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November 13, 2017:
Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports losing much of the week due to the lousy wind, but was able to sneak out on Sunday where the cod and sea bass were chewing good, but anglers had to struggle with numerous dogfish ferociously attacking clam baits and hooked cod and biscuits. By days end however, everyone had their limit of sea bass to 5.5 pounds with a good helping of porgies to 3 pounds and a good helping of codfish to 10 pounds. Please note that tog fishing will be added to the menu on weekdays when conditions permit, while the weekends will be dedicated to cod, sea bass and scup. In addition, the Fin Chaser will be on the cod and sea bass chase throughout the winter, weather permitting.

Previous Reports

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports phenomenal sea bass fishing on Wednesday with some real nice scup and bluefish also in the mix. The Bronx Bottom Feeders were on board and caught plenty to bring back home. Ed Lancaster copped the pool with a 5-pound sea bass. Friday was another super day with jumbo biscuits all around the boat reaching up to Steve Simmons 4.5-pound pool fish. Saturday saw the fares round up a score of sea bass, porgies, blackfish and cod. However due to sea conditions and hard moon tides, anglers had a tougher time putting together the quantity, with some anglers faring better than others.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports absolutely the finest fall fishing is now taking place now that the federal waters are open. Ever since opening day, fishing has been rock solid with jumbo sea bass, medium to large porgies and market cod. Most days see fares arm weary and leaving the fish biting. Unfortunately the weather kept the boat side line most of the week, however on Saturday, it was a day for the history books with fantastic fishing. The morning started off slow, but after a few adjustments, the porgies were coming off the conveyor belt, but you had to be quick, with mostly medium with some large fish to get the buckets full and then it was off to the sea bass grounds. The fares harvested some real knuckleheads along with a nice handful of cod. Tank took first place with his 5-pound biscuit and Will grabbing second place with his 4-pounder.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports another rock solid day of porgy fishing on Sunday. They chewed from first light and kept the party going all day long. Mr. Vega copped the pool with a respectable 2.5-pound porgy. Monday started with a good shot at the scup in the morning, but then slowed to a drip. Moving around quite a bit put some quality porgies in the pails. Kevin came up the pool winner with a respectable 3-pounder. The weekend saw the scup chewed their heads off, which made easy work of filling the buckets. The mates began filleting fish at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday while Capt. Keith headed inshore for sea bass where fares picked through a lot of shorts but did manage to put together a handful of nice biscuits for those who had the touch. Sunday picked up where Saturday left off; scup flying over the rails and one they had their limit, it was off to the sea bass grounds.

  • October 16, 2017 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports although the weather was a bit nautical earlier in the week, it didn't stop the scup from chewing out the bottom of the boat. All the anglers that could stick to the rails with a fishing rod instead of puking their breakfast had absolutely no problem filling their coolers with a limit of medium to large scup, with a few sea bass thrown in from the local grounds. Saturday saw rock solid porgy fishing from start to finish. If you stayed the rail you filled the pail. Definitely a soggy day but the fish didn't mind. Great day with church brethren and Omega Psi Phi - amazing camaraderie and a good time was had by all. Sunday took off right where Saturday left off with scup sprinkling the deck like confetti. Once the federal waters open back up for sea bass this weekend, Capt. Keith expects to be back into jumbo scup, jumbo scup and codfish.

Fin Chaser II

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