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Grumpy's Tackle

October 21, 2014:
"Cocktail blues all up and down the beaches and they're hitting AVAs and Hopkins and mullet, and the short bass and a keeper or two are eating clams and striking SP Minnow plugs," relays Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle. With the first flush of cold weather and a Nor'easter in the forecast, things just might blow open bass-wise later in the week. Out front and down along Island Beach State Park, there are a few big keeper bass being picked off by bunker spoons, shad umbrellas and Stretch 25 plugs.

Previous Reports

October 14, 2014:
"It's insane the way the schoolies and some keepers to 30 inches in the surf are eating sand fleas, and it always happens about this time of year," observes Ray at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle in between doing more ordering for the soon-to-arrive run of autumn stripers. Anglers are cashing in on the craze casting jig heads mated to four inch Gulp! Swimming Mullets. "Doesn't look like a sand flea, but it is sure is catching bass and also some fluke that have to be released," he says. In the back, the X-Rap, Super Strike and Smack It Jr. plugs are goading strikes from short stripers to 18, maybe 19 inches.

October 7, 2014:
"Blues of various sizes along our beach down through Island Beach State Park," says Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle, adding that small metals and mullet on a mullet rig will blind 'n bind yellow eyes. More and more stripers are arriving as waters continue cooling, and an SP Minnow manacled a 31 inch linesider for Craig Napolitano. Bayside snappers are now nine-plus inches and continue assailing spearing under a bobber, and Zappers. Crabbing s so-so, but the keepers are on the bigger side of legal.

September 30, 2014:
"It's just outta control!" proclaims Grumpy hisself at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle describing the manically murderous mullet mastication by hordes of two to four pound bluefish occurring up and down the Seaside through Island Beach State Park sands. Mullet on mullet rigs as well as metals are all being savaged. The dusk into dark and first light periods are prime times for striper encounters and George Murgan brought in one that stretched the tape to 29 inches. "More bass showing every day," observes Da Grump. Jeff Lazdus had a final crack whack at Gulp!-grabbing fluke and sanded one measuring 22-1/2 inches. Back in the bay, it is insane with spearing and Kastmaster-crazed snappers that will soon attain cocktail size status, and with some heavy chumming one can put pan size blowfish, croakers and kingfish in the bucket. Crabbing is fair with more size than numbers.

September 23, 2014:
Metals, SP Minnows, mullet, Gulp! and bucktails are flying through the door at Grumpy's Bait & Tackle as sand soldiers take advantage of the invasion of bluefish extending down to Barnegat Inlet and the "Two at 16 Inches" fluke regulations at Island Beach State Park. Stripers are making frequent appearances from early evening through dusk and are swiping at SP Minnows as well as inhaling fresh clam offerings. Bayside snapper fishing is epic, but the crabbing seems to be on the late September wane.

  Grumpy's Tackle

Grumpy's Tackle
906 N.W. Central Ave
Seaside, NJ 08752
phone: 732-830-1900

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