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Grumpy's Tackle

November 18, 2014:
Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle had a bunch of stripers come to the scale after falling to bunker chunks fished of the Island Beach State Park sands. Even kayakers are getting out there to snag bunker and live line bass.

Previous Reports

November 11, 2014:
It's the meat o' menhaden maneuver for striped bass and bluefish along the Seaside through Island Beach State Park sands, and Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle says big swimmers and poppers are also putting a few linesiders and yellow eyes on the sands. He expects the action for both to intensify this week into the weekend as more bait in the forms of bunker, rainfish and sand eels move down the coast. Rich Courian and Billy Huff bunkered blues measuring 30 and 31 inches respectively, and it was the swimmer swoon by a 40 inch striper for Mark Brancaccio.

November 4, 2014:
Bass mayhem and madness was the Seaside through Island Beach State Park sandscape right up to the Saturday storm, and Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle emphasized that poppers, plugs, plastic shads, bucktails and clams caught stripers to 20 pounds from the beach while it was bunker spoons and the snag 'n drop for bass from the boats. It was the plastic shad shag for Tony Senator who brought in bass weighing 20.2 and 20.4 pounds, and it was the menhaden manacle of stripers measuring 34 and 40 inches by Ken Welshman and another measuring 38 inches by Alex Amico. Da Grump anticipates the return of the frantic action by mid-week at the latest, as more bait in the forms of bunker and sand eels move down within casting distance.

October 28, 2014:
The bass fishing is finally starting to break open, said sources at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. As proof the said Tom Carder mashed the scale down to the 27.15-pound mark with a linesider he caught on a clam. Cory Rellstab checked in with a nine-pound bass he caught on an SP Minnow. In addition we were told of good boat action on jigs at Deal on Saturday, and some bass being trolled off Seaside and Island Beach over the weekend. There is also some smaller bass providing some good light tackle fishing in the bay in back of Island Beach State Park.

October 21, 2014:
"Cocktail blues all up and down the beaches and they're hitting AVAs and Hopkins and mullet, and the short bass and a keeper or two are eating clams and striking SP Minnow plugs," relays Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. With the first flush of cold weather and a Nor'easter in the forecast, things just might blow open bass-wise later in the week. Out front and down along Island Beach State Park, there are a few big keeper bass being picked off by bunker spoons, shad umbrellas and Stretch 25 plugs.

  Grumpy's Tackle

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