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Located south of Copiague inside East/West Channel is the Copiague Hole, an area frequently mentioned in fishing reports, and where each season anglers score a host of inshore favorites from this man made hotspot. The Hole plays host to a variety of species from blowfish to striped bass. It is located just east of Tanner Park in East West Channel and is approximately 30 feet in depth, surrounded by the 10-foot depth of the channel. The area was dredged a number of years ago, and the dredge material used to build up the Copiague shoreline for waterfront development.
By Tony Salerno

Much of the bottom contour of the Copiague Hole consists of a clay bottom compared to the sand/mud habitat that surrounds the area. The area features an abundance of eel grass beds which attract a myriad of baitfish, which in turn attract a variety of gamefish and bottom dwellers.
In April you can count on plucking a few flounder from the deeper depths of the hole with sandworms and clams, however it is the May/June run of stripers and blues that gets the most attention from anglers these days. Bass Assassins, bucktails, Kastmasters and 007 diamond jigs are among the artificials that get a lot of play here. Most of these offerings produce best when worked near or on the bottom.

Fluke are a popular target at the Hole in June and July, with the best results usually obtained by working edges and slopes that surround the hole. Anglers drifting ½ to 1-ounce bucktails tipped with squid or spearing, or basic fluke rigs, find the best action near the top of the incoming, with some of the flatties ranging up to 6 pounds or better.

August and September are prime time for weakfish, with hi-lo rigs tipped with either sandworms or squid strips working best. Small bucktails or fixed hook Bridgeport Diamond jigs tipped with squid will also draw their share of attention. The best weakfish action in recent years has come during the first few hours of the ebb tide. You can also expect a few nice size kingfish to mix in with the weaks.

Anything goes in the fall as many species migrating out of the bay make a pit stop here. All the species mentioned above are viable options during the fall run. You can also add bottom dwellers like porgies, sea bass and blowfish to the menu. Bottom rigs baited with worms, clams and squid, and a chum pot or two filled with frozen clam logs should put you into some of this late summer mixed bag action. Snappers are frequent visitors to the Hole during August and September, and can be caught on small tins, snapper spinners baited with spearing and fished behind a small drail, or under a bobber.
For updates on the latest action in the Copiague Hole and adjacent waters, give Bob’s (631-842-7573) or Comb’s (631-264-3525) a call.

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