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Humminbird’s revolutionary 360-degree Imaging scans underwater places that are virtually impossible to see with conventional sonar.
By Capt. John N. Raguso
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It produces a 150-foot rotating beam that sweeps around a full 360-degree arc to create a 300-foot circle of detection and information around your boat. This allows anglers to see baitfish and predators all around without ever moving over them (1.6 acres of total coverage). The imaging beam sweeps the surrounding water and detects fish, underwater structure, rocks, terrain changes and more, helping you target fish hideouts with surgical precision that would remain hidden to other traditional “look down” or even side scan sonar devices.

Four beam speeds are adjustable from ten- to 360-degree sweep areas to allow users to fine-tune the system and isolate specific areas for maximum detail or faster returns. The slower beam speeds scan more thoroughly to produce better-quality images, while the higher beam speeds deliver faster refresh rates and let you catch up to fast-moving fish. The adjustable sweep area lets you adjust the beam sweep between ten and 360 degrees in any direction, or choose one of four factory preset sweep settings that scan fore, aft, port, or starboard with a 180-degree arc. Important returns can easily be marked with a waypoint to keep track of productive fishing spots with the GPS function on your Humminbird combo display (select units only).

Split-screen views also let you see 360-degree imaging with 2D SwitchFire Sonar or GPS cartography, including adjustable beam sensitivity for adapting to varying water conditions. Choose from eight color palettes for easy viewing and adjustable image sharpness for clearer resolution in different light conditions.

Humminbird’s 360 Imaging uses an Imaging Transducer Deployment System that silently lowers the transducer below the hull and prop for unobstructed views at every angle. The transducer can be deployed with easy-to-use buttons on the near-silent Transducer Deployment System housing or by using the controls on your Humminbird combo GPS/fishfinder unit. This sonar accessory is compatible with current Humminbird Side Imaging-equipped models (798ci HD SI Combo, 898c SI Combo, 998c SI Combo, 1198c SI Combo) that are Ethernet-capable and are a separate component part required to make this 360 Imaging system work. Some older Humminbird side imaging units will work, but will need a software update.

Visualize 360 Imaging as a thin sonar wall extending 150 feet to either side of your boat. This wall rotates to create a 300-foot diameter circle, updated in real time, enabling you to see areas virtually impossible to reach with other types of sonar. Because the sonar wall moves, you don't have to move. You can stay put and stay quiet in your search for fish, or just let them come to you and know when they get there.

For greater on-water flexibility, 360 Imaging lets you choose from four beam speed settings. Lower beam speeds lead to higher image quality but lower refresh rates. Conversely, higher beam speeds result in lower image quality but higher refresh rates. With four options, you can find the ideal setting for your boat speed, water conditions and need for detail. Operators can mark interesting returns with a waypoint directly on the 360 Imaging screen. The exact location will be stored in the combo GPS unit's memory and is viewable on GPS cartography. For the first time ever, you can see up to 150 feet in front of your boat, either in full 360 mode or by isolating your sweep area. With valuable intelligence on fish-holding structure and cover waiting up ahead, you can cast to productive areas without spooking fish.

The 360 Imaging accessory includes a Transducer Deployment System (TDS) that attaches to the boat transom or jackplate. TDS lowers the transducer below the bottom of the boat and outboard to ensure an unobstructed underwater view. For the sharpest images, 360 Imaging can be used when stationary or trolling up to seven miles per hour. The system operates silently, escaping the notice of nearby wary gamefish. When it’s time to take a look, you can deploy 360 Imaging using your Humminbird unit or the control buttons found on the top cover of the Transducer Deployment System. It’s easy to manage the transducer pod depth to avoid grounding in shallow water.

The suggested MSRP of Humminbird’s 360 Imaging system is $1,999, not including the combo Ethernet-ready Humminbird display of your choice. This is truly a radical new way to use electronics to find and target gamefish.