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Fin Chaser II

July 16, 2018:
Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports doing the triple header combo trip on Monday for scup, biscuits and ding a ling. The captain said it wasn't easy, but they placed in every category. They got a limit of porgies early, but poor drifting conditions forced them into ling territory, where fares swung some real baseball bat length fish over the rails. Keith had wished to stay on the ling, but had to come back inshore to catch the tide for the sea bass. Some anglers did fill limits on the sea bass up to Angel "Rex" Cruz's 4-pounder. It was a very long day working with less than ideal conditions, and the captain and crew did their best to bring it all together. Tuesday's porgy bite was phenomenal with jumbo deluxe flying over the rails with many 2 at a time, and a boat limit by 8 A.M. and then onto the sea bass grounds for a fast and easy limit of jumbos. G. Mighty and the Bailers, as well as fishing family from PA and MD and members of The Bronx Bottom Feeders, with everyone putting on a great show. Mike M bested the pool with a 4.2-pound scup. This week's threats of rip tides and turbulent seas produced absolutely beautiful weather and great conditions which formed Tropical Storm Porgy off the Montauk Coastline. True jumbos and super easy limits of porgies to 3.5 pounds and sea bass to 4 plus pounds. Saturday was another amazing day with a boat limit of scup before breakfast and then a boat limit of sea bass to round out the coolers and buckets. Sunday saw much of the same with early limits of porgies and jumbo sea bass. The next several weeks will see some of the nicest weather of the summer with light winds and low wave heights. The fishing has been absolutely amazing. Therefore, if you're thinking twice about making a trip based on what you're hearing on the news forecast, stop and call your boat of choice. The captains have the best information on the actual conditions for the local areas where they fish, so they will be happy to give you an accurate heads up.

Previous Reports

  • July 9, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports the Fourth saw pea soup fog, but another rock solid day with scup to 4 pounds and biscuits to 5 plus pounds. Thursday and Friday saw much of the same action with scup to 3.5 pounds and biscuits to 5-12 pounds. Saturday's trip was most likely on of the greatest ever as a total boat limit was yielded by 7:30 A.M. with double and triple headers flying over the rail with fish to 4 pounds. Then it was off to the sea bass grounds and after some big adjustments it was game on with limits to 4.5 pounds. Sunday saw a continuation of doubles and triples flying over the rails and into the pails.

  • July 2, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports the great porgy fishing continues and I will add that the expertise of Capt. Keith is a major contributing factor of the success of those who fish with the captain and crew. West End field editor Geoff Lawrence along with his pals George "Deacon" Combest and James "Rambow" hopped aboard the Fin Chaser on Tuesday. The scup were chomping in the vicinity of the Lighthouse and all fares limited out. Capt. Keith then made a move to the sea bass grounds but action was a bit slow. However, he was determined to put some sea biscuits on the deck so he stayed out longer and it paid off. Everyone connected with fish and the "Deacon" pocketed the pool money with a sweet 4-pounder. Kevin Rodriguez put a mixed bag in his cooler by adding a keeper fluke. Capt. Paul was working the deck and provided top notch service. Geoff also noted that in addition to his filleting skills, Paul made a killer porgy rig for customers that needed one. Wednesday was another great day of fishing and great people. Everyone had their porgy limit by 9 A.M. and then it was off to the biscuits (hold the gravy). Willie from Mid-Island copped the pool with a 3-pound extra-large scup. Thursday was just like the movie produced by the captain, titled Willy Wonka and the Porgy Factory, which Willie Dudley of Mid Island, assembled a group of NY's finest MTA workers who made easy work of producing a boat limit of extra-large scup to 3 plus pounds, all before 9:30 A.M. no less. They had both the Porgy Train and the Meat Bus running ahead of schedule, therefore it was back to the barn early. Friday was looking a bit grim due to the big ground swell brought on by Thursdays blow. That was until Capt. Keith went and made a big adjustment that was "game on" with anglers making easy work of a boat limit of scup and some beautiful sea bass to round out the catch. Louis Corwise copped the pool with a handsome 3.5-pound porgy. Saturday was hard to describe as anything but absolute mayhem. There were many first timers on board that knew just how to council those hungry scup onto the hooks. There was also a healthy helping of knot head sea bass to round out the day. Sunday was also game on before the toot of the horn with flying double headers everywhere. The boat leaves at 5 A.M. every day, so don't miss this fishing.

  • June 25, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports another fabulous week in porgy land as boat limits of big fat chops are occurring as early as 8 A.M. on nearly every trip. Double headers are as common as it comes with pool fish stretching out to close to 4 pounds, although most days sees the pool winner nailing a 3 to 3-12 pounder. Friday's trip was pure insanity as everyone filled their legal creel by 7:45 A.M... Since it was way too early to head for the barn, Capt. Keith shifted gears and went on the hunt for cod and ling and succeeded with some nice cod and ling of arm length. It was a super day of fishing with super people doing the catching. Saturday's rain did not deter fisherman at the rails, or the porgies flying into the buckets. However once all on board achieved a boat limit, they were sure glad to leave the nasty building seas for the comfort of their nice warm cars. Sunday saw no after effect from all the east wind the day prior as porgies were once again porgies were flying over the rails to the delight of all on board.

  • June 18, 2018 Open or Close

    Capt. Keith Williams of the Fin Chaser reports being at the right place, right time, and right tide produced full limits for all on board on Tuesday. True stand out angler Denise Marshall cinched the pool by 6:15 A.M. with a 4-pound jumbo scup. By 6:20 A.M., she had filled half her bucket with more jumbos between 3 and 3-12 pounds. Soon after, many anglers followed her lead and a great day was had by all with great camaraderie and great catching. Wednesday saw absolutely crazy good action with lock and load from start to finish. It was super easy putting a boat limit onboard by 10 A.M. and with double headers and fish biting bare hooks. James "Sonny" Clark copped the pool with a 3.5-pound scup. Thursday was "Double Header" day as creels filled in no time. The fish were literally flying over the rails with some folks having their limits by 7:00 A.M., while everyone else had their fill by 9:30. By the time all the fish were dressed, the fillet table turned into Mount Porgy. Friday's trip had a boat limit of jumbos by 8:30 A.M. with beautiful fish to 4 pounds and numerous double headers which added up the catch at lightning speed. Saturday's porgy bash organized by Al, who got the party started by plucking porgies over the rail before the anchor was set. The "Sharp Sticks" were slinging them while others were not able to catch up until the tide eased. End result was a boat limit of porgies, which even included some first timers. Al's lovely wife Carla put on a serious clinic taking everybody to school. Sunday's fishing was also as good as it gets with fathers, mothers, wives, kids, it doesn't matter, everyone limits out. Its "porgy time".

Fin Chaser II

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