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Announcing the all-new Fisherman Magazine streaming TV channel, the ultimate destination for sport fishing video in the Northeast and beyond!
By Staff  |  February 10, 2020

Get connected with The Fisherman TV, the ultimate channel for sport fishing video in the Northeast region of the USA.

Now you can watch all The Fisherman's videos at home on your TV for free! All you need is an internet connection and either a Fire TV Stick, Roku Stick, Apple TV or TV with the Android Smart TV operating system installed. Using the search function on any of those streaming platforms, search for "The Fisherman TV - Fishing." Once you find our app, download it for free and start enjoying the awesome programming available to you.

You'll find seven informative and entertaining sub-channels on our app including the New England Fishing Forecast, the Long Island Fishing Forecast, the New Jersey Fishing Forecast, The Fisherman TV, Destinations, How-To, and our Gear Guide.

We present to you the people, the places, the news, the instruction and amazing fishing that make this unique region world famous. Each week learn exactly where the fish are biting, see images of the most notable catches and stay up to date on all the fishing news through our three unique regional Weekly Video Fishing Forecasts, which are newscasts for each region. Check out our full listing of Fisherman TV feature content shows and exclusive videos, and learn from some of the greatest fishing authorities as we bring you on location with us throughout the Northeast and wherever our fishing adventures take us.

Call 866-347-4836 or email us at info@thefisherman.com for support.