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September 24, 2018:
Scott over at East End Bait and Tackle in Hampton Bays reports the Shinnecock Inlet has seen a mix of striped bass, blues, albies, porgies and fluke. The albies are taking small tins and flies when they make their appearance. Those who drift live baits have seen some small keeper size bass along with some bluefish. If you want a quality bass head for the Ponquogue Bridge and drift live bait or toss plugs during the quiet hours. Porgies are also at the bridge taking bait meant for bass and fluke. Fluke are still in the bay, however keepers are hard to come by. The Shinnecock Canal has seen a lot of small blowfish, some snappers and a very occasional fluke. The ocean beaches are showing signs of life with a good amount of schoolie bass and some cocktail blues. Most success has been on rubber baits and diamond jigs lately but that could change overnight.

Previous Reports

  • August 20, 2018 Open or Close

    Scott Jeffery of East End Bait and Tackle reports much more fluke in the bay this week. Have to work through the shorts for a keeper, but better than all the sea robins that have been around. Most fish are east of the bridge. Gulp, squid, spearing and live baits all working. The reef is still producing plenty of sea bass with many, many shorts and an occasional keeper. A few fluke and porgies are there too. Some of the local pieces are also holding some trigger fish. Drifting live baits have produced a few keeper bass around the bridge and in the inlet. The Shinnecock Inlet has porgies to 18 inches coming up on the east jetty. The fluke are there too but not in huge numbers. A few bass have taken bucktails on the night tides. The Shinnecock Canal has porgies, snappers and small sea bass. Most of the local creeks are loaded with snappers. Inside Peconic Bay, Rogers Rock has been great for porgies with some weakfish and kingfish mixed in.

  • July 23, 2018 Open or Close

    Scott of East End B & T in Hampton Bays, reports the fluke bite is a tough one to figure out. The bay has been producing some quality fish to 8 pounds with a lot of effort. There are a good amount of shorts along the sand bars. The prominent bait in the bay is sand eels. Try matching the hatch with some Gulp and you may be rewarded. Best to just keep moving around and work the wind and tides. The Shinnecock Reef has started producing some quality fluke for those bouncing Big Eye ball jigs dressed or plain tipped with big Gulps. The sea bass fishing on the reef is good as well, however you have to cull through the shorts to get a few for the cooler. Both clam and spearing have worked. Also on the reef are porgies and triggerfish. The striped bass bite at the inlet has slowed but there are some keepers falling to drifted live baits. Clam chumming at the bridge has seen mostly shorts with porgies mixed in. The bluefish are scarce but the small snappers are beginning to show in most creeks. The little guys make excellent fluke baits and fall for sabiki rigs. The Shinnecock Canal is still producing a lot of porgies to s and a couple of fluke. Fluke, porgies and triggerfish are in the inlet and are your best bet. The ocean beaches are seeing schoolie bass taking lures and bait in the mornings and evenings. Plenty of porgies are around Rogers Rock and south of Jessup Neck. Drifting works fine but if you really want to score big, try anchoring up and chumming. Those who have chummed have also seen some weakfish and blowfish mix in. There are a few fluke lingering in the same area, therefore make sure not to forget the net.

  • July 16, 2018 Open or Close

    Scott of East End B & T in Hampton Bays, tells us the fluke bite in the area is a tough one to nail down. It is mostly a hunting process with not much of a pattern to go on. The bay has been very dirty to the west and full of robins near the inlet. The flats both east and west of the bridge have seen fish as well as the flats across from the commercial docks. Out in the ocean, some fluke have been taken deep and mostly to the west. The inlet has been better on the incoming tides. Sea bass are cooperating but the local pieces and reef are loaded with short fish. The short to keeper ratio is about 10 to 1. Triggerfish are on the local pieces as well as some porgies. The schools of bunker continue to hang outside the inlet and along the beaches. Some big bass have been coming from some of the pods, but not like they did a couple of weeks ago. The Shinnecock Canal is seeing plenty of porgy action with some triggerfish mixing in. The snappers are starting to show but are very small. Over at the inlet the fluke bite has been ok with a few porgies and triggers mixed in. A few bass have fallen to bucktails on the night tides. The ocean beaches have produced some schoolie bass on clams and on plugs in the early morning and evening tides.  Lots of sand eels in the wash, give your 007 or A17 a shot. Plenty of porgies out at Rogers's Rock and up in Roses Grove. Reports of weakfish and sea bass coming out of some of the deeper holes and taking diamond jigs. A few fluke have also been reported from the Jessup Neck area. 

  • June 18, 2018 Open or Close

    Scott of East End B & T in Hampton Bays, tells us the bay fluke bite is steadily improving with fish being caught both east and west of the bridge. The outgoing tides are still best but the incoming is showing signs of life. The flats have seen the most action. Fluke are being caught in the ocean out in 60 to 80 feet but not in any large numbers and very sporadic fishing. Striped bass are being caught on clam chum west of the bridge. A few fish have also fallen to live baits in the inlet too. The bunker schools in the ocean have seen some bass fall for the snag and drop method as well as the trolled mojo rigs. Bluefish are chasing bait in the bay, inlet and ocean. Look for the bait and birds. Out at the reef there are ling, porgies, sea bass and a few fluke. There's word of some big sea bass around, let's hope they stick around. The Shinnecock Canal has porgies, fluke, cocktail blues and of course sea robins, while the Shinnecock Inlet has fluke, blues and striped bass on night tides.

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