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With fishing seasons opening almost weekly across Southern New England, now is the time to head to the water and get on the bite!
By Toby Lapinski  |  April 8, 2019
Melissa Martin landed this beautiful rainbow trout last spring, submitted the image to The Fisherman Magazine, and made the cover of a weekly edition. Will your next catch make the cover?

Winter flounder and blackfish seasons opened up in many states last week, and this coming weekend we have Opening Day of trout season in both Rhode Island and Connecticut. Next week also sees the opening of Gulf of Maine haddock season, with fluke, black sea bass and more not too far behind. We also kicked-off the return to a weekly print schedule this month, so you know things are starting to happen!

And with the return to the weekly printings, you’ll begin to see local anglers and Fisherman subscribers (and sometimes their family and friends) adoring the cover each week. To that end, I am putting out the annual call for fishing photos. While I’d prefer them to be recent pictures of fish caught this season, I can make an exception for some of last season’s exception catches, too. Either way, you need to email them to me at tlapinski@thefisherman.com. Be sure to include a brief description of the catch including the angler’s name, species of fish, general location where the fish was landed and any other pertinent details which you would like to share. Please do your best to be mindful of the scene as well as the condition of the fish and be sure to shoot in a vertical format. As always, special consideration will be given to action shots, photos including happy smiling children and scenes which convey the overall enjoyment of fishing.

Email me the original, unedited version of the image. PLEASE do not go ahead and edit the image yourself, add graphics or anything else that you think might make the image better; leave that to the professionals! Also, please do not mail hard copies of images as they must then be scanned and they lose much of their clarity. Along those same lines, do not print an image and then take a picture of the printed image to then email it to me (this happens more often than you’d believe!)

So regardless of whether you are a bait fisherman, fly guy (or gal), a fanatical purist or the just a fun-seeking fair-weather angler, that next catch just might land your smiling face on the cover of an upcoming copy of The Fisherman Magazine.

Good luck!