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Here's a solid book on bucktail technique with anecdotal references that keep the reading fast-paced and enjoyable.
By John Skinner
Tags: surf
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Fishing The Bucktail is one of the better books on the subject out there, and John uses plenty of anecdotal references to explain techniques and share his knowledge of the bucktail game. The anecdotal references make for some good reading and go a long way toward avoiding the tedious pace of many how-to books. Fishing The Bucktail is not entirely dedicated to fishing bucktails in the surf, but many of the boat fishing references can also apply to surf fishing applications.

Many surf fishermen also own small boats or kayaks which are brought into play when the surfline isn’t producing. Much of the boat fishing discussion revolves around fishing back bay areas for fluke, stripers and weakfish, information that many of you will be able to put to good use.

From a surf fishing perspective, you will be hard pressed to find a more detailed explanation on how to fish these lures along open sand beaches, from inlet jetties, back bay shorelines and rocky beaches. Each of these surf fishing situations rates its own chapter on the subject. There is also a chapter dedicated to fishing these leadheads in the Montauk surf. There are other chapters discussing the intricacies of working a bucktail in considerable detail.
If you’re inclined to take bucktailing a step further and want to get into making your own, there is a very detailed chapter that contains all the info you will need to start molding leadheads and turning them into the finished product.

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