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The Boga Grip is one of the most popular weight/gripper tools on the market, now is a good time to clean yours!
By Toby Lapinski
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For me, the Boga Grip is an essential tool of the surfcaster and boater alike. Not just a tool to weigh your catch, they are the best fish gripper that I have ever used and will not set foot in the surf without one on my belt. So as important as they are to my fishing success, it is an often abused tool when it comes to cleaning and servicing by most anglers—myself included. Aside from a rinse with fresh water and the occasional shot of WD-40, I do little maintenance on my Boga. Well, I recently set out to service and clean my 60-pound Boga (the process is similar for the 15- and 30-pound models) and found it was nowhere near as difficult as I had previously assumed. So if you have never done it, or cannot recall the last time it was done, today is a good time to give your Boga a good cleaning as the 2017 fishing season is now well upon us!

Begin by giving the Boga a freshwater cleaning. I soaked mine in warm, soapy water for a day and thoroughly rinsed it afterwards. This eliminated a lot of the surface grime. I then set it out to dry for a few days before beginning the actual cleaning process.

Once fully dry, gather the tools necessary for a service. They include:

  • Assembly tool (included in the box)
  • Paper towels
  • WD-40
  • Rubber mallet
  • Permanent marker, paint, wax pencil, etc. (if you want to fill in the numbers)

As you can see, the list of tools is limited, and a full cleaning should take about 15 minutes from start to finish. I would advise keeping the user manual handy in case you have any questions not covered here as my description will be an abbreviated yet compete version of what is included in the manual.

Use the assembly tool to push out the three pins located in the grip tube, body housing and trigger. If they are stuck, you might need to lightly tap with a rubber mallet. Remove the end cap and grip tube from the body.

The jaws may now be removed; this is done one side at a time and you might need to wiggle them a little to get them to pop out. The trigger can now also be removed as well as the brake washer if you did not remove it earlier.

Push the scale rod into the body and remove the plastic spring retainer housing, taking special care not to let the trigger springs and spring ends shoot out. To be safe, remove these springs now.

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