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The American Fisheries Society will hold their 148th annual meeting in Atlantic City in August, providing local fishermen and business owners a unique opportunity to participate in stakeholder engagement day on August 21.
By Jim Hutchinson, Jr.  |  July 22, 2018
The American Fisheries Society - a non-profit organization established in 1870 to advance fisheries science - will hold their 148th annual meeting in Atlantic City, with a unique "stakeholder engagement day" on Tuesday, August 21.

There are some who simply enjoy a good boardwalk sausage sandwich; others are equally interested in learning how that sausage is made.

For those who want to know more about how their “fish sausage” is divvied up during the fisheries management process and the science that informs fisheries management, the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society from August 19-23 in Atlantic City may be worth a look. h

The American Fisheries Society is a non-profit organization established in 1870 to advance fisheries science, and their 148th annual meeting in Atlantic City offers local angling clubs, tackle shop staffers and charter/party boat captains and crews a unique opportunity to participate in a stakeholder engagement day on Tuesday, August 21.

During Stakeholder Engagement Day in Atlantic City, fishing and aquaculture industry stakeholders can attend the meeting at a reduced daily registration rate where they’ll get the chance to learn about the latest research and issues impacting the industry while discussing collaborative opportunities with scientists and fishery managers. Some of the topics and species that will be covered include collaborative research, politics in fisheries management, stakeholder engagement, offshore energy development, resource surveys, electronic monitoring, summer flounder, black sea bass, sturgeon, lobster, and Jonah crab.

At the urging of members of the local scientific community who hope to see more stakeholder participation for this year’s event, the American Fisheries Society is offering a reduced one-day registration cost of $50 (normally $330) for industry stakeholders to attend the annual meeting on Stakeholder Engagement Day on August 21. To qualify for the special prize, those interested in attending must fill out an application to be reviewed in which consideration is given based on those who make their primary living in the industry or representatives of fishing-related businesses, associations, organizations, or clubs.

“This is a very unique and excellent opportunity for industry stakeholders to attend an international conference at a reduced rate and to learn about the science that is being conducted on many of our regional industries and target species,” saId Dr. Douglas Zemeckis, County Agent III (Assistant Professor), Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Rutgers University. “Those in attendance will also be able to meet with scientists and managers to discuss issues impacting their industries and to develop collaborative research opportunities”, Zemeckis added.

Click here to apply for the reduced registration; application must be completed by August 15.

Applicants will be notified within two weeks if their request for reduced registration has been approved. Upon which time, additional information will also be provided. Some fisheries groups and other organizations have generously offered to support stakeholder engagement with funding to encourage industry participation, and seafood to serve at the networking event. There will also be a joint scientist-industry networking event during the evening at Bass Pro Shops sponsored in part by the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) and The Nature Conservancy.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, including opportunities to participate in discussion panels, present about your fishery, or potential sources for additional financial assistance to attend, contact one of the members of the Program Sub-Committee on Stakeholder Engagement:

Chair – Dr. Douglas Zemeckis (Rutgers University): zemeckis@njaes.rutgers.edu or 732-349-1152

Dr. Eleanor Bochenek (Rutgers University): eboch@hsrl.rutgers.edu

Bill Duffy (NOAA): william.duffy@noaa.gov

Christopher McGuire (The Nature Conservancy): cmcguire@tnc.org

Dr. Jason Morson (Rutgers University): jmorson@hsrl.rutgers.edu

Kenneth Keene (NOAA): kenneth.keene@noaa.gov

George Maynard (CCCFA): george@capecodfishermen.org

Dr. Anna Malek Mercer (CFRF): amalek@cfrfoundation.org

Dr. Catherine O’Keefe (MADMF): catherine.o’keefe@state.ma.us

Visit the event website at afsannualmeeting.fisheries.org.

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