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Introduced to be able to reach out to and then tame near offshore tuna and other pelagics for the growing cadre of bluewater spinning rod “a-fish-ionados,” Tsunami’s Airwave Elite is a strong-but-lightweight fiberglass and graphite modulus stick that comes in two flavors, depending on your needs.
By Capt. John N. Raguso
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The two models currently in the Airwave Elite bluewater spinning series are the model TSAWEBWS-862H, which is a heavy action, two-piece rod that measures a total of eight feet, six inches in length and is rated for 40- to 80-pound braided lines and lure weights from two to four ounces. The other model, the TSAWEBWS-862, is shaped with an extra-heavy action, rated for 50- to 100-pound braided lines and lure weights from three to six ounces.

Through the use of unique, high-pressure production techniques, each Tsunami Airwave rod delivers powerful high-fiber density blanks with no excess weight. The result is a stronger, lighter weight, high performance stick for inshore or surf fishing. All-day casting no longer means sore arms and a tired angler because light weight is part of every Airwave rod design from the high-density modulus fiberglass and graphite blank to the Fuji Concept Alconite guides used on these models. They’re tough, smooth, braid-proof guides, finished off with durable, textured vinyl grips and a gimbal butt for use with fighting belts.

The high-fiber density blanks provide extreme sensitivity and resilience to transmit more power to each cast. That means increased distance and accuracy with less effort. Once the hook is set, the reserve power in each blank helps beat bragging size gamefish and get them boatside in short order. If your arms are tired after a day of fishing with Airwave rods, it probably just means you caught more fish!


When you do hook-up, the heavy duty machined aluminum gimbal will snug into your fave fighting belt and you are off to the races.
I was able to get my hands on the lighter of the two Tsunami Airwave Elite bluewater spinning rods (the 862H, 40- to 80-pound model) and take it for a test drive a few weeks back. As advertised, it is a portable, two-piece, fairly lightweight stick for something that is designed to tame a 100-pound bluefin and send a three- to four-ounce plug or lure 75 yards or more out into a feeding frenzy. The front part of the rod measures 71 inches long and is equipped with a total of seven of Fuji’s Concept "K" series Alconite tangle-free guides and a tip top, all armed with titanium frames and a “braid proof” Silicon Carbide insert ring. The stripper guide ring is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and the top of it is situated 3.5 inches off the rod blank, so it is set up for long distance casts. All of these “K” series Fuji guides are angled forward to prevent the dreaded “wind knots” that are a fact of life that occur when using braided line. This is when the line comes off the reel’s spool faster than it can pass through the guides, backing up the process a bit where the line on the backside of the guide forms a half hitch, loops over the guide and totally shuts down your cast. Rest assured that these Fuji Concept guides have been engineered to minimize and/or totally eliminate this problem.

The 12-inch long foregrip on the Airwave Elite had a built-in diamond cross-hatch pattern to it, which provides an excellent handhold, even when wet. When you do hook-up, the heavy duty machined aluminum gimbal will snug into your fave fighting belt and you are off to the races. I was able to launch some of my favorite tuna popping plugs anywhere from 65 to 80 yards away with this stick, matched up to a Penn Battle spinning reel spooled with 50-pound Western Filament Tuf-Line braid and a 12-foot wind-on 60-pound fluorocarbon shock leader. Sending out over 100 casts to potential target areas was an effortless experience, but alas I did not have the good fortune to get any hook-ups. Be advised that these rods are a full 8.5 feet in length, so keep that in mind when you are out on a boat and be sure to watch your casting motion to avoid hardtop rocket launchers, outriggers, center riggers and radio antennas.

Both Tsunami Airwave bluewater spin rods feature a number of common features, including high density glass and graphite composite blank construction; increased sensitivity; super fast shock recovery for improved casting; the aforementioned Fuji Concept "K" series Alconite guides; Fuji graphite and stainless steel reel seat; tough, durable, diamond textured shrink vinyl grips; a unique machined aluminum ball gimbal; and is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

The MSRP for the 40- to 80-pound “heavy” Airwave Elite is $199.99 and $209.99 for the extra-heavy 50- to 100-pound model.

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