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April 23, 2018:
At Capt'n Hippo Bait & Tackle, Lenny said he's had lots of bait going out but not much in the way of keepers coming back through the door. He's hearing about lots of small bass in the Toms River and in Barnegat Bay. Bloodworms are still the preference, but small artificials are picking up fish as well.

Previous Reports

  • April 16, 2018 Open or Close

    At Capt'n Hippo Bait & Tackle, Lenny said there are still white perch to be had if you're looking for dinner (check last week's Fisherman if you missed his awesome perchstriper salad recipe). Small stripers are still hitting bloodworms so if you're just looking to wet a line and you're okay with catch-and-release hit the Toms River. The rush for keepers may have lots of folks headed north but there's plenty of action right nearby, he said.

  • April 9, 2018 Open or Close

    At Capt'n Hippo Bait & Tackle, Lenny said he's still hearing good reports on the stripers and white perch fishing in the Toms River. If you haven't fished for white perch, you're missing out. They are in the striper family and are just as tasty, Lenny said. "They're good eating. I put them in a salad like tuna fish," he said. Poach or steam the fillets, crumble them like tuna and season them like you would tuna for tuna salad. "Tastes way better," he said. So stop in and see him, get some bloodworms and go for them.

  • April 2, 2018 Open or Close

    At Capt'n Hippo Bait & Tackle, Lenny said lots of people took advantage of the brief warm spell during the week and got into the short stripers that are chewing in the Toms River. They were playing catch-and-release at a number of spots, including Mathis and Huddy parks, and said the fish are likely being caught behind Planet Fitness as well. He's also heard of some big white perch being caught north of the Route 37 bridges, so there's lots of spots to explore. Lenny said he's hearing bluefish rumors, which is surprising given the chilly water temperatures.

  • March 26, 2018 Open or Close

    At Capt'n Hippo Bait & Tackle, Lenny said they've heard about short stripers in Pine Beach and in Ocean Gate as well as some white perch that have gotten past the nets. Both are hitting bloodworms. Pick some up and have a ball.

Capt'n Hippo Bait and Tackle

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