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Star Fishing Tackle has introduced a pair of spinning reels, the S7000 and S8000, which boast features that many veteran surf fishermen will recognize as modifications made to old favorites from the 70s and 80s.
By Fred Golofaro

The simple construction and even the design of these reels can be traced back to those old workhorses. These S-Series reels blend the best features of the past with today’s technology into an affordable reel that is simple in design, durable and easily serviced.

Its features include: black, anodized machined aluminum spool; aluminum body, side cover and rotor; over-sized bronze main gear; stainless steel pinion gear; over-sized stainless steel crankshaft doubly supported by ball bearings; waterproof sealed drag system; carbon fiber drag washers; five ball bearings and one roller bearing; machined aluminum handle with over-sized knob; infinite anti-reverse.

The bail system features a manual flip bail with options for a single or double bail-less manual pickup. A conversion kit is included with each reel and the conversion takes only minutes. You also have the option of adjusting how loose or tight you want the handle to turn. A set of washers in included to adjust the handle tension, which again is a quick and simple process. The drilled out spool and rotor is a great feature that in addition to helping keep the weight of the reel to a minimum, allows sand-filled water to pass through the reel during frequent dunkings in the surf.

The S7000 weighs in at 19.64 ounces and boasts a line capacity of 400 yards of 40-pound braid with a maximum drag of 28 pounds. Its bigger brother, the S8000 weighs 21.3 ounces and can hold 510 yards of 50-pound braid. It has a maximum drag of 25 pounds. The gear ratio is 3.7:1 for both reels. These are beefy reels that have a lot to offer at a MSRP of just $179.95.