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Fin Chaser II

October 15, 2018:
Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports conditions were nautical on Monday, however the dedicated anglers at the rail kept constantly busy hefting top shelf quality sea bass and numerous double headers of large porgies, which quickly add up with "lock and load". In fact, it was one stop shopping and the fish chewed hard from start to finish. Tuesday saw amazing summer weather with fantastic people and even more fantastic fishing with Block Island Grandpa Johnny size porgies and dinosaur sea bass. "Porgy George" of the Bronx Bottom Feeders cinched the pool with a 5-pound monster sea bass. It was camaraderie and fishing at its finest. Saturday saw a groupĀ of anglers from Philly enjoy great weather and even greater fishing as it seemed as if you went down and didn't feel a hit within 5 seconds, your hooks were cleaned of the clam bait. Jumbo sea bass and double header jumbo porgies were the norm from first toot to the last 3 toots with one stop shopping and an early return back to the dock with a lot of smiling faces and sore arms. Sunday was a repeat of the great fishing from Saturday with an early bail job of jumbo sea bass and scup along with an addition of good eats that decided to also take the hook. Bottom fishing at its finest. Don't miss out.

Previous Reports

  • October 8, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports another rock solid week off Block Island of jumbo porgy and sea bass fishing with a host of other species joining in, which include cod, bluefish, pollock and yellowtail flounder. On Monday, Alex along with his pals from the Bronx Bottom Feeders put on a clinic. Tuesday saw the bite being as good as it gets with sea bass to 5 pounds and doubleheader porgies of the finest kind. Wednesday was yet again a repeat of phenomenal catching of sea bass and porgies. Notable mention goes to Chris Graves who led a sea bass clinic. Thursday's fishing was solid with jumbo sea bass, porgies and cod all coming over the rail for a bunch of awesome people. Sharpie Louis Corwise cinched the pool with a jumbo sea bass of 5-pounds. Both Saturday and Sunday saw great fishing with double header jumbo sea bass and jumbo porgy fishing with some cod in the mix. Calltext to reserve at (516) 643-0940. Reservations a must.

  • October 1, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports super fishing the days the boat was able to get off the dock. Capt. Keith has been steaming to Block Island for a great mix of jumbos and by-catches of cod, red hake and pollack. Roxanne Bridgelal cinched the pool early in the week with a 5.3-pound sea bass. Conditions were "Nautical" on Thursday but anglers were eagerly up to the task of getting those rods to bend so that was exactly what they did, which took only one drop to fill the boat with boat limits of jumbo scup and jumbo sea bass with a good sprinkle of yellowtail flounder, cod and Pollack. Snowflake put on a clinic filling his limit on jumbo sea bass. Double headers up and down the rails add up quickly making for one heck of a bite. Friday also dealt with tough conditions but great fishing from start to finish. The day started and ended with double headers of jumbo sea bass and porgies coming over the rail resulting in a boat load of Block Island delights. The wind and sheeting rain was no match for the dedicated anglers devoted at the rail. Saturday was another phenomenal day of Block Island beauties with a boat load of giant sea bass to nearly 6 pounds, jumbo scup and a few cod. Sunday was a repeat of the day prior with giant sea bass and scup flying over the rail along with a few cod to 10 pounds. Bottom fishing off Block Island doesn't get much better than what is occurring right now. Come on out. Just don't miss this great fishing.

  • September 24, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports the trips to Block Island for the jumbo mix bag has been nothing short of fabulous with great fishing and awesome fishermen. Frank Morris (Tackle Box Fish) assembled a fine team of savvy anglers early in the week, who put on an outright production with double and triple headers at times of jumbo sea bass to 5 pounds and jumbo scup to 3 pounds with the entire boat in on the action. They were on a mission and the mission was a great success. On Thursday, seas were a little lumpy but the amazing people on board were not deterred, as the dedicated group of anglers swung those jumbo sea bass and porgies over the rails and into the pails. Mike Davis (Philadelphia, PA Men of the Sea) copped the pool with a fine 5.3-pound biscuit. Friday was another solid day of catching jumbo sea bass and porgies with a good sprinkling of keeper cod coming aboard. Saturday saw nautical conditions fishing Block Island, however fares had excellent cooperation from jumbo scup, jumbo sea bass, a couple of keeper cod and pollock to 12 pounds. The action was steady from start to finish with numerous double headers and real quality sized fish. Sunday saw much of the same as Saturday, only in much better conditions with some beautiful cod mixing in with the jumbo scup and biscuits. Some of the best of the year so far.

  • September 17, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports shifting gears a bit by sailing to Block Island for jumbo scup and jumbo sea bass. On Wednesday in beautiful, calm weather around Block Island, both the big scup and big sea bass chewed their heads off as everyone went home with coolers and big bags of fillets. Thursday saw the sea bass chewing at a fast and furious pace for all on board too limit out with jumbos before sea conditions worsened. Then it was off to porgy land where all anglers staying at the rail were crushing the porgies at a rate of two and three at a time with jumbos and a really nice mix of good eating size cocktail blues. Crystal of the Brooklyn Benders copped the pool with her beautiful jumbo sea bass. Saturday saw fares enjoying themselves with wild fishing by Block Island with jumbo sea bass and scup. On Sunday the incredible bite continued as scup and biscuits to a whopping 6 pounds were the norm for the day. The boat leaves at 5 A.M. each morning and reservations are a must. Call or text Capt. Keith to reserve your spot at the rail.

Fin Chaser II

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