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The beauty of the proven bucktail jig is that it is almost equally as effective at catching targeted gamefish species from the surface, at mid depths and down to the bottom. Peace Token’s new patent-pending Fishfinder Bucktail Jig is a totally new spin on this time-honored favorite.
By Capt. John N. Raguso

For starters, this “Fishfinder Bucktail” lives up to its name and is not actually tied to the bitter end of your running line or mono leader. Like the fishfinder sinker rig that we all have employed at one time or another to get baits down to the bottom, which prevents the targeted gamefish from feeling the weight of the sinker when they pick up the offering, the Fishfinder Bucktail operates in a similar manner, but with a twist. Unlike conventional jigs that feature a rigid hook that is molded into the jig’s body, the Peace Token design is constructed without a hook and instead features a cylindrical copper tube that runs through the center body of the lead jig, allowing it to slide freely up and down the leader or fishing line along its length. You can then tie either a fixed or swinging hook on the terminus end of the leader to complete the package.

Peace Token offers a turnkey package that they call the “Bottom Explorer Jig Rig” for an additional $2 added to the cost of your preferred size/color jig. These pre-tied rigs are constructed with 100-pound test barrel swivels and Gamakatsu 4/0 Siwash hooks, complemented by a plastic bead stopper to protect the jig from jamming into the knot, a solid attachment ring for the 24-inch length of 50-pound mono leader and a 25-pound breakaway split ring to avoid losing the jig if you snag your hook on bottom rubble. Other variations of the Fishfinder Bucktail jig include smaller (1/4-ounce and 1/2-ounce) jigs employed as teasers set on dropper loops above the heavier main jig.

Peace Token’s Bottom Explorer Jigs are offered in a kaleidoscope of colors that should appeal to most anglers for just about every ambient light and water clarity situation. Currently, there are eight varieties that include white, pink, glow, glow head/pink tail, glow head/bunker tail, crazy chartreuse, nuclear chicken and pink glow.

There are nine different weights, ranging from 1.5 to 12 ounces, which allow you to employ these jigs in a variety of current conditions and depths. They range in price from $3.59 to $13.99.

In summary, the Peace Token Bottom Explorer Jig is a unique bucktail with a wealth of applications, is offered in a size and color that will get the job done, is reasonably priced and certainly deserves some space in your go-to tackle box.

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