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March 28, 2017:
"New inventory keeps rolling in and we're having a close out sale on certain plugs. And get your reels and rods that need work in here now if you want them for the spring run of bass and bluefish that should start soon," emphasized Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. The beach has been devoid of fishermen and fish, but there are short and keeper bass being caught on bloodworms bayside.

Previous Reports

  • March 21, 2017 Open or Close

    Frankie Z Grumpy's Bait & Tackle said a ton of bloods went out on Monday morning as folks were looking to head upriver for perch and striped bass. "Out front has been quiet, these colder temperatures kept a lot of folks away," Frankie said, reporting he's been at the workbench 10 hours a day the past week with folks making a final dash for custom rod work and reel repairs. "I'll be getting another batch of bloodworms this week," he said before hanging up and heading back to the bench, Grumpy's orders.

  • March 14, 2017 Open or Close

    No doubt there are fish to catch, but the crew at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle said with winter making its last stand this week, things have gotten tough for folks looking to hit up the striped bass and flounder. "As the weather services are full of doom and gloom, here at Grumpy's we're getting our customers ready for the spring bite," they said on Monday, adding that most customers are coming in with rod and reel repairs; if you haven't done so already, hurry before you're last in line! Grumpy's does have bloodworms in stock once the snow stops falling.

  • March 7, 2017 Open or Close

    The crew at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle said bloodworms are back in stock at the shop this week and the shop is now open until 8 p.m. The guy said the Berkeley Striper Club flea market over the weekend was a good one.

  • February 28, 2017 Open or Close

    "You'll catch more fish on the beach than you will on your damn couch," said Grumpy himself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. While many folks sit and wait for one of their buddies to post to social media about stripers showing, Grumpy laughed about the fact that there are some fish out there along the front beaches and east side of the bay, just few fishermen. "Someone's got to get this thing started," Grump said in an open call to serious surfcasters looking to hit the Seaside beaches or perhaps the Seaside piers as of Wednesday where resident fish can be taken at sunrise and sunset.

Grumpys Tackle

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