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A $50 wooden rod rack that you can build at home with a few simple materials this winter.
By Tom Melton

How many rod and reel combos do you own?

Are they stacked in the garage, up on shelves, strewn about the basement, or somewhere you feel they are safe?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have them stored neatly and safely in a nice looking rack? Sure, you could go buy a rack at the local sports store or online, but here’s one that is easily made, and it will only cost you a little time and less than 50 bucks.

The rack which I made for myself was a one-sided rack, with a capacity for 15 rods. My buddy, Bob Danielson, wanted one that would hold 20, but a little shorter in length. On his, I opted for a two-sided version, with 10 on each side. Each cost less than $50.

Basically, all you’ll need to build either rack, or one of your own dimensions, is some pine, a closet pole and some glue and screws. If you are planning on painting your rack, use poplar since it paints well and finishes nicely, and is usually a little better grade than standard pine. If you are going to stain, stick with pine, but get a better grade than common. For this project, let’s concentrate on the double-sided version.

Two pieces of wood (pine or poplar) 1 X 4 X 48 inches, which will be used for the sides, and one piece of the same width/thickness, but 60 inches in length for the top rail. Next you will need two pieces of 1 X 6 X 48 inches, for the bottom angles where the butt rests. Next are two pieces of 1 X 10 X 12 inches for the end caps. The last items you will need are two pieces of 1-1/4 inch closet pole by 48 inches in length. Add in some 1-5/8 inch screws and wood glue and you’re ready to get started.

I used a table saw, chop box and circular saw for all the cuts, but you could do it all using just a circular saw, just make sure you use a square for all cuts. You will also need a hole-saw or spade bit in 1-inch diameter for the half circles needed for the rod tips to rest.

After cutting all the pieces to length, and drilling the holes, assemble according to the step-by-step instructions below. You can follow along with the steps clicking on each photo in the gallery in the upper right hand side of the page.

On your 1 X 10, mark a center line, then two diagonal lines for the butt rests.

Attach the two 1 X 6 boards to the angled lines on the 1 X 10. Attach the closet pole at the top corner of the same boards. Add the upright legs to the base assembly.

Take the remaining piece of 1 X 4 (the 60-inch piece) and draw a line down the center. At 4-inch intervals, drill a 1-inch hole the entire length of the board. On a table saw, cut this board exactly in half.

After halving, flip each piece so the half circles are opposite one another and at least 2 inches apart (stagger the half circles so the rod tips do not hit).

Once you've aligned the top rails (off-centered), cut them to length – 48 inches, and attach to the side uprights.

Load ‘em up with rods! You can stain it if you wish. Note how in the double array in the photograph, the the rod tips do not make contact with one another. Makes a great project over the holidays, or if you have the time could also make a great gift for the angler on your list!

And for those not too handy with the power tools, don't forget about the KastKing Rack 'em Up system from the folks at ePoseidon!