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Grumpys Tackle

May 24, 2016:
Stresses Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle, "the bluefish are relentless. They just keep coming and then coming some more." AVAs, bucktails, pencil poppers, regular poppers, SP Minnows and also bunker chunks are blinding the big 'n bodacious yellow eyes. He strongly advises switching treble hooks to a single Siwash to make releasing easier and less dangerous and also less damaging to the fish. Will Spiller soaked a wad of Grumpy Bunker to bust a 34-inch slammer, and John Spence penciled in a 17.65-pound gator. Artie Christ poppered another measuring 34-12 inches.

Previous Reports

  • May 17, 2016 Open or Close

    Bluefish continue stealing the surf and inlet shows, asserts Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle, and most are 10-plus pounds. Poppers, plugs, meat o' menhaden are all being assaulted, and there are few keeper bass and black drum glomming fresh clam in the suds. It was a Grumpy Bunker that fooled a 15.8-pound blue for Peri Ermidis, and Sal Fucci poppered another weighing 12.9 pounds. Frank Meade swam an SP Minnow that proved irresistible to a 12.5-pound chopper. Zach Paone pulled in with a trolled spoon fed bass that registered 48.2 pounds.

  • May 10, 2016 Open or Close

    Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle says it was a big play in the bay because of the heavy surf, and the action with big blues hammering metals, bucktails, poppers and plugs, and shredding bunker chunks was intense. Pat Pizzi worked an AVA to nail a 37-12-inch gator, and it was a bucktail that squeezed a 9.45-pound blue for Doug Ralph. Sean Horner poppered a 33-inch slammer and Phil Lagrossa plugged a 39-inch gorilla. It was a Grumpy Bunker chunk that proved a last meal for 37-inch gator served by Jay Pilkington.

  • May 3, 2016 Open or Close

    "The big blues are back," exalted Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle telling of the yellow eyed gators to 15-plus pounds that are terrorizing the suds. In the mix are schoolies and a few keeper stripers, like the 9-pound Grumpy Clam glomming linesider sanded by Jay H. John Benskin also beat a bass weighing 13.7 pounds and brother John went a almost 2 pounds better, beaching a linesider that weighed 15.6 pounds. Chris Updike soaked chunks of Grumpy Bunker to seduce blues weighing 9.9 pounds and 16.65 pounds, with cut mullet the ticket for a pair of 35-inch choppers beached by Joe Csenteri. The new store hours are 4:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 4:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.

  • April 26, 2016 Open or Close

    Grumpy hisself from Grumpy's Bait & Tackle says there are bass and blues along the area surf and these are being caught with both hardware and flesh. Meat o' menhaden meant the demise of a 31.5-inch slammer sanded by Eric Carl, and Patrick Kenny cast an SP Minnow to mug a 13.8-pound chopper. Bill G. soaked a Grumpy Clam to connect with a 32-inch bass, at it was a Yo-Zuri Mag Darter deal for a 31-inch linesider beached by Doug Marshall. Bayside, bloods are the ticket for the scads of schoolie stripers behind Island Beach State Park.

  Grumpys Tackle

Grumpys Tackle
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phone: 732-830-1900

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