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A certain little spot packs a big bite in South Jersey. About 14 miles on a slight southeast course out of the Great Egg Inlet sits the Dog Lump, where the nautical contour lines elicit an uncanny resemblance to an actual dog—ears, nose, body, tail and all—but all those funny looking lines tell of drastic changes in water depths that attract late summer and early fall pelagics.
by Nick Honachefsky

The extremes of the Dog Lump drop to 76 feet along its north side, 74 feet along the southeast side and rises to a height of 54 feet at its pinnacle. The average depth runs between 58 to 61 feet on the whole lump. And for the kicker, there’s a tiny lump of 60 feet that rests a tiny bit behind the tail, affectionately known as the “Dog Poop” lump. Without a doubt, this can be a troller’s paradise to kick up false albacore, bonito, Spanish mackerel, skipjack tuna and mahi.