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With its mild taste, abundance in local waters and eager willingness to take a baited hook, the sea robin could be the perfect inshore target species. Here is a simple way to prepare them for the table!
By Toby Lapinski

While sea robins stripped out aboard inshore trips have made great additions as strip baits for fluke and sea bass, many for-hire captains have begun depositing this bycatch into the fish box in recent years to add a tasty option to the day's total catch. Known as a gurnard in Europe where British fishermen have turned this species into a more marketable restaurant product starting around 2014, the Western Atlantic sea robin has a firm white flesh that holds together well in cooking, making them well-suited to soups and stews. In fact, these "birds" are commonly used in the French dish bouillabaisse. Looking for cleaning ideas? Check out this how to video feature from The Fisherman's Toby Lapinski.