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Mary's Pond is a modest-but-popular little trout fishing hotspot that is a favorite destination among many of the locals in southeast Massachusetts.
By John D. Silva
Mary's Pond is a great weekend destination for getting the young ones acclimated (and addicted) to trout fishing!

Located on Mary's Pond Road in Rochester, this circular 81-acre pond is bordered by cranberry bogs on the east side and forested shoreline, cottages, and a dirt access road on the west side.
The average depth of Mary's pond is 12 feet with a maximum depth of 32 feet. The pond is stocked in both spring and fall with brown trout, rainbows, brookies and tiger trout. In addition to the put-and-take trout fishery, Mary's Pond also supports a healthy population of largemouth bass. As the water warms with the coming of summer, the trout head to deeper water and hold within 20- to 30-foot depths. Accordingly, one of the most productive areas of the pond is located in the southwest corner near Mary's Pond road. Here the depth drops off sharply within casting distance of shore.

Public access is provided by a dirt parking lot and car-top boat launch located off of New Perry's Lane. Anglers can launch small light boats and canoes, or just park and explore the waters by foot. Because the shoreline is fairly shallow, the entire circumference of the pond is accessible to walking and wading, whether you are tossing artificial lures, bait fishing or fly casting.

To get to Mary's Pond take route 495 to exit 2 and head south on Route 58. Continue straight through the traffic lights and follow County Road to the stop sign (adjacent Adrian's Package store). Take a right onto Mary's Pond Road and look for the pond and the dirt access road (New Perry's Lane) on the left. Once on the access road, the public access, boat launch, and parking area are located on the left. Please note that no parking is permitted on Mary's Pond Road.

Wading and casting small spinners and spoons work well within the deeper sections of the pond. The most productive areas are usually the along the drop-offs in the north, west and easternmost ends of the pond. The southeast end is quite shallow and mostly devoid of fish-attracting topography and cover, most especially during the fall season when the abutting cranberry bogs are being flooded for harvest.

One of the most productive methods for fishing Mary's Pond includes bottom fishing with night crawlers or PowerBait. The hotspot to target is the deep 32-foot hole on the northwest end within casting distance from shore. Look for the shoreline boulders near the old bathhouse. Trolling small spoons and minnow baits from a small boat or canoe is also effective, especially along the eastern edge adjacent to the cranberry bogs. This area features a small, deep channel created by flooding and draining of the bogs.

Due to its easy access and small, shallow nature, Mary's Pond is an excellent pond to take the kids fishing. With little to no structure to hang up on, as well as ample bi-annual fish stockings, Mary's Pond is a great weekend destination for getting the young ones acclimated (and addicted) to trout fishing, passing on the tradition and a love of the outdoors for future generations to come.

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