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September 24, 2018:
Pete from Fishing Finatics told me big bluefish are being caught at Seal Harbor, Broad Sound in Nahant. Many shore anglers fishing for stripers with monofilament leaders have been bitten off. There are piles of schoolie bass eating everything that is thrown at them at both the Charles and Mystic River locks. There are a few scattered bass out in the deep water by Graves Light, the BG buoy and the B buoy. There are smelts, bonito and sea perch all around the harbor. Congratulations to Mark Hannah who landed a 350 thresher shark Sunday morning on Southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. There have been few small football-sized tuna busting out of the water just east of Graves Lights and Minot's Light. Rainbow trout stocking starts soon. The shop is completely stocked up with all the best baits and rigs to catch them. Last year local anglers were catching open-water browns and rainbows up to 7 pounds until things iced-up in December.

Previous Reports

  • September 17, 2018 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics told me there was a lot of surface action inside Hull, Revere and Nahant beaches this week as the young of the year baitfish leave the rivers where they hatched. Throwing topwater plugs such as the Rebel Jumping Minnow in bone color and 4-inch Wild Eye Shad will yield steady action. Trolling Santini tubes, live mackerel or pogies along Lovell, George Islands at high tide has resulted in many big stripers this week. There are plenty of mackerel at Flip Rock in Nahant. A few anglers have been running into schools of bluefish out there as well. Fishing with sea worms on lighted floats is producing plenty of bass along East Boston, Chelsea and Charlestown Piers. Haddock fishing is now closed, but there are plenty of pollock, baseball-bat-sized whiting, cusk and redfish out by Tillie's. There are some big bluefin in Cape Cod Bay and Western Jeffrey's Ledge. Live squid has been producing the best results for bait. Look for smelts to show up along harbor piers anytime. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing has been great in Stoneham's Spot Pond on inflated crawlers and Senkos in the colors perch and baby bass.

  • September 10, 2018 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported Santini tubes trolled using lead core line have been scoring big bass all along Spectacle, Long, Lovell and Deer Islands this week. Massive school of pogies have been milling in front of Deer Island. Anglers have been using the Pogy-Pulverizer to snag and drag a pogy for a huge bass down below the schools. Pete was jigging mackerel as well as baby bonito and Spanish mackerel off bass point in Nahant and a giant bluefin showed it itself chasing bait 100 feet behind the boat. Egg Rock has been good for trolling mackerel deep on five colors of lead-core line. Inside the harbor, bass have been biting on worms with a float at night in Charlestown and East Boston. There have been a few squid bites at night around Chelsea Pier. Freshwater bass fishing has been on fire at Breakhart Reservation and Harold Parker State Forrest. Enormous baseball bat-sized whiting are being caught off of Stellwagen. Haddock, pollock, redfish, cusk and sea perch all biting as well as few bluefin.

  • September 3, 2018 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported there are plenty of stripers on pogies from Castle Island to the Tobin Bridge. The Pogy Pulverizer has been deadly on big bass. Santini Tubes are catching stripers all along Deer, Long, Georges and Spectacle Islands. There have also been some bluefish off Egg Rock. Threshers, tuna and haddock are all along Stellwagen mid-bank.

  • August 27, 2018 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported there are big bass under the schools of pogies at Graves Light. The majority of the fish are mostly 30 pounds and above in weight. The Pogy- Pulverizes rig has been the best method with the best result. Snag a pogy and drag it out of the school. There is no need to re-hook the pogy as the bass will attack it as is. There are some pogies and bass off Deer Island Flats. There are also many boats and people casting over each other. Please be careful and respect others, especially when someone is hooked up to a big bass. Mackerel can been found at the number 2 Buoy and Flip Rock. Big stripers are being trolling up behind Egg Rock by using five colors of lead core line. There have been a few bluefish showing up inside the Charlestown Piers as well as some squid. There have been many thresher sharks and a plenty of tuna bites out on Stellwagen Bank this week. Largemouth bass fishing has been excellent after all the rain in Mystic Lakes. Brown trout and rainbows are coming out if Walden Pond in the deep holes using inflated crawlers.

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