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Made from a proprietary material called VaporLite™ Unsinkable® Polarized sunglasses are 20 percent lighter, which allows them to float. That novel concept around the water is great, but that lightweight quality makes them a heckuva lot more comfortable to wear too.
By Jim Hutchinson, Jr.

The wife laughs that I have too many sunglasses around the house, car and boat. But spend enough time fishing and hunting and you come to realize that there are shades for every purpose.

My latest set of “polarized apparel with a purpose” comes from Unsinkable Polarized.

“I designed the sunglasses right here in my backyard in Wildwood,” said Jersey native Britt Wetzel. “What’s more authentic than building Unsinkable sunglasses right here at the Jersey Shore,” Wetzel asked with a chuckle.

In the David and Goliath world of sunglass manufacturing, the folks at Unsinkable Polarized hope to win converts one at a time based on creating the Ultimate Watersports sunglasses--floating frames, premium polarized lenses, and an incredible lifetime + loss warranty. “One time loss replacement if it floats away,” Wetzel told me, adding “but if their dog eats it or fishing partner sits on it, just return, no questions asked, and pay $35 for the processing.”

If you’re looking for combo shooting/driving glasses, the new Vapor 3.0 is a super comfortable wrap-around. This style is exclusively available in their Colorblast lens ($139) which offers 100 percent UV protection and 10 percent visual light transmission; impact resistant, the polarized brown style really brightens things up for driving or fishing into dusk. These lenses have multiple layers for crisper, more saturated color acuity, which truly makes the colors blast. As opposed to polarized brown, the polarized grey lenses on the Coloroblast line gives a sharp, bluer line of sight with 10 percent visual light transmission.

If you’re looking for a good fishing exclusive frame, the Riva boasts wider temples to keep the sun out and fits comfortably while casting along your favorite flats. The Rival is available in two premium polarized lens options---the Core polarized lenses are for those looking for an excellent entry-level price at $99, while Colorblast™ polarized lenses for $139 will provide that added boost in polarized quality.

If you’re tired of shopping around for frames and lenses at 27 different price points to figure out what’s best, the straightforward pricing of Unsinkable Polarized makes these worthy of a place in your own outdoor rotation.

Available in men’s and women’s frames.