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Two MiniPSAT devices have been deployed, one is still in hand, and more are expected to arrive later this season as the Northeast Striped Bass Study returns for another year of striper tracking.
By Mike Caruso
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Gray FishTag Research and The Fisherman Magazine returned to the New York, New Jersey striper grounds this spring in hopes of deploying three Wildlife Computers MiniPSAT devices in a few spawning class striped bass. The Northeast Striped Bass Study by Gray FishTag Research and The Fisherman is possible through the help of our sponsors Navionics, Tsunami Fishing Tackle, the Recreational Fishing Alliance, AFW/HISEAS, Southernmost Apparel, and anglers and fishing clubs throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic through The Fisherman's 3R campaign. Two tags in, one to go; get the full story in the July, 2020 print edition of The Fisherman Magazine.