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The RFA-CT is organizing a tagging program for blackfish/tautog in conjunction with the Connecticut DEEP.
By The Recreational Fishing Alliance
Tags: inshore
Anglers participating in the program can tag fish through the entire year. The goal being to tag as many tautog as possible.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance Connecticut Chapter (RFA-CT) is working with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) to implement a tagging program during the 2015 spring/early summer closed tautog season. The goal of the program is to understand migration patterns, movement of fish between NY, CT and RI waters and stock status in Long Island Sound.

Tautog have become an increasingly important fish for Connecticut anglers due to the rapid development of new fishing techniques (the use of jigs in shallow water and on breakwaters). In addition to an increase in recreational fishing pressure, tautog are often targeted by poachers for the black market live fish market. The increased popularity of tautog is resulting in overfishing which may cause more restrictive regulations in coming years. This tagging study will help the CTDEEP understand tautog population dynamics in Connecticut waters and in turn, maximize recreational fishing opportunities.

Anglers participating in the tagging program will be allowed to fish for tautog during the closed spring/early summer season with the understanding that all fish must be released immediately after tagging is complete. This program will give anglers an opportunity to catch "trophy tautog" during a time period that is currently closed. Anglers participating in the program can tag fish through the entire year. The goal being to tag as many tautog as possible.

Interested anglers should contact Jack Conway, at CTJackC@gmail.com to express interest in participating in the tagging study.

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