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TroKar hooks take sharpness to a new level, featuring a hook with a geometric triangular point to penetrate faster and easier. All three edges are honed to a surgical sharpness, resulting in a hook that penetrates twice as fast and dramatically improves strike-to-hook-up ratios. Once the sharpness was dialed in, Eagle Claw’s team of pro-fisherman put these hooks to the test in the field.
By Capt. John N. Raguso

With their input, Eagle Claw incorporated those changes to make TroKar hooks even more superior, using high-carbon, cold-forged steel and a bolstered shank design for added strength during aggressive hook-sets. This steel is then put through a unique heat treating process that adds impact resistance and just the right amount of flex to resist breaking when fighting to get your fish in the boat.

The Eagle Claw TroKar TK9 Inshore Kahle hooks feature an offset pattern with a unique wide gap that is perfectly suited for fluke fishing. They are offered in 1/0 (14 hooks per pack); 2/0 (13 hooks per pack); 3/0 & 4/0 (12 hooks per pack); and 5/0 (11 hooks per pack).

Lazer Sharp L2 Octopus Hooks
As a premium brand of Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co., Lazer Sharp has carried on the legacy of quality and attention to detail while also establishing an exceptional reputation of its own. Lazer Sharp hooks are the only American-made needlepoint hooks in the world. Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L2 Octopus long shank, offset, up-eye hooks are designed for beginner, intermediate, and expert fishermen. The unique offset bend and sharp point is particularly suited for the tough jaw of striped bass and will work equally as well fishing clam baits, bunker chunks, drifting eels or using live baits. They are offered in three different durable finishes (nickel, black nickel and red) that really hold up to repeated use in saltwater. I have used them successfully in alternate pursuits for cod, ling, sea bass and porgies when wreck fishing, as well as using chunk baits for small football tunas. The black and red finishes are offered in 16 different sizes, while the nickel finish is available in 13 sizes.

For those anglers that prefer employing circle hooks for stripers, Eagle Claw’s Lazer Sharp L7228BP (needlepoint, non-offset, forged point, up-eye, wide gap) Octopus circle hook will do the job and is offered in 14 different sizes.

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