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With trout fever spreading across the northeast, that next catch just might land your smiling face on the cover of The Fisherman Magazine!
By Toby Lapinski
Josh Wilcox landed this 9.95-pound rainbow trout on opening day, 2014 in Connecticut.

For many anglers across the northeast “Opening Day” takes on special meaning as the official kick-off of the open-water fishing season. While Opening Day itself refers simply to trout, it means so much more for legions of anglers across the region.

With that in mind, I would like to propose a little bit of a challenge for the coming weekend. For many of the states across New England, the second Saturday of April is the official kick-off of trout season. Due to this many hundreds upon thousands of local anglers will awake before sunrise and head off to their nearby trout-stocked lake, pond or river in hopes of landing that first fresh fish of the season.

Now with all those lines in the water I am sure that at least a few of you are certain to hook into a nice fish or two. With any luck you will also have a digital camera handy. So here comes the challenge: when you land that first fish of the year snap a few quick pictures and email them to me at tlapinski@thefisherman.com.

Include a brief description of the catch including angler’s name, general location where the fish was landed and any other pertinent details which you would like to share. Please do your best to be mindful of the scene as well s the condition of the fish and be sure to shoot in vertical format. I will then sort through the best image or images received and put at least one of them on the cover of an upcoming weekly reports supplement of The Fisherman Magazine. If I receive several great shots then you will likely see a few images pop up in the coming weeks both on the cover as well in the printed reports section of the weekly and monthly editions of the magazine. Special consideration will be given to action shots, photos including happy, smiling children and scenes which convey the enjoyment of fishing.

So regardless of whether you are a bait fisherman or prefer the fly rod, or if you are a fanatical purist or the fun-seeking fair-weather angler, that next trout just might land your smiling face on the cover of an upcoming copy of The Fisherman Magazine. Good luck!


Massachusetts: Open year-round
Maine: Open-water fishing begins April 1
Connecticut: April 8
Vermont: April 8
Rhode Island: April 8
New Hampshire: April 22

And don't think that we are ignoring our angling friends from outside of New England. For those anglers who subscribe to and read the Long Island or the New Jersey/Delaware Bay editions of The Fisherman, feel free to email your recent images to our editors in those regions and odds are that you'll make your local edition as well!

New England: Toby Lapinski - tlapinski@thefisherman.com
Long Island: Fred Golofaro - fgolofaro@thefisherman.com
New Jersey/Delaware Bay: Jim Hutchinson Jr - jhutchinson@thefisherman.com