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Inshore, offshore, freshwater and surf, TheFisherman.com covers everything fishing - and you are going to love it!
By Tom Schlichter
Tags: general, special

If you recently sensed a tremor in “the force” that is the collective web presence of our recreational fishing community, we’re not surprised. It was probably us uploading the new TheFisherman.com website.

Jam-packed with exciting fishing content and up-to-the-minute information including web exclusive HD video and feature articles, we’ve designed this site to dovetail with our three regional print editions, providing the most complete, timely, and entertaining fishing coverage of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Check it out and you'll find a site that’s loaded with content, easy to navigate, and expansive enough to cover every type of local recreational fishing in intimate detail. Best of all, subscribers can now view a digital version of The Fisherman Magazine every Monday at noon!

Your subscriber-only benefits are free and instantly available when you register online - no strings, fees or new commitments attached.
Led by our three regional magazines, The Fisherman’s New England, New Jersey/Delaware Bay and New York editions, TheFisherman.com is the ultimate online fishing destination. We hope you’ll make us your first stop everyday as you search for the most accurate and credible fishing information on the World Wide Web. In addition to plenty of informative feature articles and videos, you’ll find breaking fishing news, tons of resource information including knots, rigs, tides, weather, past issues of The Fisherman Magazine, plus hot spots, simple tips, cooking recipes, product reviews and more. You’ll also be able to renew your subscription online with just a few simple key strokes.

So come on in and immerse yourself in The Fisherman’s online community. Share your fishing photos and thoughts, get an edge on your favorite gamefish or learn how to put more fillets on ice. Your subscriber-only benefits are free and instantly available when you register online - no strings, fees or new commitments attached.

Here's just some of what you’ll find on TheFisherman.com. There’s plenty more on the way!

Video Feature Companions - Select magazine features are paired with outstanding online HD video footage, bringing print words to life. Tap into our growing video archive from any web-enabled device.

The Fisherman Magazine Online – Get reports fast. Our enhanced digital version of The Fisherman Magazine is available online by noon on Monday - just hours after reports are gathered and four days earlier than when the printed edition arrives in the mail. Each web and email address mentioned in the magazine comes with a link, and the full digital edition is available on any web-enabled device including the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Droid, Mac and PC.

The Fisherman Magazine Digital Archive – Get free access to a full year of back digital issues with your subscription. Receive one year forward and one year back when you sign up. All issues are searchable, making it easy to find the information you need.

Web Exclusive Features - We know you have an insatiable appetite for fishing information so we’ve scheduled two online exclusive features per month. These are carefully crafted and timed to provide tips and instruction you’ll find immediately useful.

Fishing News – The Fisherman is deeply networked with sport fishing industry professionals from Delaware to Maine. With staff in three locations, field reporters strategically positioned throughout the region, and the largest readership to draw upon for reports and information, we’ll bring you the latest fishing industry information as the news breaks.

Hot Spot Archive – We know you’ll love our Hot Spot archive. Each location profiled is noted on a chart with fishing characteristics explained in detail. New spots are added frequently to ensure a robust and up-to-date resource on which you can depend again and again.

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