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September 16, 2019:
It was a very slow and windy weekend for Paul at Blackbeard's Bait and Tackle who said it was the weather more than anything else that was keeping angles off the water. The surf fishermen are taking a few bass from the ocean beaches with those fishing cut bait on the bottom getting most of the action. One of the old sharpies and his sidekick were taking a few barely legal fish casting plugs on the night shift. The boats fishing around Wellfleet and the Race weren't having any trouble finding schoolies and some NJ anglers we spoke with told of catching 20-inch stripers and a few blues as well as two bass just over the 28-inch mark that were headed for the grill.

Previous Reports

  • September 9, 2019 Open or Close

    Despite the wind and rain from Dorian stripers were being taken on bait and lures as there were several blitzes taking place along the ocean beaches and up into the harbor at Wellfleet. Paul from Blackbeard's Bait and Tackle said there were giant tuna feeding in very close to Wellfleet and Provincetown as they pushed big schools of pogies right into the harbor. The rain was tapering off, but even in 25-knot winds there were customers braving the weather to catch a few stripers and some small blues from the ocean beaches.

  • September 2, 2019 Open or Close

    The Cape Cod Bay area is loaded with school-sized bass that are working bait and providing blitz action for the charter and recreational fleet. There were also reports of a few keepers on the umbrella rigs some of those boats are dragging. Paul said there were good reports on the smaller blues that have been feeding with the bonito around the Race and into Provincetown Harbor. Customers from Blackbeard's Bait and Tackle were also taking advantage of the new section of beach that the national park opened for fishing although the best way to save the endangered tern chicks is to cut down on the sea gull populations. A dead whale was providing a meal for a great white that went and bumped a boat that got much too close to its meal. That would be too close for comfort for most owners of center consoles.

  • August 26, 2019 Open or Close

    Legal stripers are hard to find according to Paul from Blackbeard's Bait and Tackle who was talking to one of the regulars who had just returned from Cape Cod Bay and up around Billingsgate Shoal. There are lots of schoolies in the 20-inch class which is a good sign, but keepers are at a premium. One of his rod and reel commercial customers reported scoring just three legal 34-inch bass after fishing through loads of shorts. There were catches of 50 and 60 stripers in the 20-inch class from Cape Cod bay up to the Race where there were reports of small blues in residence, even in that chilly 66-degree water. A few guys working the area for fluke took some thick slabs working the edges of the rips and up around Great Round Shoal.

  • August 19, 2019 Open or Close

    Paul from Blackbeard's Bait and Tackle said the ocean beaches were producing fish for guys soaking bait, casting eels and heaving lures. Toby from The Fishermen Magazine was vacationing down there last week and paid a visit to the shop, reporting steady action fishing the Head of Meadow Beach and other productive surf spots where stripers from short to fish into the 20-pound class were landed. The charter boats are taking loads of stripers in the 24- to 26-inch class but the keepers have not been cooperative from Billingsgate to the Race. Paul has a full line of surf fishing tackle and the know how to put you onto fish as soon as you hit the Cape. It will be very worthwhile to pay him and Connie a visit.

Blackbeard's Bait & Tackle
3700A State Hwy Rte 6
Eastham, MA 02652
phone: 508-240-3369

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