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From their origins as a false albacore soft plastic bait, Fish Snax Lures have proven themselves on a variety of species from freshwater to inshore to offshore and more!

By Toby Lapinski
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The Fish Snax Lures family of lures now includes Albie Snax, Super Snax and Da' Squid.

Like peanut butter and jelly, Albie Snax go perfectly with catching such fall speedsters as green bonito and the lure’s namesake, the false albacore, but they are so much more than just a one-trick pony! Over the years just about every saltwater species inshore and offshore from weakfish to striped bass to tuna and more has fallen victim to the long-casting, darting swimming action of these awesome little soft plastic lures. Recent years have even seen some freshwater bass pros and Florida saltwater guides take notice and put the baits to good use, too. But the Fish Snax Lures line-up is more than just the Albie Snax as they also offer the 9.5-inch Super Snax for larger gamefish.

The inventor of the Albie Snax and Super Snax, Alex Peru spent countless hours refining prototypes of these lures prior to their present design. Not only was Alex concerned about the lure’s ability to attract strikes, but he put a lot of time and thought into the Snax Lure line’s unique long-casting ability, which really makes it standout in a crowded soft-plastic market. Expanding on Alex’s design and vision, new Fish Snax Lures owners Ed Caldwell and Carlos Fonts continue to take the lure line to the next level and beyond with new designs and additional color patterns.

For example, this year the da’ Squid was added to the Fish Snax family, and it has proven to be downright dynamite on a variety of species, even producing extremely well on offshore species like tuna. When I recently spoke with co-owner Ed Caldwell, he said that 2019 will see more designs added to the line-up, and they will be offering squid bars rigged with da’ Squid as extensive testing this season has proven fruitful on this combo.

Fish Snax also produces a full line of custom-designed hooks—both weightless as well as with lead—which matches their baits perfectly. These hooks, available from size 3/0 to 7/0, are saltwater-tough with a deep gap that allows for better hook-sets when used in conjunction with all of the Fish Snax lures.

The guys at Fish Snax Lures have been actively expanding their distribution into Long Island and New Jersey, so be sure to ask for Albie Snax, Super Snax, da’ Squid and all of the Fish Snax hooks at your favorite local retailer today.