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July 16, 2018:
The guys at J & J Sports in Patchogue reported anglers fishing the local ponds have been doing well on largemouths using live shiners fished under a float. This method has also worked well on pickerel. For steady freshwater action nightcrawlers fished with or without a float using a number Eagle Claw hook will land you pretty much anything that a lake or pond has to offer; bluegills, crappie, perch, catfish, pickerel and even bass.

Previous Reports

  • July 9, 2018 Open or Close

    The guys at J & J Sports in Patchogue reported the weather staying hot fishing has been more productive in the early morning or evening hours. Bass have been aggressive hitting topwater plugs before the sun gets too high. Later in the day, switch to a plastic worm (Texas style rig) slowly fishing the heavy cover. During the day live shiners have been very effective on bass or pickerel fished with or without a float. For consistent action nightcrawlers fished with a float will get you panfish and the occasional bass or pickerel.  Great Patchogue Lake has been one of the places providing consistent action. The lakes thick grass cover gives fish the shade they need to thrive in summer heat.

  • July 2, 2018 Open or Close

    The guys at J & J Sports in Patchogue reported Zeppie has been hitting the water hard. On Tuesday he fished Patchogue Lake in his kayak and found bass were very active and hitting just about anything he threw at them. Zeppie mainly focused on the back of the lake where all the grass has grown to the surface of the water providing good ambush and hiding spots for both bass and pickerel. On the days he fished, Zeppie fished the open pockets on the grass mat with weedless frogs or Senko worms. The strikes were explosive and sometimes startling because the fish would hit right next to the boat. On the day, he had many bass for his efforts. Nightcrawlers are doing fine on the panfish, but live shiners are a bait if you wish to target pickerel or largemouths.

  • June 25, 2018 Open or Close

    The guys at J & J Sports in Patchogue reported the local ponds have been producing a decent amount of largemouths and pickerel. Largemouths have been active at first light hitting a variety of lures – topwaters, soft plastic worms etc. Both bass and pickerel have been hitting on live shiners. Trout and panfish have also been active and hitting nightcrawlers. Carp fishing is an exciting freshwater fish to target. This is a pretty simple set-up. Bread, corn or nightcrawler are all good baits. Use a number 2 hook and a small weight (like a split shot) fished on the bottom will put you in range for fish from 5 to 25-plus pounds.

  • June 18, 2018 Open or Close

    The guys at J & J Sports in Patchogue reported freshwater fishing continues to be active. Your best bet is to try Great Patchogue Lake, Gibbs Pond in Nesconset and West Lake in Patchogue. When targeting largemouths, the lures of choice are small floating Rapalas, Senko style worms, topwaters, swimbaits or frog baits. If your choice is to bait fish then you want live shiners or nightcrawlers. If you're fishing with bait don't be surprised if you hook into a nice sized perch or bluegill. If you're using shiners, this particular bait will attract the prime predators of the area, pickerel and largemouths. If you are using live bait, use a circle hook as well, to minimize guy hooking a bass.

J&J Sports Inc.

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