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Good quality photos are always in demand. Send us yours and you just might end up on the cover of The Fisherman.

By Fred Golofaro  |  April 11, 2019
Luke Feeney’s 14.2 released blackfish has all the parameters for a great cover.

A new fishing season is underway and with it comes our annual search for reader photos. It is an opportunity for readers to share the thrill of their catch with others, and to document their catch in the pages of The Fisherman. You could end up appearing in the Report Section, the Photo Gallery or possibly even on a cover. Flounder and blackfish seasons are open, trout fishing is at its peak, and the first big stripers of the season should be prowling our waters very soon. We are back on our weekly print schedule so the demand for photos is high. While we prefer them to be recent pictures of fish caught this season, we also make exceptions for some of last season’s exceptional catches, too.

Either way, you need to email them to me at fgolofaro@thefisherman.com. Be sure to include a brief description of the catch including the angler’s name, species of fish, general location where the fish was landed and any other pertinent details which you would like to share. Please do your best to be mindful of the background as well as the condition of the fish. Fish covered in blood do not make for a good photo. Do not send photos of yourself holding two striped bass when the limit is one per person, and ditto for other species. Whether you only caught one or not, readers will assume they are your fish. Shooting a semi-vertical format and leaving some open space around the image will give you a better shot at appearing on the cover.

As always, special consideration will be given to action shots, especially those in the act of releasing a fish, and photos of smiling children are always welcome. Try to take photos of your catch when the fish is fresh out of the water. With virtually everyone walking around with phones capable of high quality photos these days, we encourage you to send us high resolution images of at least one or two MB. Email the original, unedited version of the image – do not downsize it. Also, please do not edit the image yourself, add graphics or anything else that you think might make the image better; leave that to our production staff. Do not mail hard copies of images as they must then be scanned and they lose much of their clarity. Along those same lines, do not print an image and then take a picture of the printed image to then email it to me (this happens more often than you can imagine).

So regardless of whether you fish the surf, the blue water, the Island’s lakes and ponds, or are just a fun-seeking fair-weather angler, that next catch just might land your smiling face on the cover of an upcoming copy of The Fisherman Magazine.