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  • November 13, 2017 Open or Close

    Mike at Fishing East Coast Bait & Tackle in Douglaston had a lot to say this week. We first started out talking about the run of large squid going on in Oyster Bay. He said that there have been some very large specimens getting taken. He added that Lazer Glow and Lazer Pink colored jigs have been the best producers. He then told us that the blackfishing has been getting better with lots of bigger fish coming over the rails. Shop customer Johnson Hoey landed two real nice tog while fishing off of Huckleberry Island. The first fish he weighed in was a 7.67-pound tog and the next was a 10.33-pound tog. Both fish hit a half ounce jig tipped with an Asian crab fished on 20 pound fluorocarbon leader. Stripers have been moving around on the North Shore with lots of schoolies up to 33 inches being landed. Stripers have been on the Oyster Bay docks too. There was at least one really big fish landed this week. One shop customer landed a 54 inch striper on a Number 2 hook tipped with a peanut bunker fished under a bobber. Mike added that the South Shore has had some bigger fish. Kevin Bib landed a 28 pound striper on Saturday from the Rockaway area. There have been some big blues mixing in once in a while as well. The bass have been hitting small baits that mimic the peanut bunker that have inundated the area. Porgies are still around and are still keeping some attention on them. Mike thinks that they are thinning out now. I can't believe that they're still around considering we're approaching the end of November already.

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Mike at Fishing East Coast Bait & Tackle in Douglaston advised us that the squid have come in. Oyster Bay has them in pretty solid but Huntington has been relatively quiet. Mike said that there are some very big squid this week and that the high hook has been taking between 40 and 50 fish per outing. Yozuri Pink glow jigs have been producing better than the other color jigs. Another key factor to success has been fishing during incoming water. The blackfishing has been much better this week than opening week for sure. Shop customer Johnson landed a tog of close to 10 pounds this Saturday while he was fishing near Rye. Mike said that there are still lots of shorts around but there are many more keepers in the mix than a week or two ago. Asian or green crabs are producing on either jigs or plain hooks. Mike added that there is lots of bait in the water with adult and peanut bunker and spearing in both Little Neck Bay and Manhasset Bay. Stripers up to 30 inches have been taken quite regularly but a few bigger fish have been taken as well. Shop regular Jakob Biatreh landed a 16-pound striper in Great Neck on Wednesday using a green 6 inch Tsunami Talking Popper. Jakob said that there was a lot of action that day. Mike said that we didn't have a good bluefish season this year and who could really argue with him. There are still porgies around too. Oyster Bay and Glen Cove have seen plenty of scup this week.

  • October 2, 2017 Open or Close

    Mike at Fishing East Coast Bait & Tackle in Douglaston told us that the porgies are still running strong with any rocky structure holding plenty of fish. He also said that he has been hearing that stripers are starting to show up with a few bigger fish being caught. Shop regular Jay Delgado fished off of his kayak this past Wednesday near the Throgs Neck Bridge. He was able to land a 20-pound bass and three blues all around 14-pounds. Shop regular Don fished the beaches inside of Port Washington and landed several blues up to 10 pounds and a few schoolie bass. Snappers are still around but they seem to be thinning out now. Mike said that folks are getting ready for the start of blackfish season which opens on this Thursday October 5. Mike added that he's already started to sell lots of green and Asian crabs.

  • September 11, 2017 Open or Close

    Mike over at Fishing East Coast Bait & Tackle in Douglaston told us that they're still seeing very solid fishing. He did say that the wind has been hampering a lot of the effort this past week though. He said that the porgy fishing has been nothing less than great. Clams and worms have both been producing well. He told us that there is still a good fluke bite going on too. He suggested fishing up near Harts Island for the summer flounder. Mike also said that more blues have shown up this week. There have been fish into the high teens taken all over the local area. George Gardner weighed in two blues of 15 and 17 pounds that he took on Friday while fishing inside of Manhasset Bay. Jay Delgado fished off of his kayak near the Throgs Neck Bridge using ZMan plastics. He landed four blues in the 10 to 12 pound class. He said that the blues were suspended in the water column and were chasing small baitfish. Word of stripers showing up better has been making its way into the shop. One of the shop's customers reported landing a 20 pound class striper from Beekman Park in Oyster Bay while porgy fishing. Mike said that there are still tons of snappers everywhere. He said that the Port Washington Town Dock and Bayside Marina are two good spots with easy access. Small blues have also been taken while snapper fishing there.

Fishing East Coast Bait and Tackle

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