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With the offshore bite heating up, the timing couldn’t be better for the 2018 Tri-State Canyon Shootout brought to you by J&B Tackle.
By Toby Lapinski  |  July 23, 2018

With a home base at Block Island, RI, the fishing grounds are even easier to access than ever. There are Calcuttas for Tuna Jackpot, Bluefin, Viking Owners, Yellowfin, Albacore, Mahi, Tri-Fishecta, Swordfish/Wahoo, Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Billfish Release, White Marlin Release, Home Port (CT, MA, RI, and NY/NJ) and more!

Now in its 17th year, the Tri-State Shootout is considered one of the Northeast premier tournaments. The tournament runs from July 29 through August 2 (Fishing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and you can choose two out of four days. You also have the option of picking two consecutive days. If you decide to fish two consecutive days, you will be able to do an overnight. Hours of an overnight trip will be from 5 am on the first day until 4 pm on the second day. If you come in after the scales close you will be able to weigh your fish the next day.

The Captain’s Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on Sunday, July 29, under the tent at the Block Island Boat Basin. At this meeting, participants will be informed of the tournament procedures and receive their Captains’ bags, T-Shirts and Rules. This will also be the opportunity for participants to raise questions regarding tournament procedures. All boats are presumed to have a representative at the Captains meeting in the case they are not present it is the responsibility of the entered boat to attain any information or updates given at the meeting. All entrants are held responsible for all rules and changes regardless of attendance.

Overtime covered the board in 2017 with a 279.5-pound Big Eye, a 56-pound Yellow and a 12.5-pound Mahi.

Rules Overview (For complete rules be sure to visit

  • All fish must adhere to state and federal regulations to qualify for this tournament.
  • Billfish prizes and qualification must also adhere to the included Billfish division supplement. The min size for a Swordfish is 100 pounds which can qualify for the Tournament without being in the Billfish division.
  • The fishing territory is limited to a 135 Nautical mile radius from the Fairway buoy SE of Block Island. The Fairway buoy is the Narragansett/Buzzards Bay Approach lighted whistle buoy A (RW MO (A) W 8S 6M RN). GPS 410 6.066’N and 710 23.365’W The 135km radius should be taken from this buoy, no exceptions. The Canyons included in this area are from Hudson Canyon to the west and Hydrographers to the east.
  • The angler must hook, fight and bring the fish to the gaff or tag stick unaided by any other person (excluding gaff and leader man).
  • This is a rod and reel, hook and line tournament. The use of hand lines, rope, nets, harpoons, and any other means of fish capture other than rod and reel are strictly prohibited.
  • No Mutilated Fish will be eligible for competition.
  • There shall be no use of aircraft of any kind, for spotting or baiting fish. Including the use of drones. Drones may only be operated with in a 100 yards of your vessel for the purposes of filming the vessel and its fishing spread.

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