and breakdown for shows, "it's controlled chaos." They have been seeing a rising interest in kayaks and have been selling a lot of them. Folks were looking forward to March and hoping the weather will let them get out on those inshore striper spots sooner rather than later.

Previous Reports

  • February 12, 2018 Open or Close

    "Don't all jump off the couch at once to go fishing." Laughed Jason at Fishermen's Supply reporting very little bit happening. He said their party boat was up off Block Island over the weekend for a pick of cod, but inside it's been quiet; except inside the shop of course. "This week we've been focusing on our offshore aisle, making sure we're all set to go for tuna and shark season," Jason said, adding that he's got some brand new blue water items in the store. As for Surf Day on Saturday at Linwood, Jason, Ronny and the whole Fishermen's Supply crew will have a bunch of new products to debut like Keystone Lures, as well as host of hard to find baits.

  • February 5, 2018 Open or Close

    "Our party boat hasn't even sailed," said Jason at Fishermen's Supply. "The wind has been brutal and has put a damper on everything." The Voyager is also doing some 40-mile wreck trips looking for porgy, ling and cod, but again it hasn't left the dock in a week and a half due to weather. At this point, Jason and crew are getting geared up Surf Day. "We just got in our shipment of 2018 Hobie kayaks," Jason said. Tons of accessories, new colors, and the brand spanking new Hobie Compass.

  • January 29, 2018 Open or Close

    "Honestly it's been super, super tough," said Jason at Fishermen's Supply, saying that ground fishing has been difficult with most boats really just scraping away at cod, pollock and ling. "It sounds like the headboats have fallen back to trying for some mackerel," Jason said, reporting "there's been some medium size mackerel in the Mud Hole, that's been a pretty reliable fishery for most boats." He wondered if some of the thaw of late and cold temps have given some of the other fish lockjaw. "Hopefully with this warmer weather they start to chew," Jason said.

  • January 22, 2018 Open or Close

    Jason at Fishermen's Supply said the gang at the shop has been busy rearranging things and bringing in new products for the spring. There haven't been a lot of folks fishing, he said, in part because the winter weather has been very tough so far. Blackfishing has been very slow, he said. "The anglers who have been doing okay are fishing the 125-foot depths, like at Shark River Reef," Jason said There are some good fish there but you have to be very patient because bites are hard to come by. He said there's still a few decent fish to be had but you have to be very patient. He's heard the boats to the north are seeing a pretty good mackerel bite when you can find the fish. Boats closer to the Manasquan Inlet have been scratching away at ling, cod, porgies and pollock. There haven't been a lot of folks fishing but when they go, they've been able to put together a decent catch, he said. He keeps an ear in the ice fishing and said even though they don't really have folks in the shop asking about it, he's heard it's been good; he's been up to Pequest to do some himself. "We've been full throttle for the spring," he said, so stop and see the new offerings.

Fishermen's Supply Co.

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