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Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle

August 13, 2018:
Mark of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport said porgy action is great and they are all over the place. Many customers reported bagging some nice 12-inch fish. Cocktail blues were spotted inshore and some were seen crashing peanut bunker in the back bays. Anglers are searching for bass to 30-pounds in the deep areas at 50 to 70-ft. and along the Triangle. Fluke action has been a little tough in the shallow water. Buoy 13 held loads of shorts and a handful of keepers. It's best to work the 40 to 60-ft. ranges. Short and a few keeper sea bass have been found around the OB and at 28c and 11.

Previous Reports

  • August 6, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport said porgies are biting very well along the beaches and from boats with an average size of 1-12 to 2-pounds. Try Hobart Beach and the Coast Guard Station or the OB. The deeper you go, the larger the fish. Fluke action has been tough. Check the 30 to 40-ft. ranges and you may find a few here and there. Blues continued to be evasive. When they are found they are cocktails in the 2 to 3-pound category. However, snappers can be found at the docks, piers and boat ramps. The bay has seen a nice influx of anchovies and they are also near buoy 13 and Caumsett. Occasionally there are fluke or bass underneath. Bassing has been good with some 15 to 30-pounders being slammed on bunker chunks. Search the 25 to 40-ft. ranges at the Triangle, 11b and 13. Small pods of bunker have been seen in the Sound at 40-ft.

  • July 30, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport said that small blues in the cocktail class and small snappers have finally made an appearance. If you desire nice size bass work the deep water areas near the Triangle, buoys 15 to 11 and LB 13. Bass are chasing whatever bunker schools are available and fish to 30-pounds were captured. Along the beaches anglers were connecting with bass in the 10 to 18-pound range. Sea bass have been picked in the deep spots at 11B, 28B and the OB Ledge. Customers reported the sea biscuits had small crabs in their stomachs. Porgies are going strong.

  • July 23, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport said that young future sharpie Liam McCarthy decked his first ever bass, a nice 15-pounder, while fishing with his dad at the Triangle. Porgy activity has been non-stop. They are inside the harbors, off the beaches and can be found from Caumsett to Sunken Meadow. Small 6-inch snappers are mixed in as well. Bluefishing has been dead slow. Sand eels are all over the outer beaches. Summer flatties are jumping on sand eels along the beaches while the larger fish are being taken at the Triangle and rocky, structure areas. Work the spots from 18 to 28-ft. The Coast Guard Station at Huntington has been a hot spot. Some days saw individual anglers tally 20 flatties with a couple of keepers. The 28C area held fluke and decent amounts of sea bass. To up your score look for structure on your machine. The Eastern Bar saw a mixed bag of bas, sea bass, porgies and even some out-of-season winter flounder. Reports indicated that bass action was phenomenal during the week. Beginning on Monday and continuing for the next few days a huge cinder worm hatch occurred from buoy 15 out to the Triangle. They were being smashed by top water bass. Fish into the high forties were taken. Ed Munno took his 48-pound bass on bunker chunks. On some days during the week the bass in deeper water responded to jigs. Bunker pods formed ¼ mile off the beach and outward and bass were found underneath especially when the tides slowed. On Friday and Saturday bass averaging 15-pounds were blitzing the pods at the Coast Guard Station. Therefore, Mark advised that you keep a top water rod handy and ready for action. Mark noted that there were multiple sizes of peanut bunker in the water from 1 to 5-inches and adult size. The village docks had anglers catching eels and scup.

  • July 16, 2018 Open or Close

    Mark of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle at Britannia Marina in Northport said tons of sea bass are available but you must cull through plenty of shorts to find a keeper. Anglers are using clams and squid at the East Bar and the Triangle. Porgies are in abundance with the larger fish being found inside the Harbor and the medium to small on the outside. Nice size summer flatties have been weighed in. Some days they are found tight to the beach but the larger specimens are at the Triangle, buoy 15 and Comset. The OB and 11B will give you a good shot at fluke as well. Flatties in the deeper water had small 3 to 4-inch porgies in their stomachs while the shallow water flatties at 15 to 20-ft. were full of sand eels. Ed Munno weighed in an 11-pound specimen. Small 3 to 4-pound blues have been taken with a rare 10-pounder being nailed. They have been along the outer beaches and on the inside at Eatons Neck and Sunken Meadow. Some anglers have scored using umbrella rigs. Bass to 30-pounds have been encountered but it has been hit or miss. The outgoing tide gives you your best shot. Tommy Wagner managed to deck a sweet 30-pounder. There are adult bunker around and 3 to 4-inch peanut bunker are located at the outer beaches and ¼ mile from the beach.

Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle

Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle
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