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Since its introduction over a decade ago, Mercury’s supercharged Verado lineup has been making waves at coastal marinas with saltwater anglers looking for reliable, powerful, responsive, fuel-efficient performance. Whether used in single, twin, triple or quad applications, these four-strokes have been getting the job done, tweaking every ounce of horsepower out of their 2.6L in-line, six-cylinder displacement.
By Capt. John N. Raguso
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With the introduction of the new 350 Verado (and the recent 400 Verado for racing fans) boat owners can command additional sea horses through the slick electronic fly-by-wire controls with minimal to zero net increase in overall weight on the transom. The genius of high-technology takes care of the engineering element of this net horsepower increase, with proprietary computer mapping for spark advance, fuel injection and allowing these motors to develop just a tad more RPMs.

Mercury test results reveal the highly efficient Verado 350, which can operate on 89 octane gas with 91 octane recommended for full performance, provides up to 10 percent greater fuel economy than competitive outboards. The secret to the Verado 350’s unbeatable combination of performance and fuel economy begins with its lightweight, compact design. Weighing just 668 pounds, this engine is almost 100 pounds lighter than the nearest four-stroke competitor. The Merc Verado 350’s new cold-air intake system is designed to collect cool, fresh air from outside the cowl and deliver it efficiently to the supercharger. The water-cooled supercharger delivers greater boost by utilizing water from the engine cooling system to provide a cooling jacket around the supercharger components, thereby reducing the work required to compress the air induction and increasing overall durability. The top cowl’s unique labyrinth design keeps the powerhead dry, while the styled vented flywheel cover allows engine heat to dissipate more easily, improving the overall efficiency and durability of the engine and its components. Optimized guide plates on the lower unit maximize driver handling at high speeds, providing greater confidence when you’re running hammer down to a hot bite. Verado’s proven 5.44-inch diameter gear case is built to handle rough offshore seas with gears that are precision-machined in-house to ensure max quality and durability.

The new Verado 350 not only is more powerful, it also makes more power. Mercury Marine’s exclusive Idle Charge system adaptively increases engine rpm at low speeds when battery voltage is low. This provides additional current for increased house loads caused by today’s integrated navigation equipment, and ensures that operators always have the power necessary to maintain safe operation. Like its Verado siblings, the new 350 is compatible with Mercury’s SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system, which offers smooth, instantaneous, quiet shifting and ultra-responsive throttle control. Operators also are assured a quiet ride by the inherently balanced inline six-cylinder Verado engine with its Advanced Mid Section (AMS) design, which virtually eliminates vibration in the boat.

Like all Verados, the 350 is one of the easiest four-strokes to maintain, featuring Mercury’s exclusive lifetime maintenance-free valve train, as well as links to informative maintenance videos. Verado 350 is available with Joystick Piloting for Outboards as well as Skyhook and VesselView. With a simple push or twist of a joystick you can maneuver a boat sideways, diagonally or spinning on its axis. You easily can control dual, triple or quad Verado 250hp, 300hp or 350hp outboards in challenging wind and current conditions. This system integrates seamlessly with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) and electrohydraulic power steering, while standard integrated autopilot provides Auto Heading and Waypoint Sequencing. Skyhook uses GPS date to hold the boat in position for fishing or waiting for bridges to open. VesselView engine-information systems allow you to make the most of your time on the water. The Verado 350 offers owners the ability to personalize their engines with custom colors, including standard Phantom Black, Cold Fusion White and Warm Fusion White.

Mercury Marine has also recently introduced a next-gen version of their popular 2.1-liter 115hp four-stroke that made a huge splash last season. The newbie is the 115 XS Pro, available in both 20- and 25-inch shaft versions. What makes this engine so special is her relatively light weight of 363 pounds, tweaked computer and fuel mapping that allows more power and an elevated red line of 6,300 rpm, plus a smart-charge alternator that raises idle rpm if necessary to get more charging amps due to the demands of your marine electronics load. The 115 XS Pro also features a Command Thrust gearcase with a low 2.38:1 ratio that will let you run the big-boy props typically reserved for high horsepower Verado and OptiMax outboards.

Specifications: Mercury Verado 350
Full Throttle Range - 5800 to 6400 rpm
Configuration - In-line 6 cylinder
Displacement - 2.6 liters
Induction System - Supercharged with charged air cooling
Gear Ratio - 1.75:1
Gearcase - 5.44 inches
Dry Weigh t- 668 pounds
Steering - electro-hydraulic power
Shaft Length - 20, 25 and 30 inches
Available Colors - Phantom Black; Cold Fusion White; Warm Fusion White