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Grumpy's Tackle

August 19, 2014:
Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle tells of brown sharks to five feet as well as keeper fluke and varying sized bluefish running the Island Beach State Park and Seaside suds. John Gabrielski used killies to catch flatties measuring 20 and 25 inches, and Da Grump reminds all to take advantage of the "Two Fluke at 16 Inches" regs in Island Beach State park. Bayside action is dominated by the rapidly growing snappers, some of which are now between eight and nine inches. Also bayside are cocktail blues.

Previous Reports

August 12, 2014:
"Fluke on bucktail/Gulp! and bluefish on metals and mullet in the surf, and the brown shark fishing is good with bunker chunks in the suds from dusk into the night," remarked Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle adding that the crabbing is excellent in the bay as is the fishing for snapper blues. Blowfish are being picked at and hopefully this action will improve during the upcoming weeks. Remember, the "Two Fluke at 16 Inches" special program is still going on at Island Beach State Park.

August 5, 2014:
Not so nice weather cut into the number of anglers prowling the beaches or combing the bay late in the week and into the weekend, but "There are fluke and blues being caught in the surf and plenty of crabs and snappers in the bay," says Grumpy from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. Bayside baby blues are hitting spearing under a float and are chasing Snapper Zappers and small Kastmasters. In the suds, it's the mullet munch by one to two-plus pound yellow eyes, with bucktail/Gulp and squid spearing taking flatties. It was the latter offering that took a 3-3/4- pound fluke by Ronnie Fecak. The two at 16 inches fluke regulation at Island Beach State Park is popular with anglers of all skill levels.

July 29, 2014:
"The fluke are jumping snappers in the surf and they're also hitting bucktail/Gulp! and that's what Ed Farrari used to catch one that weighed 4.55 pounds. Brown sharks are back, and either mackerel or bunker is getting them to bite," observes Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. The bay is packed with spearing shredding snappers and menhaden manic crabs, and the blueclaws are indeed sizable. Give it another week, and the mini-choppers will be ready for the fry pan. Blues to eight pounds are running Barnegat Inlet and swiping swimmers and pulverizing poppers." Don't forget to take advantage of the two fluke at 16 inches regulation at Island Beach State park," advises Da Grump.

July 22, 2014:
"The fluke bite is back in the surf, and some kingfish are showing, and there have been a few bass around. Some are making it to the scale, and some aren't," reports Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle, adding that cocktail bluefish are also on the slash 'n gash roam in the suds. It's bucktail/Gulp! for the flatfish, Fishbites or bloodworms for the royals, and bunker chunks and metals for the bass and blues. John Walters sanded a 23 inch flattie, and Mike Pierce put it to a 10-pound linesider. Bayside, the crabbing is about to redline, and the growing-by-the-minute snappers are all over spearing under a float.

  Grumpy's Tackle

Grumpy's Tackle
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