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October 15, 2018:
Aboard the Lazy Bones, Momma Nature only allowed the boat off the dock a few days this week. And while the weather did deter efforts, the fish were more than willing to oblige as plenty of nice big tasty sea bass, cocktail blues, false albacore and an excellent showing of nice quality stripers kept faces smiling and hearts pounding with excitement as those on board proudly held up their prize striped bass. Highlights include a 26-pound beauty for Bob Ciccio, while the Smurf had a respectable 23-pound linesider. Lindsey Murphy landed a 13-pounder, while Nina Neumayer landed a nice hefty moo cow at 31-12 pounds. Indy nailed a 15-pounder and Bob Ciccio had so much fun jigging up a great mix bag of goodies that he was back again later in the week for another dose of diamond jigging, bagging another striper of Smurf, which always has fun aboard the Bones also returned for another dose of diamond jigging on Saturday, bagging another bass of 15-pounds aside from his mix bag of goodies. Sean rounded out his Saturday mix bag by nailing a hefty 29-pound bass. Plenty of bass, blues and albies are planted around the local grounds. Don't miss out. Please give Kathy a call at (631) 668-5671 to reserve your spot at the rail.

Previous Reports

  • October 8, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Lazy Bones the last day of fluking was a tad slow on both trips, however Travis Kent landed a nice fish at 7.1-pounds during the morning trip, while Chris Gray landed the pool fish on the afternoon with a 7-14 pounder. David Goldberg officially put the lid on the season by landing the last fluke of 2018 at three toots, which was a healthy 5-12 pounds. Captain Mike and Kathy would like to thank all their fluke fisherman for a great season. Moving on to Monday, the diamond jiggers started to come out of hibernation throughout the week and Capt. Mike had them into good numbers of blues, sea bass, scup, false albacore and some stripers. Keeper striped bass were a bit picky to start the season off, however as water temps continue to fall, the fishing should perk right up since there is still plenty of nice bass situated locally. Stripers did take the pool on just about every trip this week and should continue to do so right to the end of the season. Highlights of pool winners include fluke sharpie Travis Kent with a 12-pounder, Richie O. with a 16-pounder, Steve Paluba with a 13-pounder and on Saturday morning, Paul Reimer nailed down a hefty bass at 25.3-pounds. One of seven put on the filet table. Not to be outdone, Jacklyn Frieda nailed two nice keepers of 20 and 13-pounds. Jacklyn was fishing with her sister Allison. These two girls are best friends and have been fishing aboard the Bones for a long time. Nice going ladies. The afternoon trip had a couple of families with kids, which saw the young guns hook up better than some of the adults. Capt. Mike said they had a blast catching the speedsters. Teaching kids to fish; priceless. Please give Kathy a call at (631) 668-5671 to reserve your spot at the rail.

  • October 1, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Lazy Bones Kathy was happy to report the fluke were still around after this hellish week of rain and easterly winds. Saturday morning saw 17 nice keepers come aboard with Kevin Kilkenny getting a nice flattie of 11.1-pounds, while Nicki had a nice one at going young lady. Chris Gray sailed his last fluke trip of the season and capped off Saturday morning by limiting out with flatties to 5 pounds. Way to go Chris. Can't wait to see you again next season. The afternoon trip had 10 keepers and Travis Kent took pool honors with his fish at 7.2-pounds. The Lazy Bones will now switch tactics and work on diamond jigging up stripers, blues and albies, which judging by the current run on the gamesters and speedsters, it should be a solid next two months of fishing. The Bones will continue sailing twice daily. Please give Kathy a call at (631) 668-5671 to reserve your spot at the rail.

  • October 1, 2018 Open or Close

    I spoke to Capt. Bob Weigand of the Lady Flamingo on Knapp Street and in addition to the blues the fall albacore run is on. They are definitely in the mix. The weekend saw decent fishing with Sunday being a tough day as the fish seemed to have scattered. The boat sails daily for blues and bass at 6:30 a.m.

  • September 24, 2018 Open or Close

    Aboard the Lazy Bones it was a rough week with all the wind, but the boat did manage to get out most of the week. Last Sunday morning, David Goldberg was back at it catching the pool with an 8-12 pounder, while Mike Vize won the afternoon pool with his fish at 5-14 pounds. Monday morning 9 keepers came aboard with a light crowd and The Smurf won with his fish at 7 pounds. The afternoon saw 7 keepers with Patrice Nelson taking pool honors with her fish at a little over 5-pounds. Capt. Mike's lovely bride Admiral Kathy and their daughter Rebecca fished the afternoon with the" Admiral" landing a nice flattie at 8 ½ pounds, while Becky nailed an 8-pounder. Can these girls' fish or what. Capt. Mike you taught them well. In addition, on the last drift everyone saw some boats catching some nice bass so Becky decided to go to the bow a throw out a jig. Three cranks up, and she lands a beautiful moo cow at 26 pounds. Way to go Beck. Indeed an afternoon to remember. Thursday afternoon was the next trip out and it was a tough one that afternoon and all day Friday. Sea bass were the lifesavers once again but Wally Spiteri found a keeper fluke on Friday afternoon and won the pool with a 4-14 pounder. Saturday morning was another slow day but A-Team Bob got the pool with his fish at 5-pounds. He returned in the afternoon and proceeded to catch a beauty at 7-14 pounds. The boat was able to fish on the south side and landed 12 keepers. With fluke season quickly fading, don't miss out and remember October 1st, begins diamond jigging for bass and blues. So sharpen those hooks, pump up those arms and make your reservations by giving Kathy a call at (631) 668-5671.

Lazy Bones

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