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In our very first installment of "The Kayak Insider" from The Fisherman Magazine, meet host Elias Vaisberg as he offers a few quick tips on effective catch and release bluefishing during the spring run.
By Elias Vaisberg
A New York City based kayak fishing guide, Elias Vaisberg is a regular contributor to The Fisherman Magazine and is hosting The Kayak Insider, exclusively at TheFisherman.com. In his very first installment of this new regular video feature, meet Elias and join him for a quick trip on the inshore grounds during the 2017 spring bluefish invasion. For many anglers new to kayak fishing, hooking and effectively releasing gnashing bluefish isn't a thought until it's time to do the deed. When sitting low on the water from the cockpit of your kayak, knocked-down barbs and grippers are critical - learn more with Elias this week in this quick tip from The Kayak Insider.