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April 23, 2018:
Phil over at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport says that the shop is starting to get a lot more reel repairs now that the season is getting going. Phil said that if you wait any longer to bring in your Tackle to get serviced you'll be waiting for weeks instead of days to get your equipment back. He did say that there haven't been too many fish around although there have been some guys trying at least. Phil added that he's heard of stripers to the west in Little Neck Bay, Jamaica Bay and Manhasset Bay. It can't be long before those fish are moving towards the eastern end of the North Shore.

Previous Reports

  • April 16, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport says that the bunker showed inside the harbor this week. He added that the ospreys have been feeding pretty well this week. There hasn't been loads of action locally according to Mark. He said that everyone's been concentrating their effort in the bays to the west. The better fishing has been to the west towards Little Neck and Manhasset Bays. Mark said the shop has been really busy with rod and reel servicing. The shop has been keeping the reel service time to less than a week on average. Don't forget that the shop also offers Boga servicing including adding custom grips to them as well.

  • April 9, 2018 Open or Close

    Phil over at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport says that he's been hearing of small schoolies being caught sporadically all over the Island over the past week. There hasn't been a lot of effort on either tog or winter flounder yet so far with the water temps hovering around a chilly 40 degrees. Trout fishing over at Twin Ponds has been the best bet in town so far. Phil added that the shop is now stocked with Kettle Creek Outfitters swing shads in several different colors. These lures have been a hot ticket item over the last couple of seasons. He added that that shop also has been making soft plastic jig heads in sizes ranging from an eighth of an ounce up to three quarters of an ounce with short shank hooks and from one ounce up to two ounces with longer hook shanks. These heads are an excellent match for lots of unrigged soft plastic lures.

  • April 2, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport says a few guys were buying bait on Saturday for the opening of the spring blackfish season. He recommends using fresh clam with just a small amount of salt added to help the bait stay on the hook. Word is that there are stripers in the 25 to 27 inch range to the west but he said that it can't be long before they're in the local waters too. The shop has been taking in a lot of Boga Grips for servicing over the past few weeks including one very dirty scale that they had a video of on their FaceBook page. Damn Tommy! They even offer adding custom grips to the Bogas now too. The shop also offers both rod repairs and reel servicing including Van Staals. You can call the shop at 631-239-1631 to get more info on those services.

  • March 26, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport reported that everybody and their brother has been targeting trout in spots like Blydenburgh Park and Twin Ponds. He said that most folks have been spending their time getting their gear ready for the upcoming season. He added that he's heard of some small bass being taken recently. He said that the LIPA outflow and the back of Lloyd Harbor are good possibilities to find some holdover stripers. He hasn't seen any signs of bunker yet but there have been some spearing spotted and he added that he would expect that to see grass shrimp starting to show up on the pilings inside the harbor. The shop has been very busy with rod and reel repairs as well as custom rod building with a one to two week turnaround being the norm. Mark mentioned that the shop has a good supply of wreck anchors in stock as well as fresh clam. He added that he will have worms and crabs in stock for the opening of blackfish and winter flounder season on April 1. The shop will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle

Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle
81 Fort Salonga Rd
Northport, NY 11768
phone: 631-239-1631

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