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September 18, 2017:
Pete from Fishing Finatics reported bass fishing has been on fire in front of Wynn Casino just around the corner from Fishing Finatics. Stripers have been busting on bait all last weekend. Jumbo-sized bass have been eating pencil poppers and Tactical Anglers poppers. Boat fishermen trolling purple Santini tubes on lead core line along the harbor pilings in East Boston and Chelsea Piers to the Amelia Earhart Dam is a good bet for catching a keeper. Thompson and Castle Island is also giving up big bass on trolled live mackerel. There are plenty of mackerel at Martins Ledge and Flip Rock. Night time eel slingers are catching big bass along the Nahant shoreline. The haddock season closes September 17th and will reopen on October 1. Ground fishing has been fantastic with plenty of limits at Tillie's Bank. There are plenty of big sharks including a huge thresher that ate a mackerel at Graves Light this week. Porbeagles are appearing in good numbers on Stellwagen along with lots of bluefin of all sizes. Be sure to check the regulations before you go. Flounder have been active on Deer Island Flats this week Pete is waiting for smelt report from Winthrop, East Boston Chelsea Piers. The shop is loaded with plenty of new gear which comes in weekly. He is getting ready for fall trout fishing at Horn, Jamaica, Walden, Whites and Sluice Pond after the fall stocking early in October.

Previous Reports

  • September 11, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported pogies are getting crushed by big bass this week fishing along Castle Island, Black Falcon and the airport. Snag one with a Pogy Pulverizer, drag it out of the school, let it drop and hang on. Many bass are being caught that are up to and over 40 pounds. Revere and Winthrop Beaches and the wall off of Deer Island have been giving up huge stripers on clams, worms and chunk baits. Santini Tubes in purple, red, and honey mustard are doing a job for trollers on striped bass at Spectacle and Long Islands. There are a few bluefish being caught under the Tobin Bridge by trolling deep divers. Bluefin have been biting on the Northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. Haddock fishing ends September 17 but pollock, redfish, cusk and whiting are still available in good numbers. Freshwater bass are inhaling baby herring as they come over the Mystic Lakes Dam in Medford. There are some stripers in there as well. Carp weighing up to 20 pounds are in the Malden River. Look for rainbows and browns to start feeding on night crawlers as well as Power and salmon eggs as the water cools in Horn Pond. .Vertigo 2 has been trolling and popping some big wahoo and yellowfin off the northern edge of San Cristobal, Galapagos.

  • September 4, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported stripers have been feeding on live mackerel at Egg Rock this past week. There are loads of mackerel everywhere from Graves Light to Bass Point. There has been some top water action in between Castle, Thompson and Spectacle Islands on all sizes stripers. Pogies are getting crushed by big bass off Logan Airport and Bumpkin Island is giving up plenty of deep trolled mackerel for Captain Harry Crumb. Flounder are still being caught off edge of North Channel and black seabass can be found in Hull Gut on jigs. Santini Tubes are destroying bass along the shorelines of Long and Spectacle Islands. Freshwater bass fishing is excellent at Breakhart Reservation in live shiners and Senkos. Vertigo 2 told Pete there has been incredible topwater action on yellowfin tuna from 50 to 90 pounds in San Cristobal, Galapagos.

  • August 28, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics reported Karl and Charlie Bussey of Revere have been hammering bass up to 51 inches by trolling orange Santini Tubes along Revere Beach. Anglers enjoyed incredible bass action the past week. Topwater fishing was fantastic all around the harbor from Castle Island to Presidents Roads. Squid have finally showed up. Atlantic bonito and false albacore are right on the tails and chasing them. There have been several reports from Captain Brian Coombs of Get Tight Charters and Carl Vining around the Nahant area. Big bass are in inner Boston Harbor at night on sea worms. Fluke are being caught in Pines River drifting a Zobo Rig tipped with a squid strip or a shiner. Winter flounder are still off edge of North Channel.

  • August 21, 2017 Open or Close

    Pete from Fishing Finatics wanted to start this week's report by congratulating Carl Vining and Dave Panarello for catching and safely releasing a 50-pound, 50-inch bass around Nahant. They caught the fish on a live mackerel. Captain and good friend of the store, Mike Chapman got a nice 69-inch tuna off Peaked Bill Bar this week, too-. There were many hookups between Middle Bank and the Southwest Corner of Stellwagen. Most of the fleet was fishing with whiting as the preferred bait, but a few were caught on mackerel as well as herring. There has been fantastic bass action in Broad Sound trolling with Santini Tubes in purple, orange, red and honey mustard along Revere and Winthrop Beaches. Anglers are having best luck fishing in water as shallow as 5 feet. There are loads of mackerel off Nahant and plenty of big bass inside Egg Rock. Bluefish are scattered throughout inner harbor as they chase juvenile herring and pogies. Garvey, the pride of Milton nailed a huge bass on a live pogie at the remains of the Long Island Bridge. Flounder are still feeding on Zobo Rig and sea worms along North Channel. Haddock, pollock and redfish are being caught at Tillie's Ledge.

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