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July 17, 2017:
Pete from Fishing Finatics reported Dave Lernid and Allan Seifer have been killing big bass on their boat Muffin Man in Broad Sound by trolling live mackerel. Harry Crumb was fishing purple and honey mustard Santini tubes along Faun Bar to Seal Harbor and was also having great luck catching big stripers. Flounder are still being fooled on Zobo rigs off of Hangman's and Long Island in deeper water by Captain Jimmy Brennan of Strike Charters. The tuna bite is on along Stellwagen Bank with big tuna busting off Egg Rock. Haddock, cusk, pollock and the occasional monkfish are being caught just east of the bank. Fluke have been showing up in the Pines and Saugus Rivers. There is still not much going on with squid and black sea bass. Mackerel are thick at the BG buoy to Bass Point and pogies have moved inside the harbor. Freshwater bass are feeding on chatter baits, shiners and Senkos at Harold Parker State Forrest. Rainbow trout are being caught on Power Bait paste at the Horn Pond culvert after the heavy rain this week.

Previous Reports

  • July 10, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported black sea bass are being caught inside the harbor as well as squid and tautog along piers. Bass fishing was red hot in Broad Sound on Saturday. Anglers trolling mackerel caught bass up to 45 inches. Flounder are still being caught on Zobo Rigs out at Long Island between Rainsford and checker board. There has also been some action off the airport. Santini tubes having been catching bass along Spectacle and Long islands Tuna are being spotted east of the bank and haddock and cusk are being caught in 220 to 250 feet of water off of Stellwagen. Golden Hills in Saugus and Mount Hood are giving up big freshwater bass on shiners and Senkos.

  • July 3, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported flounder are still active at Deer Island, Long Island Spectacle and Gallop Island. A few sea bass and tautog have also been feeding on the sea worm tipped Zobo rigs in the same areas. Captain Fred Alt has been catching striped bass up to 50 inches on live mackerel in Broad Sound. There have been a few bluefish landed in between Graves and Minot Light. This has been making mackerel fishing challenging some days but if you troll Sabiki's you will eventually get some. There are al lot of big bass coming out of the harbor piers in East Boston Charlestown and South Boston. Sea worms on a float or a chunk of mackerel or clams are all getting bit. Poppers and Santini tubes are working well at the Amelia Earhart Dam. Winthrop and Revere Beach has given up some huge bass up to 50 inches.

  • June 26, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported big bass are being fooled by slowly-trolled live mackerel from the B buoy to Broad Sound and back to Minots Light. There are some huge 50-pound range bass in the mix. Long, Deer, Spectacle and Lovell Islands are all giving up nice bass trolling Santini Tubes on lead-core line. Harry Crumb has been destroying flounder up to 19 inches on Zobo Flats. He is limiting-out quickly drifting on calm days with slow drifts. The Mystic and Charles River Dam are hosting plenty of topwater action on bass up to 40 inches. Wade Boggs is in town this week. Pete went to see him at Raso's in Medford. He will be going back to fish with Pete in the Galapagos this winter with a couple of groups of anglers. Good friends Jim Miller and Jim Magill nailed a 316-pound bluefin Friday at the Shipping Lanes during Damon's Sacco's Castafari Tuna fest.

  • June 19, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported the Amelia Earhart dam in Everett gave up 100-plus stripers for anglers Carl and Dave including 12 keepers which were all released. The fish were feeding on plugs, tubes and jigs. Other anglers are having great action using clam and mackerel chunks. Boat fishing was restricted due to tall ships this weekend. Tournament organizers also had to postpone the Boston Harbor Striper Shootout due to this special event. Pete will update with a possible alternate date later this summer. Flounder are still very active at Long Island in front of summer camp in 25 feet of water and off the Checker Board Tower using Zobo rigs with sea worms. If you are anchored and catching only skates, let out some more anchor line and you will pick up a few more flounder. Mackerel are spotty. Anglers are doing a little better if they chum and troll. Bluefish showed up briefly and scattered all the bait. There are some nice bass in Broad Sound off the bumps in 60 to 80 feet of water. Santini Tubes in purple, black, honey mustard and red catching big bass along the Winthrop and Revere shorelines. Haddock are in the dumping grounds just past the B buoy. Pete's Cousin Lou Bertolaccini hooked and landed a fat 19-inch in brown trout trolling a streamer at Walden Pond. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are feeding on Gambler soft baits at Spot Pond in Stoneham. Pete's associate Marco in San Cristobal, Galapagos reports phenomenal wahoo and tuna bite trolling just outside the port.

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