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Ebb Tide

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  • September 10, 2018 Open or Close

    This week aboard the full day Ebb Tide, there was good fishing on Sunday with over 40 keepers. Lou B had the 7.2-pound pool fluke. The boat stayed tied to the dock Monday and Tuesday and returned to good fishing on Wednesday with 40 keepers for a small group. Steve, Rich, Joe and Tom had limits and Joe had the 6.5-pound pool fish. Thursday was another real solid day with a full boat limit of quality flatties. Mr. Lee led the way with a 10.5-pound doormat. Ralph was next with a 9.4-pounder, and he also had a 6-pounder. Mike had a fat 7.75-pounder. Saturday enjoyed another boat limit of quality fluke with Mr. Lee taking his second pool in a row with a 7.2-pounder. Aboard the half day Ebb Tide II, the Sunday morning trip had a mix of porgies, sea bass and fluke with everyone going home with fillets. Better fluking occurred in the afternoon with 20 keepers. Jane B had a limit and Sandy landed the 8.25-pound pool fluke. Monday morning enjoyed another mixed bag with everyone going home with fish. In the afternoon there were keeper fluke on every drift. Frank S had the 6.3-pound pool winner. Tuesday brought more good fishing with fluke, sea bass and porgies. Rich W had the 8.5-pound pool winner. The mix bag fishing continued into Wednesday and Thursday with sea bass, fluke and scup. Richey's 6.2-pound fluke was best on Thursday. No trip Friday and windy conditions made fishing tough on Saturday.

  • September 3, 2018 Open or Close

    The Ebb Tide Fleet, reports good fishing on the all-day Ebb Tide with quality fluke. On Sunday Chris had the 9.5-pound pool winner and John M was second best with a respectable 8.5-pounder. Hailey, John, JoJo and Chris were some anglers with limits. Fishing was a little slow on the full moon tides on Monday but the guys still managed 2 keepers on average with Steve "7"'s 9.2-pounder taking the pool. It was better fishing on Tuesday with nice fluke with Len having his limit and took the pool with a 7.5-pound fish. The good fishing continued again on Wednesday with lots of action and lots of keepers. Average was 2 to 3 keepers per person with Joe landing the 9.4-pound pool fluke. Thursday saw great fishing with plenty of limits and big fluke. Linda from the "Lady Reelers" took the pool with an 8.5-pound fluke just beating out Lou's 8.2-pounder. Eli also had a nice 7-pounder. Saturday's fishing okay despite the leftover east winds. Some angler did well and other not so well. JoJo, Kim, Lou and Lee had limits and JoJo had the 8.2-pound pool fish. Aboard the half day Ebb Tide II, Sunday morning saw good fishing with a 5.5-pound fluke for Ms. Zippy. The afternoon produce a better bite with Bill from Montauk and Jamie from Wantagh splitting top honors with twin fluke weighing 7.5 pounds. Fishing continued good on most trips during the early part of the week. Tuesday morning was excellent with lots of fluke from the first drift to the last. Kevin Moran from New Jersey had a limit of fluke including a 7-pounder and the pool winning 10.2-pound doormat. Wednesday morning Mike Loruuso's 6.9-pound fluke was best and in the afternoon it was Danny Mar. Good fishing continued on Thursday morning with at least 6 fluke between 5 and 6 pounds. John from Inlet Seafood and Restaurant had the 6.5-pound pool fluke. Eighteen keepers in all. In the afternoon Kenny had the 6.3-pound pool fluke. No trips Friday due to heavy winds. It was a slow go on Saturday with the left over east winds, however the kids shined. Ten year old Mathew landed the 7.5-pound pool fluke, while twelve year old Julie was runner up with a 6.75-pounder. Remember to call for reservations at (631) 668-2818.

  • August 27, 2018 Open or Close

    The Ebb Tide Fleet, reports the full day Ebb Tide didn't leave the dock the early part of the week with bad conditions. Anglers did enjoy good fishing on Friday with quality fluke. Jason was the pool winner with a 9.6-pound flattie just edging out Craig's 9.01-pounder. Some nice sea bass were also in the mix. Saturday enjoyed a great day of fishing with limits and lots of big fluke. Vinny took the pool with a 9.5-pounder and Pete nailing second with an 8.5-pound fish. Aboard the half day Ebb Tide II, action was good Tuesday morning with a mixed bag of fluke, sea bass and porgies with most everyone going home with dinner. Jane B took the pool with a 6.75-pound fluke. The fishing was even better in the afternoon with 18 keeper fluke along with nice sea bass. Kenny had 3 keepers himself and there were 4 fluke over 5 pounds. Lots of action on Wednesday morning with Joe Mandra landing the pool fluke. More of the same great action occurred during the afternoon with a 7.6-pound fluke being tops for Ryan Levy from Shirley. The fishing on Thursday and Friday was crazy good with lots of quality fluke, sea bass and porgies. The crew was too busy with fish to get the names of the pool winners. On Friday, 16 keeper fluke hit the deck to 7.5 pounds with Jim slamming the big one as well as a pair of 6 pounders. The afternoon saw 30 keeper fluke with Anthony M's 7.1-pound fluke took first place, while Joy's 6.95-pounder was good enough for second. Lots of sea bass and porgies were also caught. The good action continued on Saturday with a mixed bag once again. Sally W from New Jersey and Joe split the pool with identical fluke of 7.2 pounds. Remember to call for reservations at (631) 668-2818.

  • August 13, 2018 Open or Close

    The Ebb Tide Fleet, reports overall, fluke fishing has been the best it has been all season aboard the full day Ebb Tide. Back on Sunday fishing was good with some doing better than others. Jo Jo, Jim Kim, Jason and Rina landed their limits of fluke with Jo Jo taking the pool honors again with a fat 8.25-pound fluke. Plenty of sea bass were mixed among the fluke. A great day on Monday with just two fish shy of a boat limit of fluke along with a full boat limit of nice sea bass. Mr. Fong had the 8.25-pound pool fluke. Jersey John had nine keepers releasing all but four. The Hall family from Virginia slammed the flatties good with full limits of fluke and sea bass releasing others. Tuesday saw an incredible bite with a full boat limit of quality flatties and everyone filling their coolers with tasty fillets that were once 4 and 5 pounders or better. John D had the 7.25-pound pool fluke. Mr. Hall and Thomas from Virginia crushed them again with plenty of nice sea bass transformed into tasty fillets also. It was another banner day on Wednesday with a full boat limit of quality fluke with Jersey John taking the cash with a fat 8-pounder. Mr. Hall had two 7 pounders, Mr. Song's best was 7.25-pounds and Bill Dacosta with a 7.25-pound and two 6 pounders. Lots of big fluke and sea bass on the day. Friday was a bit slower with 25 keeper fluke and a bunch of sea bass. Tommy Mott had the 7.5-pound pool fluke. The fishing bounced back on Saturday with everyone having at least 3 keepers and some finding their limits. Pete from Staten Island took the pool with a 7.2-pounder and JoJo was second with a 6-pounder. Aboard the half day Ebb Tide II, Sunday morning saw good fishing with fluke, sea bass and some scup. David Hillman took the pool with his 6.9-poiund fluke. In the afternoon, everyone went home with fillets of sea bass or fluke. Terry won the pool with a 6.5-pound fluke and Christine close behind with a action was good on most half day trips this week with fluke, sea bass and some porgies. Monday morning started a little slow but the action picked up in the afternoon. Pamela Hawkin had the 4-pound pool fluke. Steady action on both Tuesday trips with fluke and sea bass with twin 5 pound fluke splitting the pool. Thursday morning saw a ton of sea bass and some fluke with very good action. Frank Demayo had a limit of fluke, a limit of sea bass and the 6.5-pound pool winner. The good fishing continued in the afternoon with a mixed bag and a 5-pound pool winner for Richard from Iowa. Friday saw lots of action with fluke, lots of sea bass, some porgies and mackerel. James Leahy took the pool with a spectacular fluke of 11.9-pounds. It was James first double digit fluke. Kudos to you James on one fine catch. Frank Demayo's 6.9-pound flattie was second best. Very nice Frank. In the afternoon Jane B had a limit of fluke including the 7-pound pool fish, a 6-pounder and two 4 pounders. Scott Goldman's best was 5.3-pounds. Saturday afternoon saw lots of mixed bag action with a 5-pound pool winner. Please remember to call for reservations at (631) 668-2818.

Ebb Tide

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