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Yo-Zuri's Mag Darter has made its mark as a solid fish catching tool for scores of surfcasters and also those who prefer to do their casting from the deck of a boat.
By Fred Golofaro
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Originally available in 4-1/8 (5/8 oz.) and 5-inch (1 oz.) models, the 6-1/2-inch (2 oz.) model, introduced at the end of last season and beginning of this season, had been highly anticipated by the surf crowd. Since its introduction, the plug has lived up to the same fish catching standard set by its predecessors. This larger plug filled a much needed niche for those already confident in the lure's ability to score fish, particularly stripers. The latest addition to the lineup can be applied to big water and big fish situations where the 5-inch model fell short.

The unique lip design on these lures produces a tight rolling and natural darting action at a slow, steady retrieve. I've found a slow to moderately slow retrieve, while allowing for adjustments to current flow, to be the most effective but I've spoken to other casters who swear they do better by twitching or adding a sweeping motion to the plug. Stopping and starting my retrieve has resulted in some strikes, particularly when bass are showing but playing hard to catch in calm water situations.

Another one of the Mag-Darter's virtues is its casting qualities. The lure's unique patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System allows for longer casts, even into the wind, than traditional stick bait plugs, which are often used in the same situations as the Mag-Darter. They are available in a wide range of color patterns, and I have had good success with the bone, ghost black and bronze, but I know other casters who have done well with the pearl red head, mullet and sardine patterns.

These are sturdy plugs built around a strong polycarbonate body and featuring 3x strong treble hooks and heavy duty stainless steel split rings. The hooks do not require replacement, but some casters do choose to replace them with VMCs.

To see the complete lineup of Yo-Zuri lures and to view videos, including one featuring the 6-1/2-inch model, go to their website.